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With 'freedom' in fashion, is libertarianism back?


LAS VEGAS (AP) — To begin: This is not a story about Ron Paul.

Not exactly, anyway. And yet to get where we want to go we will start at OPA!, a Greek restaurant on the edge of town where Clark County Republicans and tea party conservatives gathered on Nevada primary night for what looked undeniably like a Ron Paul rally.

In one corner was Cindy Lake, the acting chair of the Clark County Republican Party and a delegate to this summer's Republican National Convention. A self-described "libertarian Republican constitutional conservative," Lake became a Paul convert in 2007 after she heard him advocate for something she passionately supports: the freedom to buy raw milk.

Nearby stood Megan Heryet, celebrating her GOP primary victory in a state Assembly race. Heryet, a real estate agent, substitute teacher and mom, is hardly a Paul fanatic. But she did back him in Nevada's caucuses earlier this year, primarily because she is a big proponent of being free to make decisions such as choosing to give birth to her second child at home instead of a hospital. "It's about being left alone," she said.

And there were the Bunce brothers, Richard and Carl, who marshaled a four-year "Paulist" takeover of the Nevada Republican Party. The tax system is their biggest irritation. "This is the land of the free," said Carl. "How free are we when we've got a government that can choose how much money we keep in our paycheck?"

But we promised this wouldn't be about Ron Paul and, in fact, it really isn't. Rather it's about unpasteurized milk and home births and taxes and, yes, freedom.


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Many rp supporters hate libertarianism and want to stomp it out.

very sad, but everyone knows paul has never said for decades that he is a libertarian. he has consistently said he is a republican like bush and romney, and that he would never leave the party with corrupt rules and corrupt ways. and of course, he has never spoken out about its corrupt elections and won't be allowed debate coaches to delivery any messages.

most rp supporters bash lib party just as media/estab does and are toe to toe with establishment and not allowing other voices and influecne, just like they did all of romney's cons rivals.

libertarianism and paul-liberty movement should be separated and they are not one and the same by any means.


That would be me

I want to stomp libertarianism OUT of third party and make it go main stream in the GOP.

you want libertarians co-opted just like paul's corrupt

staff that collections donations to make ads that help romney.

granger - you are a vicious individual that helps the us gov't stomp out all dissent against obamney. you want those for anti-tyranny to merge into establishment.

you are an enemy of ron paul. and you must be thrilled that paul's establishment staff from gop and dnc and those for obamney are running paul and his life and campaign and destructive friendship with romney.

in short, you are a nutcase that wants to destroy yourself and your country, in name of serving your evil masters. few people enjoy being sold into slavery, but you thrive in that servitude.


I don't agree

But I do think that YOU absolutly deserve the government you've got.
I don't, but YOU do.

I wouldn't say Libertarianism in "back" per se...

I would say it is a rising notion. I've been reading more and more from my ultra-liberal friends that they are taking greater umbrage against Libertarians than they do Republicans. They are seeing Libertarianism as a greater threat to the "Democrat Way" than anything the model Republican can put up. This further suggests that Republicans and Democrats are closer to one another ideologically than the Libertarian notions.

"I've been reading more and

"I've been reading more and more from my ultra-liberal friends that they are taking greater umbrage against Libertarians than they do Republicans."

Good point! I've noticed this too. Some liberal statist authoritarians are worried about libertarians just like statist authoritarians on the right are. The only future political dichotomy will be authoritarians vs libertarians not liberal vs conservative.

I completely agree with your

I completely agree with your assessment. I was reading a "review" of the documentary called "Thrive" on the Huffpost and the critic was virtually frothing at the mouth regarding his hate of libertarianism. The liberty movement is a direct threat to the status quo which is the welfare/warfare party of DNC/GOP.

The more people realize that the statist are represented by the democrats and republicans the less power they have.

"When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty."

I was checking the Huffingtion post...

and there was an article titled "Ohio voters unhappy with Obama and Romney" It talked about what we know already mostly. I didn't bother reading it just skimmed.

Don't Bother Reading this!

It's skewed (as Associated Pess & Yahoo can do well) but subtly and it's mind-polluting. Do something else worthy.

Unless you WANT to "look past Ron Paul..."

Ed in Phoenix

Rights are like muscles; you must exercise them to keep them fit, or they will atrophy and die.

reedr3v's picture

This article is for the general public, not for us.

As a mainstream media article for the uninformed public, this is a wonderful, positive article. True we at the DP can ignore it; it tells nothing new to the informed. But it can be very useful for newbies. Public sentiment is important and all too few MSM articles cast Liberty in a positive light.