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The Entrepreneurial Spirit

The ACLU's new smartphone app has re-ignited an old flame. An idea I had sometime ago.

In order to give citizens a level playing field when bullied by cops, thugs, or even in other potentially threatening circumstances I believe our greatest weapon can be a smartphone/device that when "turned on" has the ability to record audio/video and transfer it to a database. The device/phone will record audio or video and is fail-proof in it's ability to keep someone from stopping or erasing any part of the recording.
The ACLU has basically done this. Their program and software will need a few tweeks, but provides the perfect roadmap to perfection of this idea.

Now to the business.

Aside from the app and database this business would provide a quick and easy to remember number where anyone could call to get a lawyer or paralegal(possibly) on the phone. The customer should always have the phone on "Speaker" so the employee can hear the entire conversation. This entire conversation(even when on hold) will be automatically recorded and archived for up to 30 days.

This business will make money in multiple ways:
Per Call-Consulting, Recording, etc....
Under 2 minute.....5
1 or more hours......Negotiable dependent on situation or appointment.

By email or online consulting chats/meetings/face2face online
Again the chart can look similar to above, but would be a bit pricier. Similar, yet much cheaper than traditional lawyer consulting fees.

Many people do not have a smartphone, therefore, we must design and build a device that we can in turn sell for profit along with subscriptions to the service.

Archived footage can be duplicated/sold to those who have the right to own.

This call center would require an expansive software/program capable of allowing the employees to instantly research state law, federal, and the overall legality or lack there of, in any situation encountered. Many times they will serve as mediators, capable of providing all concerned parties with an opportunity to de escalate any situation so that all parties can realize that they are now on a level playing field. Any further illegal actions would be detrimental to the the guilty party.

I have much more to say about this idea if anyone out there is interested in funding such an endeavor. I have the business plan partially completed and marketing and partnership strategies with the ACLU ,literally, in my head.

Also I welcome any DPers to lend their voice of opinion or ask a question if there's anything you'd like to know.

I don't know where to go for investors, but I feel comfortable airing this idea out on DP. Please feel free to help lead me in the right direction if nothing else.


Thank you for your time.


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