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Fearing Paulites, Nebraska GOP To Tighten Security At State Convention

Nebraska's state Republican Party will tighten security at its annual convention in preparation for expected trouble from Ron Paul supporters, according to a report in the Nebraska Watchdog.

The executive director of the Nebraska GOP, Jordan McGrain, told the Watchdog that "This is not going to be a free-for-all" and that the party has hired additional security at the July 14 convention for the first time in convention history.

Nearly half of delegates in two of Nebraska's counties have gone to Paul, and a Paul supporter came close to becoming chairman of the state party.


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Watch the Vote Nebraska Conference Call: July 10 at 8 PM EDT

If you are a Ron Paul delegate in Nebraska, please join us for a conference call tomorrow night to discuss election fraud and to ensure you are prepared for anything. The entire nation is supporting your efforts, and we want to share with you what has worked/not worked across the nation so far, and what to be on the lookout for.

Bring any/all questions.
Conference Call Number:641-715-3200 / PIN: 1064662#

We need a private security firm for these events.

Lets look at what happened in Louisiana for instance. If the newly elected chairman (lets call him "Ron Paul") had bodyguards and the security firm were coordinated with his voting block as well, he wouldn't have had to deal with the cops and be arrested. The cops would have first approached the professional bodyguard servicemen surrounding "Ron Paul" and have been more aware that they can't just arrest someone with trained bodyguards on site.

The bodyguards would have been between "Ron Paul" and the uninformed cops and explained the rules, bought "Ron Paul" time and have gotten him seated meanwhile the cops were dealing with a private security firm and dealing with more familiar members (they tend to be ex-cops and military members as well).

If we don't do this, then they will by instinct trust the corrupt sergeant in arms without knowing that the COPS themselves are breaking election code.

Some body get a judge to

Some body get a judge to issue a restraining order or injunction before this.

These words indicate to me that this guy is going to try to cause trouble if the delegates vote how the want to vote, exactly how the insiders did in other places.

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

beware of the vote counting machines

they have rented to use at the convention. Move to disallow them. Hand count on video live stream!

Oh please McGrain, spare us the drama

Like a rooster puffing out it's chest. You want extra security against a peaceful, educated, inspired and driven group of freedom loving people—go right ahead. Liberty CANNOT be intimidated. It only makes us more vigilant and organized against the blatant crimes being committed against us. You want to help contribute more evidence to be presented against the establishment? Thank you so much!

This Revolution and Nebraska

‹›‹›‹›‹›‹›‹›‹›‹›‹› THE 5TH STATE ‹›‹›‹›‹›‹›‹›‹›‹›‹›

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

In other words

the GOP has hired body guards to protect them from the mob when they commit fraud at the state convention.

maybe you guys need to think

maybe you guys need to think about hiring a security detail of your own..... not sure whether thats kosher or not but just to balance things out a little.


Does anyone have friends within the police that are Paul supporters, that can be there to NOT arrest us, who will refuse that order?

What they mean is they'll

What they mean is they'll have more thugs there to arrest and haul people out of the convention who dare insist the Nebraska GOP abide by their own rules of procedure and not let them railroad their establishment agenda down republican's throats.

Integrity and professionalism will not be tolerated.


The Nebraska establishment GOP and all the others are afraid of our Constitution, and NOTHING more.

and they should be.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

"Won't be a free for all", they say.

I suppose that means it will only be a "free for some", like THEM.

Apparently they think they need "security forces" to prevent actual Republicans from electing delegates which don't conform to the Nazi Party edict.
They fear the exercise of the free will of the people.

The Truth is the Reverse

This is just more deception...from what I've seen of these conventions, it's the Ron Paul people who need security.


I left comments

I left comments on the buzz page but they don't show up!


No "Free-for'All"?

Goodness, freedom for all should be exactly what we seek as Republicans! In VT, the chair pulled the same exclusive tactics. RP supporters were just trying to participate by the rules. The chair lost a great opportunity to unify the party. He made it like a Mitt Romney campaign rally only there were actually people attending the State Convention. The Romney campaign handed out slate cards called the "conservative unity " slate. With the exception of a few State -Wide off ice candidates, the slate had the most liberal and flexible conviction holding Republicans I could name from VT. One guy even gave money to only Democrats in the last election cycle. He called it good business (crony capitalist whose business gets grants,R&D money and purchases from feds to operate)
I suggest a slate called the "Christians and Constitutional Conservative" slate. People, that don't put much time into thinking about their vote will fall for that "conservative Unity" slate if they don't have a better option. Give them a list that is a real option!


Don't you like the part where they say that Paul supporters need to do "the right thing" and go with Romney? Unfreaking believable!


They Are Scared

They are scared of us! HAH! They SHOULD be! We are beating them at their own game except we are doing it HONESTLY!