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Ron Paul Will Not Be Speaking at Paul Festival

As you may know, Dr. Paul just sent out an email stating that his event ".....will be the ONLY pre-Convention event at which I'll be speaking, so I hope to see you'll be able to make it."

We hope you'll make it too. As a matter of fact, when we learned he was having his own event we posted this: http://www.dailypaul.com/242552/paul-festival-plans-for-sunday

While we have been hopeful that there was a chance he would still make an appearance at our event, we now know definitively, that he will not. Of course, this is disappointing to us since we have been planning this event for many months now. But, we know first hand that he is very appreciative of our efforts and he told us he didn't want his event to interfere with ours. And of course it won't, as you can read in the above linked thread, we intend to fully support his event.

Paul Festival will provide a way, and a venue for supporters, in all our diversity, to converge on Tampa in a moment of celebration and unity with music, comedy, great speakers, and much more.

Through Dr. Paul's message we have been able to build a strong coalition of organizations, and though some within our ranks are controversial, our message is pure and consistent - that unless individual freedom is allowed to flourish, the future of our country is at risk. We realize that WE are Dr. Paul's legacy, and we must move forward and effect change in the following ways:

1. Get Liberty Candidates elected

2. Expose the corrupt electoral process. Reform local, state, and federal election laws

3. Educate the movement within our communities, to prepare for "what comes next".

Our speakers will address the above issues and help make these objectives a reality, because what good is the movement that Dr. Paul has founded, unless we take action? These goals will certainly help aide Dr. Paul's objectives in influencing the Republican party.

Now is the time to show the country and the world our numbers. The liberty movement is the fastest growing political movement in America. And, Paul Festival will be our launching pad. It is our hope that Dr. Paul will support us in our efforts.

Deborah Robinet

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Oh, hell, the more events the better...Let's show the world

our strength. Stick it to the MSM. Screw the GOP.

Celebrate Liberty in any way you can, with our without Ron Paul. WE are the rEVOLution. And we are not going away!

Smitty is right

I scrolled down to read the Smitty comment after reading the poetic attack on it. I think it is on the mark. I unsubscribe and won't give another hard earned dime to the saboteurs in The campaign for liberty, the Ron Paul 2012 campaign, Rand Paul, nor their chosen leader Mitt Romney.

Ron Paul is not the beginning and the end of liberty movement, he is riding the wave of popularity and our discontent, and I think he doesn't want to get nominated, and wants his people to shut up at state and RNC conventions so that Mitt will not be embarassed.

Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point.
C. S. Lewis

Sad we're losing your timeless support

You've already invested 7 weeks here (that's a lifetime to some insects)....and Smitty's been here 4 days?
Yep...I guess we all need to just surrender now... LOL


you guys are just doing a fabulous job and the idea to Ronvoy everyone to Dr Paul's rally is just fabulous. Keep up the great work and thanks to all of you dedicated liberty lovers

Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!

Everyone's ass better be in

Everyone's ass better be in tampa on the 23rd or I'm kicking some ass. Get there. Ignore the trolls. Go home pussies. Im sick of this crap. See your ass there. Bring your A game.

“Wherever the standard of freedom and independence has been or shall be unfurled, there will her heart, her benedictions and her prayers be. But she goes not abroad in search of monsters to destroy...." Adams. http://ronpaulgirl.com http://blogtalkradio.c

You want my opinion.

I think EVERYONE, including the delegates, should boycott Ron Paul's rally and go to the Paul Festival instead. And I think those who agree with me should make their voices be heard loud and clear on the internet from now until the convention. This public servants ego has obviously gotten too big and needs to be taken down a notch or two or three. Ron Paul KNEW this liberty movement event was taking place, and instead of embracing it and joining it, he instead chose to try and co-op the people going to this event by having another event of his own at the same time. Because obviously Ron Paul doesn't give a damn about those in the liberty movement who sacrificed their time and money to make this movement grow, instead for Ron Paul it's always been about Me, Me, Me, and his family who have tried to dictate what the liberty movement does and doesn't do instead of being a team player. And don't even get me started on the 3.3 million dollars he and his hateful campaign staff chose to sit on instead of using the money to get him elected.

Perhaps the people holding this Paul Festival can't express these feelings, for obvious reasons, but I as one of those in the liberty movement sure can.

Just how many times are those in the liberty movement going to allow this public servant and his ungrateful staff to sabotage our efforts in what we've done for him and this movement. When are you going to finally say enough is enough. I think Ron Paul would be proud of the movement if nobody showed up to his event. That is if he really believes in this movement.

Those who say Ron Paul can't speak at the Paul Festival because it's a Super Pac are mislead. If Ron Paul was concerned about this there are ways he could have worked around this matter and still have given his speech at the fairgrounds. The truth is this ungrateful public servant didn't want to be involved with something the grass roots put together. Name me one time he ever did. No instead it's always been where he has to have control of the movement. Just like any other dictator who wants to control the people instead of serving them. I say send this dictator a message and show him we will have no part of his dictatorial movement or event. This liberty movement isn't about him, it's about us, and if he can't appreciate that than he needs to be reminded like the rest of the dictators in Washington D.C.

That's my opinion of Ron Paul's ungrateful actions. If Dr. Paul, T. Olsen, or Jesse Benton don't like them, too bad, it's called freedom of speech and I deserve to give it just as much as he does. But if your against freedom of speech feel free to vote my comment down.

oops, I didn't read this comment first before I commented

(the me, me, me, comment, and calling Ron Paul a dictator? Cmon!) I do think that the campaign has sent mixed signals and will not give them any more time and money nor be as obsessed as I once was, but Ron Paul probably will be grateful that he isn't put up on a pedestal anymore and revered too highly. He is just another GOP politician, so is Rand. The liberty movement will go on without his help or with it. He and Rand will not see the turnout they would have since they have taken us for granted and sold us out to follow Mitt instead.

Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point.
C. S. Lewis

A public servant

A public servant wants THOUSANDS of people to get up from one place and come to where he is, instead of just him getting up and coming to where they are at, yes that is a person with a me, me, me attitude. Inconsiderate to the highest degree. A degree common with most dictators who want things THEIR WAY regardless of what problems it causes others. Or if you would prefer you can call him a little childish brat who has to have things his way regardless of how asinine and inconvenient his request is. A perfectly good building was offered to Ron Paul at the fairgrounds. He has no excuse for this selfish behavior, it's very unbecoming to say the least, and I don't see why anyone should condone such behavior by agreeing with his unreasonable request. If he has something to say, let him come to the people, the liberty people sent him an invitation FIRST. He wants to ignore. I SAY IGNORE HIM.

Ignore Ron Paul at our own peril!

He has spent the last 30 years educating and revealing to us the truths about our government and its harmful activities and policies that have constrained our rights, liberties, and prosperity. And you are judging his character based on a decision he makes not to speak at an event. Do you see how ridiculous that sounds?



I say: if you can't make it better, don't make it worst!

2 Days, 20 Hours


Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!

little smitty go bark up the Romney tree and take your crap w/u

It talks like an idiot
because he's not a Ron Paul patriot.

Shut your mouth and your stupid lies
you keep talking you draw flies.

Your words are worst than stinking toes
take a good sniff with your Pinocchio nose.

You call Ron Paul a "me, me, me"
it should be "smitty, smitty, smitty."

Don't go to Tampa, get the hell out
and here's a big fart for your Pinocchio snout.


I say: if you can't make it better, don't make it worst!

"But if your against freedom of speech feel free to vote my comm

I'll gladly vote your comment down. Why? Not because I don't believe in freedom of speech, but because you're acting like a hypocrite on so many levels. You come here to the Daily Paul and spread your vitriolic opinions against a man (Ron Paul), whom, if he had never existed and labored for liberty, could not and would not have been the inspiration for the creation of this website/forum. You seem to be biting the hand that feeds you.

"I say send this dictator a message and show him we will have no part of his dictatorial movement or event. This liberty movement isn't about him, it's about us, and if he can't appreciate that than he needs to be reminded like the rest of the dictators in Washington D.C."

What in the world are you talking about? How can you simultaneously call Ron Paul a dictator and in good conscience dictate to others? You've either lost your mind or lost your way. In either case, you're lost.

"The founders would be ashamed of us for what we're putting up with." Ron Paul

"For the country to get better, it needs more than just politicians. Politicians aren't enough. It needs a resurgence through churches, through revivals, through a spiritual

Wow. Just,..okay


Little Smitty,

this is not about your feelings. Ron Paul's campaign is the best chance, possibly only chance, that we have or will ever have to take back our country peacefully. Put your personal feelings aside and try not to undermine it.

I'm not the one

I'm not the one undermining the campaign to get Ron Paul elected President, that would be Ron Paul himself, along with his campaign staff who have been busy trying to undermine all our work to get him elected. And let's not forget his son who is busy endorsing Mitt Romney for President to anyone who will listen even though Romney hasn't even been nominated yet. So much for his pathetic excuse of promising to endorse the nominee, feel free to tell Rand, there is no nominee yet.

I'm not telling anyone to give up trying to get Ron Paul the nomination so stop implying that I am. I just telling everyone they shouldn't support and attend a rally put together by Ron Paul's corrupt campaign staff which in effect is going to tell those attending that they should give up trying to elect a liberty candidate for President this election and instead should look to the FUTURE to do so. Screw that message. And screw those who want to bring it.

And to any delegate reading this, I hope when Ron Paul and his worthless goons tell you to fight for a platform THAT YOU IGNORE such pathetic advice and do just the opposite because the platform is WORTHLESS. Instead let Rick Santorum and his delegates have the platform, tell his delegates you'll give them the platform in exchange for their votes for Ron Paul, tell them if Ron Paul get's the nomination their platform will carry more weight than the zero weight it will have if Mitt Romney is chosen. Because Ron Paul is going to tell you to fight for the platform which will cost you those Rick Santorum delegate votes, for nothing, AND RON PAUL AND HIS UNTRUSTWORTHY STAFF KNOWS IT. If you want to get Ron Paul the nomination than screw this worthless platform.

And where the hell is Ron Paul and his campaign staff in regards to Nebraska and their delegates. NO WHERE IN FRIGGIN SITE that I see. Why spend those millions helping this cause when you can keep them and do nothing to help get Ron Paul the nomination. Oh but they have the money to hold a rally when there already is one just a few miles away free for them to use which will be full of Ron Paul liberty minded supporters. So why should we support this WASTE of our campaign funds by Ron Paul's campaign, because Ron Paul and his poor excuse of a campaign staff says so, I'm sorry but that's not a good enough reason to go along with these frauds who have given up on getting Ron Paul elected. The liberty movement doesn't need to hear sorry asp speeches about how we need to wait till the future to take over the White House. NO ONE HAS VOTED YET FOR PRESIDENT. We can still take over the White House NOW. Give THAT MESSAGE to Jesse Benton. T. Olson, Jack Hunter, Rand Paul and all the other frauds down there at Ron Paul Inc.

TO: Smitty----if I didn't know better, I'd think you might be

...Adam Kokesh??

Because my sense is that you have been slighted by the Campaign, and you are very angry about this. Why? Because you undoubtedly have spent many hours and hours laboring over this Festival. But, whoever you are, please listen.

You express *some* sentiments that show perhaps all of our frustrations. However, that doesn't mean you know what exactly has happened "behind the scenes", you know? None of us here are privy to that kind of detailed information, from what has happened within the campaign from state to state, from the lack of lawsuits against the Media & the GOP, to even Rand Paul's misstep.

However, to lambast Dr. Paul for not cow-towing to your vision of what he should be doing is going beyond the pale. Yes, as a matter of fact, I quit donating to the campaign several months ago, when it was apparent to me that the campaign was not acting in a strong enough manner towards the Media, in the form of a lawsuit. Same with the GOP. So, I stopped donating! But, I didn't lambast Dr. Paul "publicly", you know? Why not? Because I didn't know what had happened behind the scenes.

You don't either! And, after 30 years of "consistent" public service, I preferred to give Dr. Paul the benefit of the doubt. He deserves at least that much from us.

You sound like Adam K. sometimes when he has "gone off" publicly with foul language and some rather vitriolic comments. It's not "how" you feel that's bad, or even what you may suspect. It's how it is displayed publicly. Having an Internet show makes you in the forefront, and it's not good to shoot off at the mouth. NO foul language should be exhibited. NO unkind remarks, especially if you don't know the details, should be exhibited.

Finally, if you are Adam K., look at yourself in the mirror. I see a young man who may have suffered a GREAT deal overseas serving our country, like many other Vets. But, in order to appeal to Dr. Paul, you need to force yourself to tone it down, be more humble, and I might add, shave your beard. You are such a handsome young man. That beard embarasses me, because it just doesn't look good. I'm a woman, so I'm telling you this---also, old enough to be your mother! LOL.

Anyway, please think about what I've said. You have much to give our cause, just give it some thought deep inside yourself. Thanks.

Also, I must add that if you aren't a true RP'r, then, just get lost!

Could you please listen to your own advice...

@ little smitty...I'm not going to talk nice to you, you deserve equal kind of your own treatment. All your comments make no intelligent sense which is a true reflection of your limitations and real purpose. Ron Paul knows his supporters are not followers; we have always surprised even him. We have out manuevered the other side and the likes of you. We tell you nothing to keep you spinning, let you argue within the few inches inside your brain to keep you out of the way. Blah, blah, blah. Get you all worked up on your innate paranoia, short attention span, bipolar thinking, egocentric personality, and whatever lacking that overwhelms your ability to think outside your low grade emotional box. Let me give you a break before you work yourself into a frenzy: There will be people attending either one, both, and all Dr. Paul venues (one venue will not be able to house everyone--they will see the numbers they did not air on tv). Those who want more of a festive agenda will go there and those who want another will go there--DO YOU think keeping all the chickens in one cage is a good IDEA? The stupidest person is always the one who thinks and talks like he/she knows everything.

I know you don't have 30+ years of Dr. Paul's Congressional experience plus his years of wisdom and I tell you now, what little you do know and the limits of your age CANNOT surpass what Dr. Paul knows, seen, and experienced. He will ALWAYS have 30+ years beyond your NONE. Keep you kindergarden explanations to your own manageable level so you'd stop embarassing yourself further. Now listen and take your own advice and depart from this candidate to go to your other hero. With all your heel kicking disgust you're still here, going nowhere.

I say: if you can't make it better, don't make it worst!

TY for the link americasos!!

And TY for your simple and honest response. I wouldn't have believed it had I not seen it.

I think smitty has a case of entitlement disorder.

Let's weigh this...

"Little Smitty" has the opinion that everyone should turn their back on Ron Paul's event and that he doesn't "give a damn" about us.
My opinion is...that if Ron & Carol leave out in the morning on a 6 month world tour that HE'S WAY MORE THAN DONE HIS SHARE already and America should thank him...but many arrogant ignorant people think they are smarter, sharper and more oriented with Paul's plan than Paul is!

Oh please

The only thing I've seen Ron Paul and his campaign staff do is piss away 40 million dollars and a bunch of air time accomplishing almost nothing. Not that it matters to them since much of this money went into their own pockets. Most of what was accomplished was done by the grass roots liberty movement who didn't make a cent so spare telling me what this over paid candidate did. Did he use all that money and air time to wake up the masses to the fraud taking place in out media and elections. Barely heard a word about these important subjects. So no, I don't believe Ron Paul did his fair share, not even close.

@little smitty: Like I said...take your own advice and leave...

Y R U still here? Because you're full of what should have been out yesterday. If you are that angry and disgusted, do yourself a favor and leave, move on with your life, BUT you don't and won't. You need your pay check. The only ones agreeing with you are your buds in the booths next to you working on this site. With all your heel kicking disgust, you're still here. They should deny you your pay check because your efforts ain't working.

I'm tire of you; I won't be responding to your post.

Let allow smitty little to talk to him/herself in the corner.

I say: if you can't make it better, don't make it worst!


once again the campaign fails to make any sense. I support Dr Paul but must question his choice of people to run his campaign. if this is any indication of who he would surround himself in the White House, it's best he isn't elected.


Next time, check in....

Why would you question his campaign on this? First off, why are people taking matters into their own hands, planning festivals using someone's name, and not even contacting them first in order to coordinate efforts? No offense to the Paul Festival, but why not first contact the campaign and make sure that what you are doing does not conflict with the times and purposes of the campaign. Yes, this is a grass-roots campaign, but it seems that many grass-roots somehow arrogantly think they run a better campaign than Dr. Paul does.

The campaign has one focus and one only: To protect and promote its candidate. If the organization heading up Paul festival is considered a PAC, then Dr. Paul is not allowed to be associated with it at all. Someone should have thought of these things beforehand, and there wouldn't be three competing events on the same weekend.

First of all, there aren't three competing events.

There are TWO events, and one is complimenting the other. When we began to plan for Paul Festival, we weren't even sure if Ron Paul was going to be IN Tampa, let alone at our festival. We are thrilled, to be honest, to know that he DOES have a plan for his Delegates & Alternates, and we are happy to support it.

Dr. Paul contacted us in the early stages of planning, before we ever signed the contract with the venue. If you were on the inside of planning for Paul Festival, you would know that before we ever signed the contract for the venue, Dr. Paul told us he loved the idea, and Carol told us that although the rest of the family might not be able to be there, she and Ron would certainly try to be there, when we told her about our idea to have a birthday party for Ron that weekend, since his birthday is four days before the festival begins.

We are the same individuals who planned the Revolution March in Washington, DC in 2008 - an event which remains, to this day, the largest grassroots event for liberty in the history of the Ron Paul campaign. Our members also worked with the campaign to coordinate for the Rally for the Republic in Minneapolis in 2008. This is NOT our first go around with planning events in support of Dr. Paul.

There is a specific reason that Dr. Paul is going to have his own event - much of it has to do with the Congressman's security, and that of his family, and much of it has to do with his purpose for going to Tampa - the Delegates and Alternates.

We are supporting the Delegates and Alternates as much as possible to get them to Tampa - and a great portion of our fundraising is intended to go directly to the Delegates' and Alternates' travel & lodging costs for the RNC.

As for the "three competing events" - if you call the Fantasy of Flight venue, you will find that the other event never signed a contract for their venue. We don't know what happened. All we know is that there are two events - there is Paul Festival, and then there is We Are the Future: Rally for the Liberty Delegates, being planned by the campaign.


Maybe those in the liberty movement took matters into their own hands because Ron Paul was too busy hiding under a rock while his campaign staff was busy sabotaging all our efforts while his son was endorsing Mitt Romney who hasn't even been nominated yet. While it might be hard for you to believe, nobody died and made Ron Paul God, he's no different than the rest of us. Either he is with us, or he is with those who are against us, lately his actions have shown he is with those who are against us more than with us in my opinion.

just of the little p rick

It talks like an idiot
because he's not a Ron Paul patriot.

Shut your mouth and your stupid lies
you keep talking you draw flies.

Your words are worst than stinking toes
take a good sniff with your Pinocchio nose.

You call Ron Paul a "me, me, me"
it should be "smitty, smitty, smitty."

Don't go to Tampa, get the hell out
and here's a big fart for your Pinocchio snout.


I say: if you can't make it better, don't make it worst!

Stop spamming

Stop spamming your potty mouth nonsense. It brings nothing to the table.

And your right, I'm not a Ron Paul patriot, I'm a patriot for freedom and liberty. Ron Paul is merely a public servant to do my bidding and nothing more. He was paid for his service, I wasn't, I did my service for this movement for free. If you can't appreciate that than you can * off.

He will speak not far away,

He will speak not far away, and there are TONS of great speakers gonna be there. This should not be missed by ANYONE. Hvac bought a campspace at it, and there will be free room for someone who camps and he even has a free ticket. Ronvoy is VERY reasonable so there is NO reason we should not all go. No reason I can even think of..:)