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Does Anyone Really Think Voting For Mitt Romney Will Bring 'Real Change' To The USA?

Does Anyone Really Think Voting For Mitt Romney Will Bring 'Real Change' To The USA?

By Dark Politricks

If you hate Obama – I agree with you.

He is a warmonger, a liar, a tool of the globalists and banksters he continued to bailout after following in Bush‘s footsteps.

He has brought in laws that destroy American citizens liberty like the NDAA, indefinite detention of US citizens without due process as well as normalising the killing of US citizens by Presidential decree.

He has expanded the war on terror and the war on main street all whilst looking after his buddies in Wall Street.

However if you are a Republican voter, a GOP supporting Mitt Romney lover then I have to ask – what do you think is going to change if he gets elected?

Are jobs suddenly going to come rushing back to the US shores?


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The Ole' Revolving Door Trick..

The good ole' IN and OUT...

Yea pretty much all of

Yea pretty much all of foxnews viewership. Republicans have become just like Charlie Brown. Every time Lucy says she won't pull the football back but will hold it so he can kick it he's always stupid enough to believe her.

Foxnew: "Come on republican voters, Come kick the football. Lucy republican candidate won't pull it back like she has the last ten thousand times. This time it'll be different. Look how evil the liberals are, we are your only hope."

And so Charlie Brown Republican goes off to try and kick the football one more time. You know, because this time it will be different.

Romney is the worst possible choice.

Romney would bring back the entire (discredited) Bush-Cheney Foreign Policy (War Crimes) Team.

Romney has made many public statements in praise of Dick Cheney (the only Vice President to poll at 17%).

Romney will start War on Iran almost immediately once he takes office.

Romney is the worst choice possible, unless you want to relive 2001 - 2007 all over again.

And finally, Jeb Bush, and George H. W. Bush have publically endorsed Mitt Romney right from the outset. That tells you everything you need to know.....

No change with the GOP's mandated candidated. People's will?

The "pendulum riders" that live by being led, victimized, and complaining; that haven't met the awakened giant or felt the heat burning brush fires of liberty... yet, will. The vote for a party, not; Constitutional Law, will. People that prefer blame placing, pointing to the "other-side," and require validation (vote takes down a lesser evil), will.

Personally hoping the convention is, for and by the People's laws. I will to hear President Paul's lead thereafter. No party backing has been proven with past '08 campaign, and this marathon finish ribbon hasn't been crossed. The race is on!
...George Jones...to the robo voters.

Ron Paul '12 The Champion of the Constitution!

I would say that

most of the folks that watch the FAUX Jews Network believe it. We just gotta beat Obama....Go Red Team...woo-hoo...score!

Nothing of any significance

Nothing of any significance will change if Romney is elected.

We'll still have all the old wars, plus very likely a new war on Iran.

We will still have the NDAA and the Patriot Act.

We will still have the TSA ogling your naked body and groping your private parts.

We will still have deficits well in excess of one trillion dollars a year.

We will still have Obamacare (don't kid yourself into thinking Romney will end it).

We will still get appointments of judges who have no intention of following the Constitution.

We will still have a Fed that bails out Europe.

We will have replaced a "community organizer" who never created a job in his life with a man who made a fortune by destroying the jobs of hundreds of middle class Americans.

If the New Age woo woos are right, then according to the Mayan calendar the world will end this December. That's just as well.


Yes, because he has Ron Paul Republicans who will do to him as Hillarys Democrats did to Obama.