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Ron Paul's Revolution - 1h 22min C-Span: July 4th, 2012

Thanks for the upload MOX!


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It is good that Rand Paul and others

referenced Ayn Rand. Majority of RP supporters who came to the Liberty movement within the last few years are largely ignorant about Objectivism. Besides being a Zionist and atheist, Ayn Rand had a big fall out with Murray Rothbard (who used some of Rand's ideas in his academic papers without any reference to her) and other libertarians.

As George Reisman said "if now Ayn Rand is a controversial figure among political right, in 1950's she was equivalent to an atomic bomb."

vote for liberty and freedom support the ron paul revolution

vote romney, yeah the fact i see a rand face on video means no click for me, rand can stay in ky for all i care. anyone endorsing romney loses all credibility. This should be posted on the rand daily.

Ron Paul 2016

Red Cent on his lapel

One more comment on this,

I love the Red Cent on Rands Lapel. He explains it somewhere around 50 min in as a symbol for "Not one more Red Cent". Really cool! The other thing I found interesting was the last question about property rights and also the question to Rand asking "if Ron Paul was a "libertarian father" to Rand. LOL! Rand said that Ron was conservative as a father and he did have a curfew and he also got in trouble a few times.

I believe there are two times in this video which Rand addresses his own views and how he came to them as well as how his father came to his personal political ideology.

very interesting THANKS!

Ha! Rand gives a plug to Aimee Allen's Ron Paul Anthem!

it's about 29 min in. I thought it was also interesting that Rand said "I was probably born a libertarian".

For those of you you are making a big point of this being OLD and from the end of May....so what! I've never seen it. Maybe it re-aired on cspan on July 4th and that's why it has that date.

Regardless, I'm very happy someone posted this otherwise I probably would have missed it.

he should see if she will

he should see if she will sing the romney anthem!

Ron Paul 2016

I dare you to watch this video all the way through

Of course you wont. You are only interested in spreading more division. Rand never promised your vote to Romney and if you watched this video you would know that. He clearly states that virtually NO Ron Paul vote is transferable to Romney. He states it would take quite a lot for any votes to move Romney's way. Romney would have to make great changes which he ,of course, is never going to do.

Climb out of your play pen and loose the pacifier. It's time for you to own your own vote. Stand on your own two feet and stop wringing your hands about Rand fulfilling a promise he made 2 years ago.

And while your at it, name one senator who has a better voting record than Rand......I'm waiting......crickets......

is 5/15/12 how you spell July

is 5/15/12 how you spell July 4th now?

I think this is from May 15.




Morton Downey Junior !

How I came to appreciate the wonder of Ron Paul. It was a long time ago I was channel surfing on an old cable TV box the the type you have to push the buttons on. I came across the Morton Downey Junior show. Ron Paul was up there and they were treating him badly. I listened to him for a minute and realize he was absolutely correct in everything he was saying. And then Morton Downey Junior spit in his face. At that point I knew Ron Paul was the guy for me. He was the guy for liberty in the face of tyranny.

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."
Albert Einstein

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Looks like a best seller

Many thanks to RonPaulSwede and MOXNEWS.


information and knowledge

July 4th, sorry.

Can´t change it for some reason.

    fixed ~ mod

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