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Forbes: "Central banks are the problem."

"The Libor scandal is about to get a whole lot worse. And, that’s the good news.

Not only are at least twenty more big banks under investigation as part of a massive fraud to manipulate interbank lending rates that affect some $800 trillion in loans and derivatives, but the Bank of England is about to take center stage in the scandal.

And that’s bad news for central banks around the world.

Well, actually, it could be good news, as in really good news if it’s the beginning of the end of what central banks do to manipulate free markets to the benefit of their only real constituents, the world’s big banks."

Full Story: http://www.forbes.com/sites/shahgilani/2012/07/06/its-not-li...

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BIS = Central to Central Bank$.

The Bank for International Settlements is located in Basel, Switzerland, call it the $wi$$ Pivot, around which there is so much circulation, the revolutions, changes & wars.

They = who give continuity to the $y$tem. Govts may come and go, people are in & out of office, when their term expires they are gone.
At the apex of the larger pyramid, as printed on the one dollar note, there is a small triangle, call it the eye, or trinity. 3 jokers/yokers watch over it.
1- the oldest one is the church, including the papacy with its many branches, cardinals & bishops. They claim to be the keepers of the word, the vice-regents. these impostors cover all the sins of demons, on payment of-course. The Calvinists are in the inner circle who provide 'rationalism'.
2- the british and european monarchies & the aristocrats, specially those who claim the blood-line, related to Jeru'Salem, as touted in the fictional movie - "The Da vinci Code".
3- RothsChilde & partners, cousins et'all. Banks with many subsidiaries, controlling the money supply in the world.

Switzerland is the center, like a pivot, quite static, other countries evolve, revolve, turn upside down, have revolutions, face war and destruction, etc. Watch it carefully.


800 Trillion, look up how much that is in physical money,
It will blow your mind to see how much room it takes up in 100 dollar bills

no doubt

It seems like comments are being heavily moderated by Forbes

Only three comments under the actual article. Doesn't seem likely.

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More supportive comments are

due the author, under the article.

We've come a long way for an

We've come a long way for an article like this to even be in Forbes.

Of course they are the

Of course they are the problem. Private central banks, fiat currency, fractional reserve banking


Maybe slowly, but still...

I love my country
I am appalled by my government

We need to remember a lesson

We need to remember a lesson in history, because I feel the MSM and tbe bankers are getting ready for a bait and switch.

When the Fed was being debated, the banks came out against the legislation, saying it would hurt them, but sent money to colleges and universities across the country to get people out supporting the legislation.

We all know the charter is up, and I am hesitant anytime I see a MSM article, especially from an establishment organization like Forbes that we could be set up for a bank of the world instead of the Fed or a gold standard, when this country may not have enough gold to support it. Dr. Paul's plan of competing currencies is the best transitionary plan so we can make adjustments as needed.

Completely Agree

It will be the escape goats that go first, and then an effort to misdirect. We'll have to be wary of the self imposed "restriction" they counter with. Competing currencies and competing banks stripped of privileges will be the only peaceful way forward.

Not just the central banks

The entire system of government which includes hired thugs known as politicians.

Central banks and money are just a tool to maintain power and suck wealth from the people's pockets.

It would be nice with a president who would carry out what Dr. Paul's been saying for years. But it's not gonna happen. You cannot change a rotten system from wihtin. The system is rotten to the core in every country.

Gotta come up with a new system of government and trash the old one. Easiest way to do that is through a global general strike. Peaceful. It would take just a couple of months to bring the current system to its knees. That goes for every country.

We can decide online which system we can all agree on (but i have a suggestion = which is how the US was intended to be before it was hijacked) - then prepare yourself with basic stuff needed for a 3 month survival and go on strike. No fighting. Meet you in the bar once mission is accomplished :o)

problem originates from the government where power concentrates

and corruption occurs during the trickle-down power transfer process.. such news

but instead of fixing the leak, liberals want to break all the cups that try to catch it.. world is never short of geniuses

one of the comments on this article:

"Wow…this sentiment has been in the fringes (Ron Paul, “crazy” blogs etc) for decades. Glad to see that Forbes is the first one to have the cajones to talk about dismantling Central/(Fed) banks. Kudos to the author and Forbes!"

God grants liberty only to those who love it, and are always ready to guard and defend it. – Daniel Webster

Ron Paul right...again.