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ALERT: Due to Budget Cuts, AntiWar.com cannot afford to keep Scott Horton! Says Goodbye - July 5, 2012

Scott's final words.

Direct MP3: To listen to Scott's final words, click HERE.

The Scott Horton Show

Scott Horton, July 05, 2012

Well, Antiwar.com is making budget cuts and so my gig doing Antiwar Radio and assorted assistant editor type jobs around the site is over.

My thanks to Eric Garris and the rest of the crew for having me these past 7 years. Doesn’t look like we’ve stopped any wars, but at least we told people the truth about them.

Also thanks very much to all the readers, listeners and volunteers who’ve helped me all this time.

I’ll be trying to keep the show going on the Liberty Radio Network and my own websites, but I’m going to need your help.

So, announcing the new Save the Scott Horton Show Donation/Sponsorship drive:

Have a company? Sponsor the show or advertise on the site.

You can PayPal scott@scotthorton.org, or stop by my blog Stress or email me scott@scotthorton.org for more information. I can also accept snail mail checks at 612 W. 34th St Austin, TX 78705.

I’m also open to suggestions.

And sign up for the show archive podcasts, interviews and the rest too at ScottHortonShow.com. My blog Stress, Facebook page, Twitter.

Thanks yall, very much.

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Send Scott Money and Suggest to him that he Present at Tampa

Scott's show was the crown jewel of anti-war.com. I doubt that I would have consistently donated for several years had it not been for Scott's show.

Maybe the whole idea behind this is to sort of spin anti-war.com's crown jewel off from the non-profit operation--hoping that once its showcased in the for-profit marketplace Scott's talent and show quality would attract much more money in sponsorships than it currently does in non-profit donations?

What if Scott had high quality video production like RT or Alex Jones and did video-casts with people like Eric Margolis skyped in from the top of the world?

So I was thinking. There's talk that the Ron Paul Fest is going to have some Jumbo-Trons on hand at their Tampa Fairgrounds site so that they can simulcast Ron Paul's rally speech on the last evening from the USF football stadium. Maybe it would be a good marketing ploy to have Scott present the Ron Paul Fest with a proto-type of what he has to offer by putting some of his Asian correspondents up on the Jumbo Trons while itemizing all of the crimes of Romney and his foreign policy advisors across town?


Help him. He is one of the few voices of reason we have. The more the merrier.

Came here hoping this was posted

I haven't decided how much I am donating to Scott, but it will be at least 30 bucks a month.

Anybody want to match me?

**Also Important***

Scott is continuing the show. It hasn't ended, but he is no longer getting paid by antiwar.com.

Please visit his blog.


And you can still listen to him at (recent shows and full archives)


His new site will be

but is not up yet

any antiwar radio fans here at all?

I'm not sure where I read this but

Scott Horton is allegedly a fence sitter on the issue of whether 9/11 was an inside job. Is it true that he accepts the official story? This is no crime, of course, and he's entitled to his opinion. Can you or anyone else shed some light on this? Just curious.

I have donated to anti-war.com previously.

"The problem is not those in power, the problem is right between your ears." ~Larken Rose


Fence sitter would be a good term

Not sure. He avoids the inside job discussion as much as possible though.

His argument is just like Ron Paul's...blow back for having such an insane foreign policy. He often says those planes didn't just come out of the clear blue sky...meaning there are too many people acting so shocked that there was some blow back. I get the feeling the empire is evil enough for him and there really doesn't need to be an inside job to get people fed up with the empire. If you study DC's true foreign policy objectively...it should be enough to make you want vomit on the war party.

He has talked to many about how the fbi could have stopped it and the like...AKA Sibel Edmons story and the bungling of the Minneapolis offices communications a month prior. He likes to say its the key stone cops.

Saying he buys the official story is probably a bit of a stretch sine you won't ever hear his views taken kindly by the establishment, but you won't hear him saying anything about controlled demolition either.

Excellent summary

I think you outlined a fair read of SH take on the 911 issue.


Liberty = Responsibility