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Hi Everyone- I'm A New User

Hi everybody. I've been a frequent visitor of the Daily Paul since 2011. I've never posted anything here before but now I am.

I'm an avid Ron Paul supporter and I hope we can get him the nomination. I don't know how much time this country has left before all hell breaks loose (IF it breaks loose). Hopefully, things can be resolved peacefully.

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You jumped in ...good for you.

Actually, refering to "before all hell breaks out," just want to say that all hell broke out big time back in the early 1900's when the already "crooked" bankers took America to the cleaners big time with their robber barrens, the Federal Reserve. It has taken about 100 years now to bring the citizens under total control by simply managing individual resources and the abilty to earn an income.

We can all break out of this mess by not getting angry and conjure up how to do in the theives and robber barrons....no not at all...
we can do just the opposite by sending good thoughts to people like David Rockerfeller, send good thougths to members of the Bilderberg Group and other organizations including the Barack Obama Organization...good thousts of healing corrupt organizations like the US Supremce Court, US COngress, US Sernatie and ALL the Law Enforcement Organiaations including all Military operations.

Sending anything but GOOD Thoughts brings pain and suffering for all.

fearless brave joyful peaceful loving grateful, compassionate

Welcome Samsticka!

Nice to see one more grass root around.

Ron Paul ... forever.

Your state convention is a

Your state convention is a week away

Yeah, I Know...

But I can't be there unfortunately. I'll be supporting the Ron Paul supporters, though. :)

I had to give you a down vote

I had to give you a down vote because you're not going to your convention. Of course maybe you've written this from your hospital bed. In that case MAYBE I'll change my vote. ;-)

would you happen to know

would you happen to know someone that IS going? The Fish sisters want to stream the convention but would like to have a contact that is from Nebraska to help them out. If you know of anyone, please let me or them know. thanks


Sorry, I don't.

ok, thanks anyway

ok, thanks anyway

Welcome, lets get you to work, lol

Unfortunately, no...

Nebraska doesn't have any liberty minded candidates sadly. They're all a bunch of establishment puppets. The closest that comes to mind is Don Stenberg but nobody seems to like him very much. He's very unpopular here. I don't know how many times he's run for Senator. But he's lost every single time. He ran again this year, but didn't get the nomination. Deb Fischer did and I'm not sure about her. I guess she's just another establishment puppet.

Chuck Hagel seems to have become more libertarian since he left the Senate.

Maybe you're being called?

May I suggest you attend your Republican Central Committee meetings, ask for a copy of the by laws, see who is seated, see if there is an opening in your county district, if there is not, don't stop going, but begin taking your own role call and when someone in your county district missed three consecutive meetings, ask to be appointed in their place. It took me a year, but I was finally appointed after winning my seat last election in CA by default.

By having a seat, you begin to vet liberty candidates and issues, you begin Nebraska to have the candidates you want, and issues you approve for your ballot, even if that's you.

You will not be alone, and will find help and support from the campaign and here on DP.

Welcome aboard DP, where we resist Animal Farm with a Zoo of unique, intelligent, empathetic, people, who come together, despite our differences to Restore America to Constitutional Government.

I've been here over 5 years and learn something every visit.

No, I'm Not Being Called

I appreciate your suggestions and I'll take them into consideration.

Here's what I found about Nebraska's Constitution. I don't know if these are bylaws, but it should be pretty close:



State Conventions

Section 1. NUMBER, NOMINATION AND APPORTIONMENT OF DELEGATES. The State Central Committee shall fix the representation of the State Convention for the various counties in the manner provided by law, and shall notify each County Chairman of such action at least thirty days before the time of holding the County Convention. Each county shall be entitled to a minimum of one delegate. The total number of delegates shall be four hundred. The number of alternates and the apportionment thereof shall be the same as the delegates.

Section 2. Each delegate shall be entitled to one vote which may be cast by the alternate in the absence of the delegate. In the absence of any delegate, the roll of the alternates shall be called. The alternates from each county or district, as the case may be, shall be entitled to serve in order designated by the County Convention, or the County Committee.

Section 3. In addition to its first meeting as State post-primary convention, the State Convention may be reconvened at any time prior to the statutory date for holding of the post-primary County Conventions at which the delegates to the successor State Convention are elected, upon the call of the State Chairman, at the direction of the State Central Committee, or upon the direction of the Executive Committee of the State Central Committee by a majority vote of the entire membership thereof. At such meetings, the convention may transact such business as may properly come before it. In Presidential election years where the post-primary State Convention cannot conveniently be convened at a date sufficiently early to make such nominations prior to the date of the convening of the Republican National Convention, the National Committeeman and the National Committeewoman may be elected by such reconvened State Convention.


(a) In each Presidential election year, delegates and alternates to the Republican National Convention shall be elected in the manner specified in this Section 3, as authorized by the Rules of the National Convention.

(b) All National Convention delegates designated by the Rules of the National Convention as at-large delegates shall be elected at-large by the State Convention. All National Convention alternate delegates designated as at-large alternates shall be elected at-large by the State Convention following the election of at-large National Convention delegates.

(c) All National Convention delegates and alternates designated by the Rules of the National Convention as district delegates or district alternates, respectively, shall be elected by the caucus of delegates of that U.S. House of Representatives district at the State Convention in accordance with the Congressional district boundaries delineated under Nebraska State law. Candidates for National Convention District delegate and District alternate delegate shall file for election in person or by mailing a notice of intent to the State Headquarters postmarked no later than the 10th business day after the state primary election. Only persons elected and credentialed as delegates or alternates to the State Convention shall be qualified to be elected at the State Convention as District National Convention delegates or alternates.

(d) At-large candidates for National Convention delegate and alternate delegate shall file for election in person or by mailing a notice of intent to the State Headquarters postmarked no later than the 10th business day after the state primary election. Only persons elected and credentialed as delegates or alternates to the State Convention shall be qualified to be elected at the State Convention as at-large National Convention delegates or alternates.

(e) All candidates for delegate and alternate at the State Convention shall designate the presidential
candidate to whom they are committed or state that they are uncommitted, and shall be bound by such commitment if elected, all in accordance with Nebraska State Law. Delegate and alternate candidates shall indicate their commitments by mailing a notice to State Headquarters, postmarked no later than five business days prior to the date registration for the State Convention commences.


Your central committee has it's own bylaws. ALL parties have cenral committees operating in your state. These are the folks who vet candidates and issues for your ballot.

The conventions are usually attended by central committee members.

Glad to see you are interested.

Have fun learning and sharing what you know on DP.

Hope you come to love it as much me I do.


Good to have you aboard. :)

Blessings )o(