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TechCrunch attempts to distort the Paul's campaign for Internet Freedom

If you aren't familiar with TechCrunch, it is probably the most popular tech-related news source, think of it as the Wall Street Journal for the tech sector. Given the rise of this sector both in the US and the rest of the world, and a new generation of individuals with money and power that have and will continue to come from this industry, influencing those minds in a counter-productive way can be disastrous to the future of the liberty movement.

This article happened to make it on the front page with a nicely-sized picture of the good doctor to go along with it - propaganda at it's best. I highly encourage you to read the article, point out the distortions, and comment away! A lot of people in the industry read TechCrunch religously; and therefore, a distortion like this can carry a lot of weight to the minds of many. The internet and internet freedom are things crucial to the liberty movement, and we must educate those who are ignorant on these issues and choose to blindly follow articles like this one. Please take the time to clear things up for Paul's, some have already gotten started in the comments section:

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Neutrality For Liberty

If net neutrality is lost the internet will turn into a handful of walled gardens, controlled by Telcos similar to cable TV. Its already hard enough for startups and businesses to thrive and a variety of voices to be heard, without phone companies having the power to decide what content is given more bandwidth and what is not. Since Rand Paul endorsed Romney's candidacy, the Pauls seem to have taken a shift towards corporatism. They can't genuinely believe that the large corporations of America represent free market principles.

The reality is that via their lobbying most large corporations of do everything they can to avoid free markets and gain as much power over the markets they operate in, as possible. So to say the these monopoly loving corporations represent the libertarian principles of the founding fathers and that this is best expressed by allowing telcos to control access to bandwidth, both either utterly ridiculous or extremely naive on their part.

The position they are taking, plays right into the hands of those who want to destroy the power of the internet. Net neutrality is the one thing that is causing governments to have to watch what they say and do these days. What chance will all the activists who use the Net to fight for rights and freedom have of being seen or heard if Net neutrality is lost. The Pauls claim to be for freedom and liberty, but their policy on Net neutrality would destroy the very means of maintaining economic and political freedom that the internet has become.

Any principle taken too far can lead to absurdity. Including the principles of free market economics. Checks and balances are always needed and it is the role of government to establish them. Net neutrality is a balancing principle that prevents extremism by balancing the interests of all. It is what makes the genuine application of free market principles (as opposed to corporatism) possible in the age of the internet.

Remove Net neutrality and you kill both free marketing capitalism and the possibility for open and informed democracy. Net neutrality should not just be a law. It should be added as an amendment to the U.S constitution as it is such a fundamental enabling factor, in the pursuit of life liberty and happiness in this information-communication age.

The Pauls claim that Net neutrality law means too much government control of the Net. But in truth it's the existence of Net neutrality that gives people more power to influence government and corporations. Large corporations fear that this growing internet mediated people power, will soon restrict their freedom to exploit the masses and monopolize markets. Which is why so many corporations want to remove net neutrality.

It seems the Pauls are now playing a facilitating role in delivering the internet into the hands of corporations, under the cover of the libertarian principles they espouse. The end of net neutrality would be the beginning of the end of the very liberty that libertarians such as the Pauls are supposed to believe in. Have they sold out ? Are they now actually trying to destroy the libertarian movement ?

Amazing Ron and Rand going after net neutrality

instead of romneycare.

How is net neutrality a bigger issue?

Internet is the Biggest Issue!

And just how would we have found out about RomneyCare, or indeed any of the details of ObamaCare, if Obamney were controlling what we can access on the internet?

My computer has an homage from Woody Guthrie on it:

"This Machine Kills Fascists"

The issue of net neutrality is a freedom of information issue

Freedom of information allows us to research, learn, and understand why things like romneycare and obamacare are corrupt. Internet freedom is just as big as any other issue because the internet is how we can wake people up.