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Wisconsin Tavern Requires Photo Taken In Order For You To Enter. State I.D. No Longer Good Enough.

The City Lounge Located at 3455 East Layton Avenue in Cudahy Wiscsonsin not only requires your I.D. be scanned and photographed but your photo be taken by a Digital License Scanner. While in line last night to enter local tavern City Lounge I noticed the security gaurd with a hand held identification scanner. What alarmed me was that the hand held scanner had a CAMERA on the end of it. When i asked the security gaurd If they will be taking my picture he replied "Yes, In order to enter" and looked rather annoyed. So not only is your license saved on file and scanned into their system but now your photo is taken with it. I felt rather violated not for myself so much but for the half a dozen people infront of me who had no idea that their photo was being taken and kept on file. I understand the benifets to protect the local tavern from under age drinkers and discourage patrons from getting out of hand. I felt however as though taking my picture unknowingly and others is an Integrity issue. I am sure if they asked every patron if it was "O.K." to take their picture many would say no. They would then have to follow up with well it is required to enter. I am sure people would stop attending this Grill & Tavern and they would be forced to stop taking pictures. So it leaves me with a few questions. Does the information go into a major database? Who has access to this database? Do taverns share this information with government groups including law enforcement? If they are following your habbits at what point does it become illegally stalking? At what point is this a violation of privacy? Has anyone else witnessed these hand held scanners? If so please post! I posted the taverns number below for any media relations.

City Lounge
3455 East Layton Avenue Cudahy, WI 53110
(414) 747-8408

Stay Blessed
Kristan T. Harris For State Assembly District 20

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Agree with utilizing a free market...don't give them the biz.

Is this a private business and who would need this "insurance" identifiers?

Most companies today are/have installed videoing their employees, for insurance breaks, and several are given permissions to view anywhere internet connect.

Not in a position to give up the j.o.b. but, surely, can choose where to entertain and shop...at the moment.

Live free to be free.

RP 2012

States are trying to enlist bouncers

as quasi law enforcement officers to combat the evils of underage drinking. One local legislator wanted to allow bouncers to detain underage patrons. Its essentially another tax on operating a bar.

The real question is why we have underage drinking laws in the first place. 18 year olds can kill their fellow man for our freedom, but not drink a beer ?

Just don't play the game and

Just don't play the game and go somewhere else.

Where's Ed Thompson when you need him?

R.I.P. Ed, you are missed.

Soon they will want biometric scans....

and chip implants to prove your identity.

When will people say enough is enough.


"Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you." -- Patrick Dixon

Don't give them your

Don't give them your patronage and convince your friends to do the same. In a free market society, some establishments may choose to do this. We will see how much their patrons value privacy. If they do, the bar will have to change its practices or close.

I would only be worried about

I would only be worried about this info being used to track where you were and when. I wouldnt care about anyone having the picture though. They already have that in a database when you get your liscense.

and I agree with below, photos of the ID cards themselves would make for easy theft.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

reminds me of

Service Merchandise and their policy of fingerprinting anyone who wrote them a check. This was back long before debit cards existed and long before banks started requiring a thumbprint for check cashing. No big surprise that they went bankrupt.

In the wrong hands those photos of ID cards would make for easy identity theft

I remember their catalog.

I remember their catalog. Been awhile I guess :)

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