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7/6/12 Drake Interview: "No Green Light Mass Arrests" - Were UFOs/ETs Responsible For Michigan Blast, Aircraft Disappearances?

I know this is a bit "out there," but I had an opportunity to speak with the enigmatic Drake (his last name may vary) on Independence Day; a date which he said would be a new Independence Day for the entire world once the military began performing "Mass Arrests" of bankers and politicians who have been doing their best to enslave the world. When those arrests didn't happen as predicted, I asked him why in this episode of The Truth Is Viral:


OK, Now the story takes a twist for the surreal. I also asked his opinion about a recent UFO sighting here in Michigan, complete with planes disappearing from radar, that occurred 12 hours after the explosion that rocked N.E. Michigan for hundreds of square miles on 6/6/2012. Videos of those planes disappearing from radar are embedded in this show, and are also available in full on my Youtube channel - OldCorpBLT13. Please remember I normally report on politics and foreign affairs; UFO's aren't my gig.

I make no judgments concerning Drake's claims that there are elements in the military that want to arrest and put on trial those who have subverted our Constitution, who have betrayed their Oaths and the People, who have committed Treason, Murder, and other High Crimes and Misdemeanors. I have no doubt that there are indeed patriots out there who would arrest these individuals if they thought they had a snowball's chance in Hell of ever seeing the case go to trial

But when it comes to the subject of "mass arrests" of The Powers That Be, those who would seek to destroy our Republic and reduce it to an absolute Despotism, I'm not at all convinced that it is going to happen. As wonderful as that idea sounds, I just don't see it becoming a reality.

But who knows, right? It a crazy freakin' world we live in and it's getting weirder all of the time. If there's one thing I've learned it is to expect the unexpected. The Truth Is Viral will continue bringing you the news that the Lamestream Media won't (or are not allowed to) air; and I'll continue to sift through the BS and disinfo as best I can.

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We would be naive to assume

We would be naive to assume there aren't powerful people on the side of Liberty.

Thank you for this update.

I eagerly await these events coming into fruition. Godspeed to all those involved.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

The LIBOR scandal, the fleeing of Sarkozy, the charges against..

the Crown of England and the Vatican for "crimes against humanity," the RICO suit against George Soros and Donald Trump...What are these, chopped liver? This stuff has a way of snowballing and I am astounded this much has happened so far.

Now, if authorities would just arrest George W. Bush while he is in Zambia, I'd be a happy man.


People must also remember that we are living in times where we have not been before, experiencing events we have not before. There are many things that will happen for the first time in History, such as Eric Holder being in Contempt of Congress for example.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

more youtube

more youtube cult crap

You can always tell

who comments BEFORE even watching the video, because most of the time they get it wrong and end up with a foot in their mouth - like you.

I'd take a bullet for Ron Paul.

are you trolling me?

If so goodie.
This drake crap has been floating around for half a year. The same people that brought you this also said GW Bush was arrested and replaced with a full grown clone.

Thank you Bob! I heard you

Thank you Bob! I heard you question him on that broadcast and I've been looking for more info on the missing planes. I'm glad you included it here. I'm going to watch it right now. And, thank you for trying to hold him accountable and asking the hard questions.

Blessings )o(

You're welcome

Had I not been cut off by an increasingly nervous host I would have asked more questions. I have no agenda against the guy, or any of my other interviewees; but I'm not a kiss-ass Doom Porn celebrity journalist, and I don't softball questions, especially when the stakes are this high. Yes, in my old age I'm covering slightly off-the-wall topics that I find interesting, but I also like to think that I bring a little bit of real old school journalism to the table when I cover these stories.

I'd take a bullet for Ron Paul.

I found his response about

I found his response about being approached by the military as a child to be interesting. Isn't that an MKultra tactic? To me, that one response convinced my he's some kind of psyop. Considering that on his website he posted a statement telling people to engage UN troops, I'm guessing he's supposed to be flushing out the Patriots who would take up arms. Just my hunch.

Blessings )o(