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Oregon Republican Convention Chaos: Damning Video From Oregon Convention


The Oregon Republican Party held their Congressional District Conventions on June 23rd, 2012. This video is from the 3rd district. The only business to take place was electing the delegates to the Republican National Convention, their alternates, district chairs, and Presidential electors (should the Republican nominee win Oregon).

After the delegates had been elected across the state, party officials realized that a well organized band of Ron Paul supporters had been outvoting the preferred establishment choices. The only way they could defeat the Ron Paul supporters was to delay the rest of the voting until the conventions were scheduled to adjourn. At that point, citing an RNC rule, the state executive committee would then have the authority to appoint any unfilled spots in the delegation.

RNC Rule 17 C reads "Where neither the rules adopted by a state Republican Party nor state laws provide a method for filling vacancies in its national convention delegation, the state Republican Party should make every effort to elect those individuals filling the vacancies in the delegation in the same manner as the delegates were originally elected or selected, or by vote of the state Republican Party executive committee or if the state executive committee has not filled the vacancy by ten (10) days prior to the convention, by vote of the state delegation."

The key phrase is "The state Republican Party should make every effort to elect those individuals filling the vacancies in the delegation in the same manner as the delegates were originally elected or selected". They Oregon Republican Party obviously failed to abide by that rule, and did everything they could to circumvent it.

To pull the wool over everyone's eyes, they had to lie about the delays. In order for any Congressional District to continue voting, every one had to have completed the previous round of voting and counting. In CD3, we were told the hold up was ballot counting in CD5. CD5 was told CD4 was the source of the delay. CD2 was blaming CD4. CD4 was blaming CD5. CD1 was blaming CD3. When in reality, each of the CDs were moving along just fine, and supposedly waiting on a different one.

Despite nothing in the convention rules that binds the convention to the agenda laid out by ORP chairman, Allen Alley, the chair of CD3, Jim Parker, decided that the meeting would end at 5:00. Citing a lack of credentials report, a miscount of those against continuing the meeting, and failure to address Robert's Rules protocols, we concluded that the meeting was not adjourned properly or legally, and thus, the meeting was still going on after Mr. Parker and his accomplices had fled the scene.

We continued the meeting outside, where we recredentialed everyone and elected a temporary chair and secretary, since the officers were no longer present. Through a series of other motions in accordance of Robert's Rules of Orders, such as suspending certain rules by 2/3 majority, we were able to continue voting, and finished electing all of the alternate delegates.

Ironically, shortly before the illegal attempt at adjournment, the convention featured a video on voter integrity, via a group called True The Vote, which focused on exposing and defeating voter fraud.

Our voting records were discredited by the ORP when they met in their executive committee meeting, and big surprise, all of the establishment choices were appointed. They even broke their own rules and bylaws by appointing someone as an alternate who had not filed to be one, as there were only 4 official alternate choices left for CD3, and by not breaking their own law, they would have had to appoint a Ron Paul supporter to one of the 3 available positions.

One would think that the Republican Party would strive to work with this highly motivated, organized, and knowledgable group of Ron Paul supporters, and find ways to incorporate that energy and organization into the party, rather than push them away.

To summarize, it appears as though Obama can thank ORP officials Allen Alley, Solomon Yue, and Greg Leo for doing everything they can to ostracize the Ron Paul supporters and discourage them from voting Romney, thus delivering the state to Obama.

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Video not available?

tried the embed and the link?



Immoral funding of Military Industrial Complex by Federal Reserve and US taxation system must stop!!!! End illegal/unconstitutional wars! Preserve US currency!

More evidence...thank you.

More evidence...thank you.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

excellent video; one correction

Thanks for getting and posting this video.

Based on the observations of at least 2 different people who were in the CD5 vote counting room, plus an emailed statement by Chairman Alley, I believe the counting of the at-large delegate votes actually did take 2.5 hours in CD5. Of course that doesn't explain the confusion of different stories being told to different districts to account for the delay, but it does explain why the second ballot was delayed for so long.

It also, of course, raises other questions, like how could it possibly have taken that long? The explanations I've heard so far for that are not satisfactory to me, because we had the meeting in the same location as in 2008, with the same district chairman, and we had at least 3 state party big-wigs present at our location (Alley, Yue, and Leo -- plus Cain is CD5 too, IIRC). Per Alley's email, increased turnout was to blame for the delays, but we had no significant increase in attendance at CD5 from 2008 to 2012. Same room, roughly the same layout, filled both times. Incompetence just does not ring true IMO, given those facts.

I await a more plausible explanation, or further information which might bring incompetence onto the plausibility radar screen. In the meantime, to paraphrase The Joker, this party needs an enema.

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

oh, and one more thing about what Allen Alley said here

I'm curious where in his job description we authorized him to "make sure that Romney delegates are Romney delegates" etc. I don't recall that part of the state chair's job. Where is he getting the notion that that is part of his job now?

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.



Good Video, Thank You!

My wife and I were observers on May 15, 2012 inside the Jackson County Oregon clerks office, when the mail in votes were counted.
Everything "looked" okay to us, however there was no way to determine if the vote counting machines were 100% accurate !

I used to own a very small business that used scales to weigh products and produce.
These scales had to be "Calibrated" by the local government on a regular basis to insure accuracy to the public.

I saw no evidence of certified calibration on the Jackson County vote counting machines,which looked like sophisticated scanning machines with printers attached. {Could these machines be rigged in Mr. Romney's favor?} They also suffered from numerous paper jams.


The sealed votes came to the clerks office as 2 separate sheets of paper. One sheet was entirely for the County wide PCP {Precinct Committee Persons} election. Apparently, there are about 115 Precincts in Jackson County, alone. These PCP votes are apparently, hand counted. Results were supposed to be announced May 17th. The final results were not published until about a week before the June 23, 2012 district republican state wide conventions were held.

The good news is: According to the Jackson County Clerk {Who was very helpful} all the votes for the last 10 years {?} are saved, and could be reviewed possibly, by a court order.

We got a print out of voter sheet number one {Presidential nominees} at 05/15/12 @ 7:34 P.M. { Voting stops at 7:00 P.M. but counting continues}
Jackson County only: Ballots cast-Total..28,829.
Republican ....13,154
Registered voters...115,635
Precincts counted.....54.


nice video

Spread it for the next youtube star.

Thanks for posting this--

I hope the videos from the Oregon Conventions go viral!


guy looks like your typical establishment stooge, look at him run away like a cockroach.