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For NEBRASKA: The Speech I didn't get to give in Iowa

Here in Iowa, support for RP during the convention was kept on the down-low. That was the strategy. I decided early on though, that if prompted, I wasn't going to hide from the fact I was a Ron Paul supporter (I've always been a little defiant that way). I felt it was something to be proud of, and the reasons why - something the rest of the GOP should hear. I prepared this speech (in addition to a couple other variations), because we didn't know what to expect the day of the convention, and I wanted to be ready if someone publicly questioned or attacked my nomination and support for Ron Paul. (which the DSM Register had already done once). Our slate was passed, however, and I never did have to (or get to) defend myself.

I'm not exactly sure how the Nebraska process works, but should anyone have to give a speech, perhaps you might look to this for inspiration to garner some heartfelt confidence, stand proudly in your support for Ron Paul (while still being neo-Republican friendly), and win people over with honesty. :)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Hello Everyone – My name is ___________. I am a delegate from ___________ County and I work as a ____________ for the ___________ in Polk County. I have become increasingly active within the Republican Party and am a young, fervent advocate for the conservative philosophy. I am now going to do what I do best, and that is speak, unfiltered and from the heart – addressing, if you will, the big Republican elephant in the room. 

Yes. I have and will always have a great admiration for Ron Paul and the policies he endorses – Because they’re the same policies the Republican Party was founded on and are the very same policies I can assume most of us here in this room agree – the policy of respecting our Constitution, recognizing a right to life, living freely and within our means, liberty, small government, state sovereignty, free markets, limiting taxation, protecting gun rights – all of the things it means to BE a conservative.

It’s Ron Paul I credit for inspiring me to become active, by role-modeling decades of principle, using simple common sense, logic, and years of wisdom to spark the education of hundreds of thousands, not just here in the United States, but around the world; causing them, and myself, to become interested and involved in advocating conservative issues I never before found relevant or cared to concern myself with. However, it’s not about a passion for Ron Paul as many misunderstood mistake it to be; it’s about a passion – once dormant inside me merely ignited by him – an inspiration to become active, explore the Republican party, the process and what it really means to BE a conservative.

Around the country, people with an admiration for Dr. Paul are being scorned and cast aside by their brothers and sisters in the GOP – misrepresented as enemies or infiltrates within the party or a threat to what really is a common goal we ALL share. It would be a shame for Iowa Republicans to carry ourselves in the manner which has been showcased elsewhere. I certainly hope here in Iowa we have a greater mutual respect for each other and for what are simply minor, inevitable variances in perspective.

I think people get so caught up in irrelevant details of policy – the minor things we, even as a unified party, are bound to disagree on – (or at the very least carry varying perspectives) – we get so caught up in those details, that in the process we abandon and contradict our own platform and underlying Republican philosophy, those things we value most, and the essence of what it means to be a true conservative –

I believe when we as a party learn to place a higher emphasis on those things, uniting behind each other, behind policy, and behind our core philosophies – that 80-90% of things we can agree on – rather than placing our emphasis on uniting behind a single individual or clashing against another, we will be a much more successful Republican party and have a much greater impact on our country and within the political community.

To be perfectly honest, the respect and admiration I may have for Dr. Paul will not have much influence on the outcome of the nomination, and to be quite frank, there really is no correlation between my respect for him, and how it will influence my representation as a delegate to all of you. As a delegate, I understand I will have a job to do in Tampa, and that job is to not only contribute to uniting the party so we can OUST OBAMA, his administration and their reckless policies, but to also rally support for what we here in Iowa hold near and dear – to fight for what we value as Iowa Republicans. Thank you. 

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Great speech nuzlum!

Ask me in Tampa what I would have said in MY speech. Unlike you, I hadn't really prepared anything in writing (something I don't recommend, BTW) but I wasn't worried about coming up with something to say.

All day I had been chomping at the bit to get up and tell the convention just what I thought of the sleazy Unity Slate people and their scheme to throw out the people nominated by our ELECTED state nominating committee.

The only reason I hadn't done so earlier was because everyone kept beating me to the microphone.

As a nominee for alternate I was only going to have a minute, but I was going to make every second count AND I was going to make it personal.

After pointing out that I am the chair of the Page County central committee, I was going to state that I was also the husband of one of the members of the nominating committee. I was also going to point out how this whole thing was a slap in the face of EVERY delegate in the 3rd District that had elected her to that committee. I was going to point out that she had kept her promise to nominate only those Republicans who truly represented the core values of our state party (true),that she had nominated several very prominent Republicans from our district who had never endorsed ANY candidate (also true) and that it was an insult to her, myself, and to EVERY delegate in the room that we were being forced to go through this process of nominating and electing a new slate from scratch.

At the point I would have been making my speech, I KNOW there would have been a rising tide of frustration and even anger at how long the process was going on. Pointing out to the swing voters just who was responsible and why they were doling it, was a winning strategy. In fact, that was the reason we didn't have to speak. The RP delegates were ALL for us and the fervent unity-slaters were ALL against us. It all came down to appealing to the the rest of the delegates who didn't have a dog in the fight. We needed to appeal to their sense of fair play and common sense.

We did and we won.

Nuzlum, you WILL have your chances to give speeches in the future. Just keep speaking from the heart and we will all keep winning.

The Virtual Conspiracy

Thanks. I really didn't WANT to speak, but

I felt that if it came down to it, and I had to, I needed to be honest (but still try and be somewhat electable). After being blasted and questioned (without a chance for rebuttal) in the Des Moines Register for having been registered a former Democrat, I wasn't sure what to expect.

The only political experience I had was in relation to Ron Paul, and I know me touting how great recruiting people to the RP movement was, wouldn't get the job done. I didn't have the extensive list of political accomplishments many others did. So, I felt I needed a way to distinguish myself from and attempt to win people over that didn't highlight those shortcomings. So if it came to it, I was going to do it with honesty.....and maybe a little charm. :) I simply posted this to maybe encourage others to yes, try and get delegates (duh), but do it how RP would do it - with honesty and uncompromising to your beliefs.


Great job!!

Sorry you didn't get to share it. I think that's my fault because boy was I praying and asking others to pray because I really, really didn't want to have to speak!!! :) My speech would not have been as good as yours either. :) I'm with you though... I have this battle daily (OK, maybe not daily anymore:), figuring out how much to say or reveal. On the one hand, I think I should be quiet about it and focus on issues and all that, keep in mind my audience like others here have said. On the other hand, I think I have nothing to be ashamed of, and we should be proud to talk about our support for Ron Paul (besides, by now everyone knows I'm an RP supporter; I just can't hide it!;). Also, we're winning! (at least in Iowa) So nothing to be afraid of! But of course, I still don't want to be rude to people either. It's a narrow line to walk and I haven't mastered it, but somehow I've gotten this far. (Can't believe it!) I will do my best and keep praying...

You would have been great, Michelle...

I'm almost sorry you didn't get your chance. ;-)

The Virtual Conspiracy

You're speech

would have been just as fantastic as anyone's! :)


Don't say such things!

I hope I continue to miss my chance. ;)

1st rule in any battle

you don't go in saying you believe you can't win.

Yes, but....

There is a world of difference between what you say to the troops and what you say to the enemy. Right?

The Virtual Conspiracy

It's an excellent speech, but not a good speech and here's why..

..it appears to me that you actually believe that the Republican Party is on the up and up and was on the up and up long ago. Not so...both parties are bought and paid for by the money which was stolen from everyday citizens. Honestly, the GOP has never placed a serious emphisis on Individual and Property Rights as an example.

Ok, your speech would be a winnder among those who really don't know the TRUE Story about how this country has been run for about 100 years and it has nothing to do about socalled HONEST elections...

it was not too long ago that these rulers did not allow more than 50% of the population to vote or even speak sometimes lest they get burned at a stake by religious fanatics...just like we have today in the form of the Democrat and Tpublican Party with other alphabet designations like GOP, RNC, and so many other religious-like notations.

I would have rather seen your write: RON PAUL or NO ONE AT ALL...and yes this IS About Ron Paul.

fearless brave joyful peaceful loving grateful, compassionate

I don't mean to offend, but even RP

says this is not about him. It's about moving a message. He has made very clear he does not want to be placed on a pedestal (which ironically is why we love him, because he is so humble). RP should be the standard we hold others to from this point forward, not just the hero in a legacy we'll maybe talk about one day. That meaning this is meant to go on - this movement is meant to last.

The point of my speech was to lower the attack responses of the neos, and say "hey, this is why I like Ron Paul, and it's not because I'm a cultist that clashes with everything you believe in like you think."
However, I wanted to do it in a way that was pleasing to their ears and wouldn't immediately cause them to shut down.

If my intentions were to go up there touting just how great RP was with nothing else, they wouldn't have cared, nor tried to understand. You must remember, people are still emotional creatures. They WANT to understand others, but sometimes just have a difficult time doing so --that's why you try to make it as easy as possible for them---say it in a language they speak.

I also wanted to kindly scold them for acting like people incapable of logic (kind of like a disappointed mother might do). It may have completely backfired, I won't know, but (as spacehabitats mentioned) that was a calculated risk I was willing to take, because if I've learned anything from RP, it's to stand behind what you believe in - say and do those things you will be proud of, even if they aren't popular.

I prepared several speeches depending on what might happen. We didn't know. I had no intention of going in and offering up just anything to the enemy, but if I was questioned, you sure bet I was going to be ready to defend my support, and in what I thought was the best way.

The reason I think we adore RP so much is because the man has been standing, often alone, principled with integrity in the face of lies and distortion, telling the truth. He hasn't pandered and he hasn't cowered away. Yeah, it might have been easier for him to just play the political game, do what he was told, and go with the flow, but he didn't. When others changed their message depending on their audience, he's only tailored his - same message, but made to be understood by whoever might be listening.

You have to talk to your audience in a way they will understand, or be willing to understand. I wanted to be honest, but I also wanted people to understand, even if just a little, WHY we love RP and WHY that isn't necessarily the threat they make it out to be. Remember, many of the people who are against us, don't realize exactly WHY they are. They just are - following others' leads.

Also, here in Iowa, though there were many against us, there were just as many who still had no idea about the major clash of RP and the neos. They were just plain Jane Republicans who had been their whole life, and were delegates who could easily be swayed to our side through charm and honesty. That's what I was going for. I wasn't writing this to the room full of "already Ron Paul supporters". We already had their votes.


While I admire your sentiment...

I can't agree with your tactic. Every battle is different. Nuzlum and I were there. Our objective was to be elected to go to Tampa. No offense but, we would NOT have been speaking to persuade people like you, me, or anyone else like us.

Her speech was a calculated risk. So mine would have been.

I don't know if nuzlum's speech was the best for the situation, but it was certainly the one SHE felt was best; and so that was the speech she needed to give.

The Virtual Conspiracy

It is a nice speech but it

It is a nice speech but it wouldn't have gone well at the Iowa state convention in an assembly filled with mad as hornets neocons.

I know this because I was there on Friday night when we were electing our Ron Paul slate. None of the Ron Paul delegates mentioned Ron Paul's name. They only spoke from their hearts and mentioned all those issues we hold so dear. The neocons at my table liked what they heard. They voted for them. The Ron Paul candidates all won with a sizable majority.

Next came the vote for the elector. One pretty disgusting man, who had tried all night long to become a delegate, lost both delegate and alternate positions because he was so obnoxiously hating on the Ron Paul supporters in both of his speeches. After the delegate elections, he then nominated a neocon for elector. He still couldn't resist being a total jerk about the Paul supporters in his 3rd speech.

Then a Ron Paul supporter made his speech to become an elector. But instead of giving a heartfelt speech like the other Paul supporters did, he spoke about how he was a Ron Paul supporter and that the Ron Paul supporters were not the enemy. I firmly believe he would have been elected if he had confined his speech to issues he believed in like the rest of the Paul supporters had done. Instead, the obnoxious neocon's nominee for elector won.

You would be wiser to consider the audience. If there is a chance that the neocons outnumber the Ron Paul supporters, don't take that gamble, but instead remain low key like our winning Ron Paul national delegates did in Iowa.

It might not have, but what you're talking

about is Friday night and just your one district out of four. I'm talking about the slate vote on Saturday. That's what my speech was prepared for. I'm curious if the RP supporter who gave his heartfelt speech only gushed about RP and didn't give the neos anything to chew on in addition? Did he amp up the "down with Obama" jargon they love to hear (leaving out of course the frustration we feel knowing their beloved Mitt is the same)? I didn't want to gush, that's what this audience didn't like - gushing. My strategy was to give the message, but in a way they would listen to it and give it honestly. I'm not religious, so I left out anything to do with God. I could have probably won over the crowd by throwing in a few "Jesus this, God that's," but that's not me, and I didn't want to lie. If it came to floor nominations, I wanted to be elected honestly without compromising who I was and what I believed in the process.

I left out the "unfriendly" and off-putting (to them) parts. And I wanted to play up the stuff I knew we could all agree (insert "get Obama out" here). They, I felt, would be more inclined to recognize honesty, that still fit their agenda --which I wanted to show them, was 80-90% the same as ours (so more or less why did they insist on bickering about the irrelevants?).

So, yeah, it might have not gone well, but I will tell you I would have felt much better going up there, standing for and saying what I believed in and not becoming a delegate than pandering to a crowd just to get elected. Because, I mean, aren't those people we despise so much? Isn't that WHY we came to love RP? --Because he didn't play the game; he doesn't pander; he didn't let the notion of not being elected alter his beliefs nor his integrity?

Sure, we want delegates, but at what cost? There is a fine line in political ethics that tests which is better: questionable means to obtain a desired end or potentially compromising the end with desired means.

To me, the idea of people being more LIKE RP in their efforts, living up to his remarkable standard, is what will give us victory. If in the end, those in the liberty movement just do what every other politician does that we despise --- go in with good intentions, and come out grossly distorted --- then we have not won.


Actually, the nominated Ron

Actually, the nominated Ron Paul elector's speech was brief... almost abrupt. It is quite true that he could have done better.

But you've misunderstood. Our delegates are not becoming like those politicians you referred to. Fear not. The Ron Paul delegate and alternate speeches I heard on that Friday night were magnificent. Obeying the Constitution was the underlying theme. No issue that we love was watered down. The sound of liberty rang loud and clear throughout the speeches. Not even the neocons could find fault because that's the beauty of liberty. Deep down within every person, even the neocons, the recollection of freedom is still alive. The liberty movement will live long after Ron Paul retires.

And who knows? Your Ron Paul speech could have awakened some latent love for liberty in those neocons. In the end, perhaps you are right. You should say what you want to.

Very Well Done, Short and to the point. Wake up GOP because

the next generation gets it and it is spreading like wildfire!