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Can the "STATE" be an Injured Party? How about the Prosecutor for that STATE? Can the STATE bring charges against a living Man?

This is something I've had several people ask me over time, and I've heard it discussed on many internet radio shows as well over the years.

Who is the STATE? Is the STATE someone? Does it breathe? Does it eat? Does it play ball, or dance in the street?

When the STATE brings charges against someone, who/what are they actually bringing charges against? Can a corporation bring charges against a living-breathing man/woman? Is the STATE a corporation?

Can a corporation do business with, or contract with any[thing] other than another corporation?

If the STATE brings charges against You, who is the STATE?

Lets say you were sitting in your driveway in a lounge chair smoking a joint, and a STATE sanctioned private contractor (police officer) drove by and stopped; took your joint; slammed you on the car; and hauled you off to jail, okay?

They run you through their 'system' throw you in a cage for a few hours; force you to bond out, and a week later you get a summons in the mail.


Now, who is the STATE OF CALIFORNIA? Is that a person? Is the District Attorney; or the STATE Prosecutor? Is it the entire STATE OF CALIFORNIA that's bringing charges against YOU?

Was the STATE actually in your driveway that day? If so, who invited [it]? Were they there on their own free [W]ill? Were they or [it] hiding in the bushes?

Did your act of smoking a joint actually hurt the entire STATE? Is everyone from the STATE going to show up and testify against you in court? How many seats are in the witness stand? Is there only one or 3 million seats?

Do you not have a right to face your accuser? Was the STATE Prosecutor actually hurt in anyway by your actions? If so, what was he doing there that day? Did you invite him to sit and smoke with you? Was he sitting there with you that day? Was he hiding in the bushes, in an attempt to "bushwhack you"?

Who is the STATE? Is it living? Is it a fictitious entity created by man?

Lets presume for a moment, the STATE is not actually coming after You, the living man, but the other "YOU", the DEAD guy on the Certificate of Live Birth; the all CAPITAL LETTER guy on the Drivers License; on the credit card; on the SS Card, yeah THAT guy!

It makes sense eh? the STATE is a corporation, right? A corporation cannot do business with or contract with a living man, right?

Are they attempting to Administrate an Estate that THEY created on your behalf? Is the Certificate of Live Birth the creation of another Estate? Is it an Office? Are you a person?

The word "person" appears in the 14th Amendment, how many times? What is THEIR definition of "person"?

Lets look up the history of the word "person":


Lets look at the "Office of the person":


Is it possible the STATE isn't actually coming after the living-breathing You, but the 'other' YOU; the YOU that THEY created so they could do business with and contract with YOU?

Who is the Executor of Your own Estate? Who is the Trustee of that Estate? Is it possible to have a Trustee once the Executor has stepped into that Office?

What about the Estate the STATE created for YOU; is that an Office they created in an attempt to hoodwink you into performing in, so they could assume control over your life?

If it is an Office; and you're the Occupant of that Office, then shouldn't you get paid for your time if performing a function within that Office?

Who is the STATE? If the STATE is a corporation, who is the CEO of said STATE? Is it the Mayor; the Governor?

Who would you actually sit down with to go over an employment contract? I mean apparently someone at the STATE feels they have the authority to rule over you if they (it) is/are bringing charges against you, right?

Do their Internal-Statutory codes, rules and regulations apply to you if you haven't entered into a contract with them/it? Does an enforceable contract need two signatures? How about valuable consideration? How about full disclosure? Is the attachment of an obligation to your already Inherent Birth Rights "valuable consideration" or a breach of Trust?

Are they under the presumption you've entered into a contract with them because of Socialist Security or your Drivers LIE-cense?

Is Social Security or a Drivers License a Contract?


Do you know anything about Trust Law and how to Enforce your Rights?


What if the STATE says you MUST hire an Attorney?


Are they under the presumption you're an 14th Amendment citizen or person?


What does a former US Senator have to say about the 14th Amendment?


Is the 14th Amendment just a bunch of BS? Lets watch Bruce Ray Rigg's as he gives you a nice little run down on it, shall we?


Are they under the presumption you owe them tax money? if so, who's actually liable for that tax?


So who is the STATE, and what are they doing meddling in your affairs, and do they have the right to Administrate YOUR Estate? Not the Estate THEY created (Notice Registrar's Signature on Certificate of Live Birth), but YOUR Estate?

Things that make you go Hmmmmmmmmmmm!

Edited July 11, 2012:

When a State Prosecutor brings up charges on someone, as soon as the hearing starts and he/she opens their mouth, have they already violated Rules of Evidence 602, 603, 608, 802 in the first 10 seconds of the hearing (I mean shareholders meeting :)?

Read it for yourself: http://www.law.cornell.edu/rules/fre/

These people know damn well they have no first hand knowledge; that they themselves were not an injured party; that they are breaking their oaths, and to them, it's all hearsay. But still they are bringing you up on charges and trying to put you in prison for 20 years, by claiming the STATE is the injured party?

Really? ..... The Entire STATE was injured?

Remember: We are dealing with "highly trained and educated" individuals, who should know EXACTLY what they are doing. If they don't know EXACTLY what they are doing; if they don't know exactly what gives them their supposed authority over you; then they must be incompetent, and have no business administrating anyone else' affairs, wouldn't you say?

Could this be why they are using the Trust/Estate/Probate Laws in the courts; it gives them their 'supposed' authority over an Estate? They do have authority over the Estate THEY created, because He who creates Owns. They created the Certificate of Live Birth with the Registrar's signature on it, didn't they?

The only way they have jurisdiction over the living you, is if you have entered into a contract with them knowingly; all cards were put on the table; no hidden agendas; full disclosure and valuable consideration for both.

No contract = No jurisdiction

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Folks need to get educated and FAST.

I wish I had a silver dime for every time I heard "Obama is not going to try to take away anybody's guns." The second amendment is "on the table" folks. We have let too many of our INHERENT RIGHTS be defined by government under the guise of "upholding" them only to have the government become the agency of oppression of our rights.
Learn about agorism, and I don't really want to debate it, I just want folks to take what is good and leave the rest. There is a lot of good there. We need to learn how to stand in their courts when dragged there, but we need to find our own path to justice. We are like Palestinians begging Israel for help when we go to their courts hoping for justice.
If we want a non-violent, "love r3volution" we have to provide the framework. The warmongers will never lead us to peace, nor will they peacefully surrender. But we CAN still ignore them away, if we all ignore them hard enough.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

The 14th did not make you a citizen

You did. You swore under the penalty of perjury that you are a United States citizen. On your voter registration, your license, your SS card application. You told them that you were "subject to the jurisdiction thereof". Everyone reads the first sentence of the 14th and immediately thinks, yeah that's me, I was born in the USA. But read Title 18 section 7 which defines the territorial jurisdiction of the United States. It says 3 times that it does not extend into the states. We need to correct for error. And the perjury bullshit? Well, it takes an action and an demonstrable injury to take a Citizen (man or woman) to court to find remedy.

i thank you for posting this.

That's me, Chris, not CHRIS.

Don't feed the pandas. Ever.

Sure thing Chris, I wish more people would see the light.

If you want to end this madness with respect to the STATE, read this comment and watch all of the seminars I've linked below. The courts are operating off of Trust/Estate/Probate Law and that's how they are nailing people to the wall, and no one knows what the hell is going on.

Here's a comment I left on another post:

When the majority of Americans wake up and realize these Judges, BAR Atty's, DA's, AG's, any and all supposed elected officials are nothing more than private contractors that only hold authority within their own agencies, the Chit is going to Hit. The. Fan.

And when the majority of Americans realize these shysters have been meddling in their estates, the Chit is going to Hit. The. Fan.

When theses shysters bring these statutory charges against anyone other than gov't employees, they are not - are NOT bringing charges against the living man/woman (ie: John Q. Public), they are bringing charges against that persons corporate name (ie: JOHN. Q. PUBLIC), because the STATE OF *** or the UNITED STATES can't bring charges against a living man/woman because those entities are corporations.

A Judge and Prosecutors worst nightmare is when the living man/woman enters his/her "Certificate of Live Birth" into the court filings and announces they are the beneficiaries of that trust/estate the STATE or UNITED STATES is bringing charges against, and informs them they are to discharge this matter immediately, because without John Q. Public's authorized and written consent to hold a shareholders meeting against JOHN Q. PUBLIC, they are now in deep doo-doo for meddling in that estate.

John Q. Public is the executor/executrix of his/her living estate and he/she is the beneficiary of the JOHN Q. PUBLIC estate.

Same name - two different jurisdictions! He who creates owns; the government created the COLB; they own it, you control it.

And when you become of legal age, the living man/woman becomes the grantor/beneficiary (takes place of the parents).

Now we switch from Trust Law to Corporate Law because now you are of legal age, which means you can contract.

Now the living man/woman are shareholders in the Trust; and shareholders appoint Directors to make sure employees provide maximum amount of return possible for investors-beneficiaries, which is YOU; the living man/woman.

The trustees (gov't) are to perform for the Director for the "legal person" aka JOHN Q. PUBLIC.

Here, let Dean Clifford explain it to you:

You should watch this seminar first, so you understand the birth certificate issue and how they are using it against you:

Part 1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2pMJyIikCk
Part 2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kvKu2UNHQpA
Part 3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2GaxlGTyAE

Then to help you understand what I explained above concerning the Trust/Estate/Corporate Law issue and how to enforce your rights against the criminals, watch his other seminars:

Series 1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARPj0S9cBxU&feature=relmfu
Series 2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TNptDhGCLJ8&feature=relmfu
Series 3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kV7li4wQPb0&feature=relmfu
Series 4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oSZWocd3CLA&feature=relmfu
Series 5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQ39uDvxU98&feature=relmfu
Series 6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=evD2oT6qaVs&feature=relmfu

Great Post!

This is all very true. Thanks for the information.

Yes it is, and thanks for the comment.

The more this information is available; the more people really start to sit back and think, that 'thinking' leads to curiosity, and that curiosity leads to research of their own, and that research leads to knowledge, strength and finally action.

This information is the root of our problem as a nation. It all leads back to the 1870 usurpation of our legitimate Government by A Foreign Corporation who dropped anchor on American Soil and have been stealing our wealth; stealing our homes; our children, our property and sending a large percentage of us to their prisons for profit.

The Federal Reserve is a problem, but not knowing your actual rights and how they are hoodwinking us is a bigger problem.

They make their money through the courts, remember that!

Read the law

Reading the law and the code is quite revealing. If these laws came straight out and said the state can do x to a man, it would be ruled as unconstitutional and voided. The codes do not say what they will have you believe because of the above. They will assume the law is x to get your money, of course until you bring these facts up and deny the assumption and place the requirement of proof upon the moving party where it belongs. Commercial law is the opposite of common law. In commercial law, when an entity is accused, they must prove a negative and prove they didn't do x. This directly from Indiana's constitution:
Section 18. Criminal prosecutions
Section 18. Criminal Prosecutions. All criminal prosecutions shall be carried on in the name, and by the authority of the state; and the style of all process shall be: "The State of Indiana."

Yet is is routinely written as THE STATE OF INDIANA in court documents.
Things that are similar are not the same by definition.