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U.S.A. under attack !

Imagine driving down a busy road one day, and you see a person on the side of the road holding a sign which says USA UNDER ATTACK, and then another person after him holding a sign which says THE MEDIA IS LYING TO YOU, and then another person holding a sign with a dot com address on it. And then a half mile up the road you see the same thing, in fact, every where you go that day you're seeing people along the side of the road holding these signs.

What would you think. What would you do? What do you think one of these hypnotized zombies who watch main stream media on a regular basis would do. My guess is they are going to write down that dot com address for one, next I'd expect them to watch the news the first chance they get to see what's going on. And if they aren't mentioning anything then maybe they will check that dot com address out.

This is how we can wake up the rest of America. This is how we can get Dr. Ron Paul nominated and elected President. This is how we can remove the status quo in Congress and replace them with constitutional minded candidates. This is how you can discredit the corrupt media and show them for what they really are. And what's brilliant about this plan is the media and the evil doers can do nothing to stop us.

This plan is simple, cost very little, and everyone can get involved. Here is the short version of this plan and what needs to be done between now and the convention.

First, a money bomb is started, proceeds goes towards awarding 10 people money for making a video on youtube, a video meant to wake up those who are brainwashed by media. The video will touch on how the media is lying to the public, how the election and voting process is corrupt, and how those put in government office today by this corrupt election process are trying to destroy this country for their own gain. At the end of the video it will mention 10 other links to look at for more information. Videos will be 10 or 15 minutes long, which ever is the longest youtube allows a regular account, and the title must read U.S.A. Under Attack with the makers youtube account name listed afterwards.

We spread the word to other liberty minded sites to get them on board and spread the word. We have two weeks to do this. Also during this two weeks we start compiling and selecting the 10 linked videos chosen to go with the main video.

When the 10 links are selected, video makers will be given 3 weeks to make and submit their video. The money bomb will run during this whole time, the bigger the money bomb, the more popular this contest will become. Reach a million dollars, that's a hundred thousand for each video chosen, this will help spread the word about this and liberty making it go viral on the internet.

During this time we contact all liberty minded sites and broadcasters, Adam Kokesh, Alex Jones, TMOT, The Oath Keepers, all of them, from the smallest to the largest, start with the smaller ones, get them on board, and the larger ones will have no choice but to follow as well. When the 10 top videos are chosen, these sites will choose from these 10 or pick one they think is best, they will list the video on their own site and tell their listeners to use their dot com site on the signs on the day they go to the streets to spread this message. This will gain these sites more viewers and listeners so they should be happy to join in this endeavor. When the people read these signs on the streets and go to the dot com site one of these videos will be on the first page of the site for the people to see.

After the 10 videos are selected one week will be spent promoting the day that everyone will be hitting the streets with these signs. With all these liberty sites, facebook, tweeter, the streets should be well saturated with the message for EVERYONE to see. The media won't be able to ignore this, they will try to discredit our message before we even hit the streets. BUT THEY WILL FAIL. Because the people will see the signs THE MEDIA IS LYING TO YOU, and they will check into the dot com sites for themselves to find out the truth.

This will wake everyone up, even those who rely on the corrupt system, even those who don't watch the news at all. No one will be able to use the excuse that they don't know or didn't know, such people who try to ignore the message will be looked upon there after as the minority while we can say WE ARE THE MAJORITY. Even the national convention delegates will have to reconsider who they want to vote for, if a state senator who is a delegate planning on voting for Romney finds they are in the minority now, they will have to make a choice of voting for Ron Paul and keeping their state senate seat or voting for Mitt Romney and losing any future seat in political office. I bet most will choose Ron Paul to cover their own butts and let Mitt fend for himself.

This will also bring even more supporters to Tampa to make sure the correct candidate is nominated and the delegates understand exactly who it is the people want as their nominee. In other instances such mass protests have been ignored by media making them ineffective, this is why we need to hit the streets with these signs where we live, the people won't be able to ignore the message then and the media won't matter.

In the same way delegates are chosen, judges for the videos can be chosen the same way here, long time posters can ask to be nominated if they have the time to watch all these videos, other posters can choose from these nominees and the site administrator can decide on the final selection of judges. The judges can be picked from just this site or Ron Paul Forums could also be included in the process. Each judge can list their top 5 picks. The person in charge of the money bomb will have the final say as to which 10 videos make the cut. I can be that person who makes the final decision, if you choose me I expect 10% of the money bomb to cover my time and expenses, if you want to choose someone else and pay them less feel free to do so.

This idea is fail proof, it will work, and there is still plenty of time to accomplish all this before the convention in late August. If you usually just lurk here now is the time to add at least your two cents with a post saying I'M IN so everyone knows this idea has a lot of support.

None of this is set in stone, we can tweak this idea if needed, if you think you have something to add to make it better feel free to share your ideas.

Different threads can be started to cover each part of this plan. One for the money bomb. One for suggestions and links to use in the main video for video makers to look at. One for suggestions of the 10 links to be included with the video to help judges select the best 10. One where video makers can post their final product for the judges to consider. You get the idea.

I'm sure I'm leaving out a few important details but this is already getting long and I'm doing this from the top of my head so I'll close here. If I think of something to add I'll add a post just like the rest of you.

I have been studying this subject for several years, I know this plan will work, it's the only plan I know of that the media and establishment can't stop. This is why I chose 10 videos instead of 1, they can remove and discredit 1 video far easier than 10. All videos submitted should be on youtube since they can take the volume of viewers, the 10 links can be embedded in the main video at the end or they can be listed below the video in the description. When the hypnotized zombies watch these videos many will WAKE UP just like us giving us the numbers we need to conquer those trying to suppress our message.

Expect the establishment opposition trolls to put down this idea, ignore them, vote them down, and show your support. Thank you.

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Good idea

I might suggest some slogan on the first sign that is less likely to get you arrested.
But the basic idea is good.

I thought about how some

I thought about how some police might be offended by such a sign but they have no basis to stop or arrest anyone who is carrying such a sign. For one the USA is under attack and this will clearly be explained in the videos which the police can be directed to watch. Second of all I never have seen someone arrested for carrying a World is Coming To An End sign and I don't see this as any different. The words U.S.A. Under Attack is something the public will relate to, and take seriously, just like the 911 attack 10 or so years ago. It's an attention getter. Which is what we want.

Like IT! Thanks for the Idea! BUMP!

Now to fire-up the spraygun, get out some signboard material and some stencils,and have SIGN WAVE PARTY!

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

removed. wrong information