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Just finished Hunger Games trilogy

I found and listened to all 3 audiobooks on youtube. It's a young adult novel. They were nice, but didn't blow my mind...for the way it has been advertised.

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I put this video analysis together

The Hunger Games to me seems like a warning about the role the elite play in a society.

I compared the Hunger Games to our modern system of control in this video review:

Actually, Hunger Games is a plagiarism. The Original "dystopian

teenage killing spree" story concept was taken from a 1999 Japanese novel called "Battle Royale". Like the MSM touted Hunger Games "rip-off", it too was a cult classic and was made into a movie of the same name, back in 2000. It and a sequel, "Battle Royale II: Requiem" are both available on Roku.

wow, getting down voted already

That's fine, it's your opinion on my little review opinion, but would be nice if a reply is posted for why your opinion differs.

It's in the book section, so

It's in the book section, so who cares?