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The Nebraska Establishment is Trying to Steal the Election from Ron Paul Delegates

The Governor is ruling Nebraska with an Iron Fist and trying to crush Nebraska delegates who support Dr. Paul. Please help by commenting and let them know we will not stand for a crooked convention


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I like to see them

Arrest me and a hundred thousand more.

My interpretation of their announcement is that they are


Just because we fight fire with fire doesn't mean the way we do is is either illegal or untoward.

I think in this case never letting them out of our sight would be a step to their behaving and having a super parlamentarian would be a step too. Why does everyone think that acting to protect our interests has to be either ILLEGAL or disrespectful? Makes no sense.


And what's amazing about

And what's amazing about this....Paul supporters weren't the ones causing the problems. Paul people didn't punch other people. Paul people didn't break fingers and knock prosthetic hips out of place. Go ahead GOP, keep digging your grave.

Please try to keep things in

Please try to keep things in a respectful manner on comments, etc. Being in Nebraska, we appreciate the support, however, we don't need to add any fuel to the fires. We will know the results of our hard work in one week.

The Liberty Movement is well and alive in this country. We need to make sure we keep a respectful tone, even though it can be hard at times.

Well Put.

The people who will be on the floor are not the enemy. They just fear their neighbors because of the media spin. Just a 15 minute chat with someone could end that.


Need to video everything.