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Andy Griffith Show - Why the early show played well in relationship to freedom

This is a continuation of some of the thread dedicated to the Andy Griffith Show in honour of Andy Griffith who just passed away, shined up a bit to show good liberty style community in it from previous comment.

Yes, the old black and white episodes seemed better, and as remarked earlier, because Barney Fife was in them!

I think that hits the nail on the head for one of the central themes of this show and why it is so nice.

A central theme is legalistic and the letter of the law types - played by Barney Fife, vs the Sheriff Andy Griffith and the spirit.

A lot of the comedy is derived from that interplay, and it's a central one to good sheriff-ing and good government.

But it's more then that, it extends right out to the audience too. Barney Fife is a nice guy, they are all nice, he's just a little wrong about all that letter of the law stuff. It's asking the audience not to be legalistic either, but have a good natured spirit. Yeah, Barney gets it wrong all the time, but he's a nice guy, just not mature.

It's a gentle comedy in all ways, and doesn't seek it's own. Barney can be wrong, but not in a all cops are bad guys sort of way. And Andy Griffith is always there in charge, leading in the right way.

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