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Replacing the Current Voting System to Replace the 2 party system

It is no secret the country has long ago fallen into the two party system. Since the beginning, it has first been the Federalists vs The Democratic-Republicans, then the Whigs vs the Democrats, and now we are trapped in the Democrats vs the Republicans. How did this happen so fast?

The American voting system is majority based: whoever gets over 50% wins. This is just a tougher version of a terrible system called "first past the post", or "plurality vote", in which whoever has the most votes wins. This system is flimsy and unreliable because it encourages people to make "strategic votes" for the lesser of two evils, or "protest votes" to let a candidate know you don't like them. When this happens, a large group of people are not really represented by their vote, and we descend into the 2-party system.

Here is an excellent video by CGPGrey explaining why this is a bad system: [Link]

A much, much better system is called "The Alternative Vote", in which voters rank their candidates based on preference. First-place votes are then tallied up for each candidate, and the last-place loser is eliminated... but here is where it gets fun:

The last-place loser's votes are then all switched to whoever their 2nd choice was, and then the process is repeated, until someone has a majority.

A more illustrative video explanation here: [Link]

Both systems have their problems, and there are others that might be tried, but the Alternative vote does a much better job of maintaining diversity in the elections, though not completely

...what do you think?

What if a series of constitutional amendments were passed to use this system?

(Also see a different system for electing representatives.)

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I truly believe that the

I truly believe that the majority of American voters go to the polls having no clue about who or what they are voting for. The pop culture phenomena of "Survivor" and "American Idol" voting seems to rule the day. Who are my social media friends backing? Who does my favorite pundit on FOX, CNN, MSNBC, and talk radio support? They enter the voting both thinking, "I'll take their word for it. That's good enough for me".

Until the American voter is better educated politically, and perhaps needs to pass a test to qualify to vote, I don't think the current system or the alternative system has a chance.

BTW, the alternative system is an intriguing concept.


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