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what is left to be proud of?

Have you noticed how few flags were flown this independence day? I think it is because we the people have realized that we pay more in taxes and have less personal freedom now than we did when we were a colony. Just a thought.

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You could fly a U.S. flag created before 1789

but the signifigance may be lost on many.


I kind of think there is a

I kind of think there is a silver lining to this. Yea maybe people aren't as patriotc but it's that mindless "How great we are" Mike Huckabee sort of patriotism which is nothing more than vulgar nationalism and idol worship.

So yea I think your points are very important. I personally believe one of the biggest things that kept people from supporting Ron Paul was that his beliefs seem to contradict the myth that we are the freest nation in the world and that really offends people. In this way a lot of what passes for patriotism is actually hurting the liberty movement. So yea, the sooner people wake up and see America realistically, the sooner we can get back to the things that made America great.

I'm proud to own the Declaration of

Independence, and have Patrick Henry and Rand Paul as fellow citizens. I'm grateful for our Christian heritage even though we have squandered it, frightfully.