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Has Anybody Noticed This? Increasing Friendliness Towards Ron Paul

Has anyone else been noticing an increasing trend toward increasing Ron-Paul-friendliness in your areas? It seems like where I live, when only a month or two ago the general consensus about Dr. Paul was that he was too extreme, too radical; but now people seem to more and more be siding with his views and his supporters. They're being allowed on the local talk stations and people in general seem to be very disgusted with Mitt Romney. Almost like they'll be looking for a way out soon.

I think a very big part of this is due to the Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare. It's not like they still think "The court will strike down the law, and it will all be okay again. We won't have to be so aggressive at holding back the government so we can handle a moderate as long as he's Republican." Now they seem to think, "This is getting worse than I thought it would, and Ron Paul is starting to make more sense to me."

Or is it just my hopeful imagination?

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Ah yes

As long as they believe the liberty movement is as de-clawed and effective-less as the Tea Party movement, RP is no threat and can be interviewed for all manner of opinions.

Good point

Yeah that's a good point about it not seeming a threat (and similar points in other replies). I went to a rally at my state Capitol on Saturday, a rally to protest and form a plan to stop the implementation of Obamacare in our state. There were around 300 or so in attendance. The last time I went to a rally at the Capitol, it was a TEA party about 2 years ago and there were THOUSANDS charged, waving flags, and ready to attack, or so we thought.

There's a couple of possibilities. One is that the TEA party is "de-clawed," and that is very likely in some cases. The other is that there are as many Liberty/TEA (I'm grouping them together for the sake of simplicity, not to synonomize them) activists today as there were then that will actually move to action.

Anyone can get upset and go to a rally, but few will go to their county election board and count voter sign-ins for a runoff campaign.

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The media hostility towards RP

seems to wax and wane depending on how much of an active threat they think he is.

That's because he's

in stealth mode. The press isn't bashing him as much.

Maybe they figure

they've stopped his campaign and now it's safe, he's no longer a threat. Or maybe they're trying to salvage some scrap of credibility.


Already posted by Austrolib.

I don't think it matters. Too

I don't think it matters.

Too late.

I have a RP sticker. People see it. They think "damn, he's onto it...

he's right."

I laugh at them, and at government.

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Someone I have been talking to occasionally about Paul since last October. Lately we haven't talked much about Paul. The other day when I saw him, he said "hey, on my way over here, which is about 20 minutes, I saw 3 Ron Paul bumper stickers!" That was awesome that he was the one to bring it up to me. I told him that we have only just begun what Ron Paul has started.

They think he's no longer

They think he's no longer seen as a threat to the status quo and so they don't have to be anti-Ron Paul anymore.


I think that's the main reason. Although I think a lot of people are also taking a second look.

Oh yea the Romney buyers

Oh yea the Romney buyers remorse has definitely already started.

Liberty is a vague term.

When you use a word people are unfamiliar with, it doesn't create tangible pictures in the brain. I would try to use different words that are more immediate.

Here's what I pulled from the Thesaurus:

Definition: freedom

Synonyms: autarchy, authorization, autonomy, birthright, carte blanche, choice, convenience, decision, deliverance, delivery, dispensation, emancipation, enfranchisement, enlightenment, exemption, franchise, free speech, immunity, independence, leave, leisure, liberation, license, opportunity, permission, power of choice, prerogative, privilege, relaxation, release, rest, right, sanction, self-determination, self-government, sovereignty, suffrage, unconstraint

Everyone I talk to...

Says the same thing to me....."I'd vote for him if he was the nominee". Then I get the "but he won't win". Which is when the fun part of the conversation takes place. I have noticed that a large number of people don't really seem to understand liberty. It almost seems like a fairy tale history story word to them.

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I haven't noticed it yet, but that's why I keep my signs out


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