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Why I will vote for Romney if Ron Paul does not get the RNC Nomination (I pray he does)

This article was reconstructed from a comment I made on another thread, and with encouragement from a friend, I have made it into a DP top post.

Many folks here say they will write-in Ron Paul, vote for GJ, or not vote at all in the upcomming General Election. I am one of those rare people here, who will admit to you, that I will vote for Mitt Romney rather than write-in RP, vote for GJ, or not vote. My heart goes out to all of you who are considering these other options, for I felt the exactly same way, about all the candidates I've ever seen on the (R) or (D) ballot the past 33 years. Please allow me to have you understand why I will vote for Mitt Romney if Ron Paul does not win the RNC nomination. I KNOW all about "Evil" Obama clone Romney, and to me, it's not about him, it's about us, the Ron Paul rEVOLution.

I only joined the GOP a little over a year ago. It was VERY HARD VERY VERY HARD. NEVER did I think that I, a LP member for 16 years, and a Decline To State Voter (now called No Party Preferance/ NPP)for 17 years, who worked with Ralph Nader on ballot access and open debates, and worked for the County of Los Angeles Registrar's office as an inspector, to make sure my prescint was accountable. I NEVER thought I'd be a Republican.

I have never voted for a Democrat or Republican. Not even in 08, I gave Ralph Nader a 4TH vote when Ron Paul dropped out.

In 07/08 I pleaded for RP to go Indy or Third Party. I KNEW I could help him with ballot access and debates, since I had three elections and several states' experience, having worked with Ralph Nader for ballot access and open debates. Nader, to this day, has more law suits against the U.S. government than anyone I know, and I met allot of people working for him, and many were LP members, like Justin Raimondo.

So when RP got into the 2012 election, I KNEW he was not going to go Indy or Third Party. I really didn't want to be a Republican. I feel like I can't ephasize that enough. I felt SICK about it.

When I joined the GOP, I got wind that my next step was to get a seat on a central committee. Central Committee? I NEVER heard such a thing. A Republican Central Committee??? Sure enough, we had one, representing ALL 5 county districts.

I was afraid to go. Seriously. I don't recall what my fears were, except all the things I had read in MSM. I imagined the worse, facing the most evil people in the world. How could I become part of that?

So, I found out where the meeting was, and I sucked up my FEAR and LOATHING, and went. I found two people, I knew both of them. I did not know they were Republican. The one who was Chair, I thought was a huge Liberal from his work. Instead of 21 people that were supposed to be there, there were only two. I introduced myself as a Ron Paul Republican and they almost puked their lo Mein.

I continued to go to the meetings, as I wanted to see who were members, to get the by-laws, and understanding. The first meeting had a Board of Supervisor come to vet a Library Tax.

I came to find out most seats were empty, but my district was full so I could not get a seat. I had to campaign for my seat, and they didn't help me at all. I won. I showed up to every meeting, and I held them accountable. When folks missed three consecutive meetings, I motioned they be removed and I replace them. At one point, the Chair threatened to resign. I accepted, but I had no vote.

It became FUN presuring them, being their gadfly, stopping them from doing whatever the hell they wanted. I kept hoping some other Ron Paul Republicans would show up. I knew, if they would show up, we would RULE my county. They didn't show.

As I continued to go to meetings, I learned that as members, we vet delegates, issues, candidates and are THE REPUBLICAN ESTABLISHMENT. They began to admire my kindness, genuine interest, RP perspective and fortitude. I was not a quitter, and could be depended on, allbeit, I was a Ron Paul "wacko".

I have learned more about politics in this past year, than all the petitions, protests, rally's, campaigns, and work for the registrar's office, combined.

NOW I know why we get stuck with the same two bad choices and "spoilers" every election. I know that, no one wants Romney as the man for president, but we need his office to empower our GOP committees. Ron Paul Republicans who are seated, hold offices, and are candidates, need a Republican president, beit Ron Paul (YES!) or Romney (sigh). Ron Paul is our absolute best choice, but Romney, is better than Obama for us, since no one in my committee wanted Romney, if Romney wins, we are all equals. Obama wins, and we are bottom feeders.

TPTB want Obama to remain in office, which you gotta know, writting in RP, voting for GJ, or not voting, will do exactly that, and why TPTB pressured Central Committees to vet Romney, knowing GOP won't go there. This makes it especially hard for Ron Paul Republicans, as we have everything to lose being freshmen.

Now, on the Democratic Central Committees, we have Hillary members, and THEY are who is making Obama into a liar, as they promote Hillary's agenda, not Obama's. If Romney wins, Ron Paul Republicans can do this to Romney, and that's why if Ron Paul does not get the nomination, a vote for Romney still helps Ron Paul Republicans.

I used to vote MY conscious, MY beliefs, MY agenda. My vote was all about ME and MY ego. Now, that is no longer the case. My vote for Romney, being Ron Paul does not win the nomination, will be for Ron Paul Republicans who are seated, campaigning, and holding offices to empower THEM so they can do to Romney, what Hillary's committees, and offices holders, do to Obama.

I hope you can see now, it's not a matter of accepting evil, but a different way to fight it, from the inside, which writing in a name doesn't work, as it may feel good, but it's actually putting Obama back in office and helping TPTB, just like voting for GJ, or not voting, and this is no accident, it's by design. That is how evil operates.

You got to meet it to beat it.

Romney wins, and Ron paul Republicans retain the spot light. This is why Rand Paul endorsed Romney, because he understands, to Ron Paul, it's not about Ron Paul, it's about us and our future, and a Republican as president empowers US, not Romney.

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The Revolution

Is happening everywhere. The GOP is a small (and getting smaller) part of it. In California, the revolution is happening in Anahaim- you would have to look pretty hard to find a Republican in Anaheim.

I'm in CA

And I agree with some of what you said, and that's why these committee seats are important.. why would anyone want so much power backed by MSM in so few hands? The GOP is not getting smaller.. Ron Paul's campaign incresed GOP membership giving the GOP more committee seats (MORE Power).. and Palin's people are rushing in to take those seats from us.. we earned them, she didn't.

BTW, Your committee meeting is tonight 7PM Hyatt Regency.. why not go to see for yourself what they are, what they do,, see if there are any Ron Paul Republicans? http://ocgopaction.ning.com/events

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It never even occurred to me...

But you are very purple, joined before me, etc... But I only started noticing your posts around this election cycle... Did you used to go by a different nick?

Just curious, no real reason I am asking one way or another...

The Philosophy Of Liberty -


Never been anything but The Granger. It must be all the downvotes that got your attention ;))

If Rom did win he would just increase the neocons/RINOs

Which is the same thing or worse than the Democrats.

If Romney loses (which he seem to be trying to like McCain) it's a loss for the Neocons and the establishment, not for Paul.

'Paul' only loses if you leave the GoP and hand power back.

'Paul' the plan, not the man.

Fight the Ron Paul blackout on the Daily Paul (now 'P AU L'), put his removed poster back as your avatar:

The RINOs are leaving

There is no new neocon young blood coming up in the GOP to replace them. We are the future!
And yes, it does seem Romney is running to lose.. perhaps another reason I will vote Romney.

Some of the low levels

But the high levels keep getting appointed over us. That's the real problem.

The high levels need to be removed--the low levels are mainly just fearful Fox watchers and can be bandwagoned.

Fight the Ron Paul blackout on the Daily Paul (now 'P AU L'), put his removed poster back as your avatar:


It seems to me, that Ron Paul has an excellent plan for us, because there are no new Neocons taking seats.. the Neocons were not built to last, that's why there are so many empty seats in the GOP, and why they lie, cheat and steal,, they are desperate.. but they are already outnumbered, and while I would LOVE for the committees to be 100% Ron Paul Republicans, I don't mind the Tea Party, Palin's Earthquake taking those seats as they are constitutionally interested Republicans.. so together we will be undoing the Neocons, and making the differnce people can see between the two parties.

The problem we have are these power house groups, in my area it's called Bay Area Council.. the fat cat club, all the CEOs of corporations who Californians are stuck with, Energy, Food, past political leaders of both parties who are forcing their agenda (UN Agenda) onto BOTH parties.. and they own MSM.. so they are used to getting what they want.. that is what is going to be hard to fight, but we can, as that it doesn't take 100% Ron Paul on committees, but it does take an aware and willing Republic, which I believe we are getting as more folks wake up and want change.

I sit here shaking my head

I sit here shaking my head wondering what you are thinking about. Stupidity if you ask me.

We'll see

none too soon.

What a sell out!

I vote libertarian, doesn't matter which party they are affiliated with.

I would have voted Ron Paul but now i'll vote Gary Johnson because I want my vote to be counted and I want to see how much libertarian support is out there. I want my voice heard. It's a matter of principle. Do not sell out to these Neo-cons sheople!


Rand Paul sold himself to the devil. He was supporting his dad until his Romney endorsement. I don't even know what it will be like at Thanksgiving dinner, i'm sure there will be lots of tension. He betrayed not only his own principles and his supporters but his own dad!

You saw how the Romney people treated Ron Paul supporters in the caucuses, primaries, and the RNC and cheated their way with the delegates. Republicans in general alienated and mistreated Ron Paul supporters so there is no way that you can convince us to vote for your man.

Granger, I love ya

I do see a value in your work and of all those who are infiltrating the GOP who will be in a PERFECT position to rebuild it when, and if, the current party power brokers are run out of town on a rail.

I wonder, however, if won't happen faster if the regular Republicans (the normal people out there) have finally had enough and rebel against constantly getting suckered into the elite's choice for candidate (think Dole, McCain, Romney). I think we are very close to that point right now as the regular people out there are rather discouraged with Romney's inability to articulate a plan.

So I am inclined to think that if Romney LOSES, YOU will be MORE perfectly positioned than if Romney wins, to take over the party when the elites disappear for fear of being tarred and feathered.

If Romney WINS, then the regular people out there will think the current power structure in the GOP did a DANDY job, and will not insist upon their resignations.

No matter what happens (And, quite frankly I don't think any of us has a say in the matter, since the machines are rigged for the desired result)..... I think America is going down, and we who understand true liberty will be the leaders for the rebuilding.

I salute you for your difficult journey and for all of your hard work. I just don't think you need to WORRY that all is lost if others chose a different route. Just like in the war for Independence, if we come at them from ALL directions - inside the party... outside the party... and out of the trees, it is better than marching in one straight line.

So thank you again for your dedication and VIVA LA REVOLUCION.

Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!


Thank you.

I don't disagree with what you've said, and appreciate your kind words.

What I worry about is that people believe MSM, and think the GOP is a full party. It's a very empty shell and why they had to lie, steal and cheat with the help of MSM to do what they have done.

Two people is not a quorum.. they had no choice but to lie and cheat.. and they are desperate because, like many of us, they fear a NWO and they saw Ron Paul as part of the NWO.. now they don't. What they saw at the convention has many of those in power very concerned, "If they can do that to Maine, Virginia, and Iowa, they can do it to us, and we don't want that!" So unity is forming and it's all based on Ron Paul's message: Restore America to constitutional government.

Thank you for all your posts and dedication to educating us on DP!

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I upvoted you, Granger...

for once, you're in the plus! :) (at least for the moment)

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OMG, someone

downvoted you! LOL! Sweeter than wine...

Oh my, my, my

The Granger, I have been weary and skeptical of you and your posts since I began reading the Daily Paul. Your defense and attempted justification of feemasonry has always bothered me dearly. You have always been a Romney pusher here, though subtle and hidden at first, its now full blown and your true colors show. Why do you come here and try to convince Ron paul supporters to vote Romney? Its not gonna happen. Does the fact Goldman Sachs fund both Romney and Obama not set a red flag blatantly before your eyes? You really think the powers that be prefer Obama? They care less, either way its their puppet in power. If anything they prefer Romney gets the presidency so Ron Paul republicans will have to wait another 8-12 years before getting another shot at this. You think we will stay growing and organized for that long? We need 2016 as our next window of oppurtunity. How can you vote the "lesser of two evils" when both options are equally satanic figureheads? Where is your mind Granger? How do you go from only voting third party to suddenly being an establishment insider who acts like a Ron Paul supporter on the surface? I want you to know I am a city committe member in my state. I am a precinct captain:) and I am propsing the exact opposite of what you state, I urge everyone to vote Gary Johnson or write in Ronald Ernest Paul if your state counts write ins. I will be voting for Johnson in my state. In fact I just had committe meeting this week, where I wore a Ron Paul for president 2012 shirt, much to the dismay and disgust of the greasy haired and balding fat men in the room, but much to the delight of our fellow Ron Paul republicans who complimented on my shirt;) There is no justification for abandoning principles now, none. I will never bow to the establishment and support or vote for the chosen puppets. No matter what is thrown at me, no bribes, whether favors or monetary will sway my conscience. I am doing this for the Lord, our God. The devil has placed advesaries before me but faith will not let them triumph over me. I am here to stay in this party, no matter how corrupt or vile some of these men or women may be, someone has to shine the light on the darkness. The constitution and liberty will be defended and fought for and I urge all to get on committe and get involved. Never back down on pricnciple, do not do the foolish thing and fall for the likes of The Granger types. We seek peace and prosperity for this country and the world. Never give up the good fight, the luciferian NWO is at hand and we must stop this atrocity now. I pray for all of you, may God give us wisdom and the will to carry on in these dark times. Gods law is the law of liberty, the perfect law. May we prevail, in Jesus' name. Amen.

Yes, I think the PTB want Obama

And that is why they forced Romney on us. My GOP has more open seats than seats taken, though that is changing as Palin's peeps are taking OUR seats to empower her for 2016.

When I was precinct inspector, I worked for the registrar's office. The central committee is under the board of supervisors. We sign layalty oaths, which state you will only support the GOP nominee. so why wear a Ron Paul shirt? All your shirt would mean to me is you have more loyaty to Ron paul than yourself to reak your own oath.

I think we have right now as a window of opportunity as the people in the GOP are NOT happy what happened at the RNC to Ron Paul. If they RNC can do that to Ron paul delegtes, then what stops them from doing that to any delegate in the GOP? They are asking questions. They are upset and this is good for us.

Our principles are to restore America to constitutional government, and right now, that is what is unifying My GOP. That's Ron Paul's message, so for us it's working. I'm sorry it is not workling for you and your committee.

I'm the establishment in my county by being an elected committee member.

Romans 13:1 Paul warned us that to resist authority is to rebel against God. Romans ... Jesus paid his taxes to exemplify respect and honor to the government

I love your choice in numbers , 13 and 33, sigh

Palins peeps? Palins earthquakes? Really. Most people I know think Palin is ridiculous. She may in fact be a fictional persona, acted out by Tina Fey. Of course you cite Romans. That clever part thrown in by the empire, by the cesar. Where have I resisted authority? I'm speaking of voting you conscience here. At what point do laws become immoral? When the law lets murder go unpunished and justice is undermined by people taking secret oaths in windowless buildings, you fight peacefully by engaging the electoral process and restoring the constitution. Jesus gave Caesar what was his, a coin with his face on it. It was not respect and honor to the pharisees, to the money lenders, whose tables he flipped on the temple courtyard. He knew they wished to jail him so he answered gracefully and confused the pharisees with his answer. Our money is not our governments, it is the federal reserves. Taxes pay under 30% of the budget. Fed prints the rest and government borrows until oblivion. Why should we be helping fund illegal, unconstitutional wars that kill millions of innocents and permanently scar our soldiers and veterans? Granger your true identity is exposed here now, you are a neocon attempting to mislead this movement. A wolf in sheep's clothing if you will. My committee is still slightly outnumbered, a few more neocons than libertarians, lowercase l. A few more years and real people will own the party here, so I dont know what you mean about my committee. Your oath to party and oath to your secret club supercede your oath to the constitution, and Gods law. You may want to prioritize and use spellcheck.

I have dyslexia

Spell check doesn't work for dyslexia.. however, I have signed up for two operations that will cost me, as insurance won't cover them over $10K. I sure hope they help. Besides apologizing for my disability and how if offends you, getting those operations is the best I can do.. I'm not going to stop writing because of a disabilty.

I really don't care what most peole think. Most people don't think, they mock what they've heard as a sound bite. I don't care if you don't like Palin. Ron Paul earned the committee seats, the bigotry of the grassroots refusing to join the GOP, and the spitfullness of GOP who are leaving becuase "I don't like what they did, kind of crybaby stuff) Is how Palin comes in and takes OUR seats.. so in 2016 you'll be looking at Palin, which ciould have been stopped now, but hey... you've got greivences, gruddges, issues... so you ;lose,, not Palin.

I just returned from my Church, THAT I ADORE, I go to mass more than once a week because I ADORE MY CHURCH, I work our soup kitchen,, so if Jesus Christ has an issue with me, I'll listen to my Parrish, my pastor, my congregation, my God and leave you in God's trust.

I'm voting for John Gotti.

You can say what you want, but at least he isn't Paulie Castelllano.

Support the Constitution of the United States

Who is John Gotto

Who is John Gotti


organized crime figure

Good Luck Voting for John Gotti

...aka "The Teflon Don"....He's dead!

"Junior" Gotti has danced with the feds so often that they all have memberships with Arthur Murray Studios...(for you oldtimers).

BTW: What's the diff between Gotti and Chris Christie?

(Christie hasn't gotten pinched yet)....he will though.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

I just tried to downvote...

but I guess I did already

Romney will loose Period end

Romney will loose Period end of discussion. This is the fate of the republican party, they made there bed and now they can lay in it. Karma is a bitch but its not too late to change and see the light. What party wouldnt want independent or democrat voters to come to there side? I take it is the republican side that doesnt want them. Wrong choice for the party and America.

Gave you a thumbs up for nerve

It takes serious courage and conviction to post something like this here about all of the manure the Ron Paul delegates have been through ^_^ ... or maybe not, since the worst you'd get is a bunch of down-votes and bad names that you don't even have to read. But hey ...

I had also noticed how TPTB have turned against Romney, and Ron Paul still speaks well of him, and I trust Dr. Paul. I don't know how I'll vote come November. I'm focusing on the here and now, and taking it one day at a time.

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine