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Ron Paul Or Not At ALL

The problem with the Republican Party Trying to "Prop Up" Mitt Romney,

is that he has a LOWER RATING than McCain who "LOST" (and another

liberal republican); Mitt Romney ONLY has some corporate fiscal

republicans to support him, and some Swing Republicans that get their

news from the TV networks (that the media black out on Ron Paul has

affected the most) who will simply vote for the Republican Nominee;

and by the look of those small crowds at Romney events (easy to

Google) they are NOT that interested;

The support from Independents, Constitutionalists, Swing Republicans

(watching for ANYONE besides Romney), Swing Democrats, Libertarians

and Liberty Activists - all NEEDED for a win....

....Have little or absolutely NO interest in Romney.

So of the two candidates:

Romney has NO CHANCE; He will get barely within sight of victory and

then "LOOSE";

Just like McCain who started spouting Global Warming and Environmental

rhetoric. Mitt Romney is even WORSE because along with these

similarities, "MITT ROMNEY is a GUN CONTROL ADVOCATE", proven by laws

he passed in his own state.

Ron Paul, However, has a huge interest base that clearly is attracting

all party affiliations; Because of this wide interest and

willingness to follow the Constitution, Ron Paul is in fact the ONLY

Candidate that has a chance.

To summarize, Ron Paul can pull in the entire field of voters because

he is more universally liked and will follow the Constitution; Where

Romney can only pull in the self serving Corporates, because in

everything else he is "DISLIKED".

So the choices are simple:

1.) Cling to the anchor of a sinking ship, Vote for Romney and



2.) Swing the vote to Paul, Delegates and All, and "WIN";

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I agree, Romney cannot win. I

I agree, Romney cannot win. I have some liberal friends who tell me that they are disappointed with President Obama. They said that they would have voted for Ron Paul, but they dislike Romney so much that they are going to vote for Obama if their only choices are Obama or Romney. I think that most Blue Dog Democrats feel that way.

Larry in North Carolina
The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men and women to not support Ron Paul!

Have you gone to a central committee meeting?

Or do you insist on educating us from an outsiders perspective?

You're not right, and I don't appreciate how you neglect to support Ron Paul Republicans who worked to get seats and offices so you can dump Obama on them because you think people have to like Romney to vote for him. Or let me guess you hate the GOP.. YAWN.

Ron Paul, and if he doesn't get the nomination, Romney; for the Ron Paul Republican committee seats, for the RP GOP offices, for the Liberty candidates who don't need Obama because it's betweeen Obama and a Republican.