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IRS Garnishing your Check? How about your Social Security Account? You're Gonna Love This:

Looks like the Foreign Debt Collectors went after the wrong guy this time. Tami Pepperman representing one of her clients who is an retired Caterpillar Employee, found out that the IRS .... are you ready for it? ... Here it comes ....

Acting as Fiduciary in Trust is 1/5th in total "Northern Holdings & Trust".

They were garnishing her clients retirement account and a social security account as well.

She looked at the Portfolio of NH&T and IRS, and found it was in five parts.

She filed a Motion for Equitable Estoppel against the IRS.

It turns out the IRS was actually garnishing THEMSELVES!

She explains here:


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Good On Her :

Thanks for bringing this to attention.

All the Best.

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so how can we use this info to our benefit? (I mean its cool and all, but what are the real world ramifications?)

i emailed her

and sent a link.
i'd like to understand the ramifications as well.

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please post if you hear anything!


Would like to hear other comments...


Nice piece

Need to study this more

The Winds of Change!

IRS is private for profit corp.... This is blockbuster info !!!

How can we verify this information ?


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