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Make sure Nebraska has a fair convention-Join me in calling the Nebraska Republican Party to voice your concern!

Nebraska's Republican Party's Executive Director Jordan McGrain plans to run the Nebraska Republican Party Convention with an iron fist. Please join me in calling Jordan to tell him we will NOT tolerate you stealing a convention from Ron Paul delegates!

Jordan can be reached at 402-475-2122.

The iron fist comment was based on the article about the convention below.


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Nebraska Delegates

needs to contact Richard Gilbert and request that he send the Nebraska GOP a cease and decist letter. Join the Lawyers for Ron Paul lawsuit against the RNC/GOP for the Federal Election Fraud they are committing. It's for the Delegates and the American Citizens that are being frauded out of a fair and just election process in this country. Without our voice in the election, our vote is null and void.

Call these bastards and let

Call these bastards and let them know they are messing with Liberty!

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They don't care about being nice, so calling them is a

giant waste of time. Time would be used much more effectively at efforts to disallow any electronic balloting, which I believe is being planned. You might as well not go if they're going to pull that, so Nebraska's RP leadership better get on the stick and make good and sure that this will not occur and only paper balloting with RP oversight happens. Calling them to be nice is again a total waste of time. Why?

Because they're not nice and you cannot persuade them to be decent.


Can't they ask for a hand re-count paper ballot if

the electronic ones come out fishy?

I would never, ever even accept an electronic ballot

How are you really going to know if they accurate or not? I don't think anybody can.


Take action!!

Did we stop taking so much action. Why have not more people joined the grassroots lawyers? I pray more do at http://electionfraudremedy.com/
I was treated like pond scum at my county convention. I will not take it lying down.