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Well connected GOP friend wants my help with Romney camp

So one of my childhood friends is pretty libertarian.. certainly no anarchist yet but he supported Paul in 08 and most of '12. He's been weaseling his way into the states GOP (and the pathetic remnants of the cities GOP (Phila.)) Then it was around Valentine's day when he took up a position with the Romney camp in my state. Since then he's made a lot of connections. Now he's asking me to help him campaign for Romney, even though he knows i detest every bit of NeoCon inside of Mittens. So i guess my question to DP is... what do i do? I've started to really believe the whole "Become govt to change govt" is a fairy-tale, but I'd like to get you guys' n gals' opinion. I mean... even if i did do it.. i don't see how i can tell people, with a straight face, that their lives will be better with him as POTUS. But I'm trying to think long term here. There might not be another way to gain traction in my states GOP... and the city GOP is very much wide-open.

I'm still having a hard time even grasping the fact that i would think about campaigning for this guy, but as in everything, the goal is liberty.


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What "long term"?

Before the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act and the NDAA, I would have said "Work with the scum and use it as an opportunity to muck them up or advance your own career. However, now, you would be a traitor if you "aided and abedded" the traitor Romney.

What a great opportunity for sabotage.

I'm sure from the inside you would have access to information that could crush Romney. I say go for it.