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Why I will vote for Romney if Ron Paul does not get the RNC Nomination (I pray he does)

This article was reconstructed from a comment I made on another thread, and with encouragement from a friend, I have made it into a DP top post.

Many folks here say they will write-in Ron Paul, vote for GJ, or not vote at all in the upcomming General Election. I am one of those rare people here, who will admit to you, that I will vote for Mitt Romney rather than write-in RP, vote for GJ, or not vote. My heart goes out to all of you who are considering these other options, for I felt the exactly same way, about all the candidates I've ever seen on the (R) or (D) ballot the past 33 years. Please allow me to have you understand why I will vote for Mitt Romney if Ron Paul does not win the RNC nomination. I KNOW all about "Evil" Obama clone Romney, and to me, it's not about him, it's about us, the Ron Paul rEVOLution.

I only joined the GOP a little over a year ago. It was VERY HARD VERY VERY HARD. NEVER did I think that I, a LP member for 16 years, and a Decline To State Voter (now called No Party Preferance/ NPP)for 17 years, who worked with Ralph Nader on ballot access and open debates, and worked for the County of Los Angeles Registrar's office as an inspector, to make sure my prescint was accountable. I NEVER thought I'd be a Republican.

I have never voted for a Democrat or Republican. Not even in 08, I gave Ralph Nader a 4TH vote when Ron Paul dropped out.

In 07/08 I pleaded for RP to go Indy or Third Party. I KNEW I could help him with ballot access and debates, since I had three elections and several states' experience, having worked with Ralph Nader for ballot access and open debates. Nader, to this day, has more law suits against the U.S. government than anyone I know, and I met allot of people working for him, and many were LP members, like Justin Raimondo.

So when RP got into the 2012 election, I KNEW he was not going to go Indy or Third Party. I really didn't want to be a Republican. I feel like I can't ephasize that enough. I felt SICK about it.

When I joined the GOP, I got wind that my next step was to get a seat on a central committee. Central Committee? I NEVER heard such a thing. A Republican Central Committee??? Sure enough, we had one, representing ALL 5 county districts.

I was afraid to go. Seriously. I don't recall what my fears were, except all the things I had read in MSM. I imagined the worse, facing the most evil people in the world. How could I become part of that?

So, I found out where the meeting was, and I sucked up my FEAR and LOATHING, and went. I found two people, I knew both of them. I did not know they were Republican. The one who was Chair, I thought was a huge Liberal from his work. Instead of 21 people that were supposed to be there, there were only two. I introduced myself as a Ron Paul Republican and they almost puked their lo Mein.

I continued to go to the meetings, as I wanted to see who were members, to get the by-laws, and understanding. The first meeting had a Board of Supervisor come to vet a Library Tax.

I came to find out most seats were empty, but my district was full so I could not get a seat. I had to campaign for my seat, and they didn't help me at all. I won. I showed up to every meeting, and I held them accountable. When folks missed three consecutive meetings, I motioned they be removed and I replace them. At one point, the Chair threatened to resign. I accepted, but I had no vote.

It became FUN presuring them, being their gadfly, stopping them from doing whatever the hell they wanted. I kept hoping some other Ron Paul Republicans would show up. I knew, if they would show up, we would RULE my county. They didn't show.

As I continued to go to meetings, I learned that as members, we vet delegates, issues, candidates and are THE REPUBLICAN ESTABLISHMENT. They began to admire my kindness, genuine interest, RP perspective and fortitude. I was not a quitter, and could be depended on, allbeit, I was a Ron Paul "wacko".

I have learned more about politics in this past year, than all the petitions, protests, rally's, campaigns, and work for the registrar's office, combined.

NOW I know why we get stuck with the same two bad choices and "spoilers" every election. I know that, no one wants Romney as the man for president, but we need his office to empower our GOP committees. Ron Paul Republicans who are seated, hold offices, and are candidates, need a Republican president, beit Ron Paul (YES!) or Romney (sigh). Ron Paul is our absolute best choice, but Romney, is better than Obama for us, since no one in my committee wanted Romney, if Romney wins, we are all equals. Obama wins, and we are bottom feeders.

TPTB want Obama to remain in office, which you gotta know, writting in RP, voting for GJ, or not voting, will do exactly that, and why TPTB pressured Central Committees to vet Romney, knowing GOP won't go there. This makes it especially hard for Ron Paul Republicans, as we have everything to lose being freshmen.

Now, on the Democratic Central Committees, we have Hillary members, and THEY are who is making Obama into a liar, as they promote Hillary's agenda, not Obama's. If Romney wins, Ron Paul Republicans can do this to Romney, and that's why if Ron Paul does not get the nomination, a vote for Romney still helps Ron Paul Republicans.

I used to vote MY conscious, MY beliefs, MY agenda. My vote was all about ME and MY ego. Now, that is no longer the case. My vote for Romney, being Ron Paul does not win the nomination, will be for Ron Paul Republicans who are seated, campaigning, and holding offices to empower THEM so they can do to Romney, what Hillary's committees, and offices holders, do to Obama.

I hope you can see now, it's not a matter of accepting evil, but a different way to fight it, from the inside, which writing in a name doesn't work, as it may feel good, but it's actually putting Obama back in office and helping TPTB, just like voting for GJ, or not voting, and this is no accident, it's by design. That is how evil operates.

You got to meet it to beat it.

Romney wins, and Ron paul Republicans retain the spot light. This is why Rand Paul endorsed Romney, because he understands, to Ron Paul, it's not about Ron Paul, it's about us and our future, and a Republican as president empowers US, not Romney.

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Although it makes me sick to my stomach,

it will take WAY more than 4 years for these Neocons to die off!

Had to make that point...

I still haven't decided, but Granger makes better points than all of my Neo friends! The problem is going to remain the MSM. Until we can turn more heads away from CNN, MSNBC & FOX, we will not get ahead without simply replacing the seats with Liberty folks!

Granger...good timing, as I have been thinking about blowing off my positions within the R party in my County. But you, at least, have me re-thinking that! Thanks!

I'll continue to listen and decide!

"The only thing we die with is our own personal integrity!" LRH
Vail, CO
Freedom and Liberty for Eagle County, Colorado. www.flecc.org

In my central committee

There are 4 weak Neocons (who also want Obama, as they were Democrats and admitted they infiltraited the GOP to take it down, and why Ron Paul asked us to take it away from them)
There is a tea partier who is not a Neocon, me, and I believe one who I can get an appointment next meeting, and two more potentials, which we would out power the Neocons allready.

Remember, there are Ron Paul Republicans already seated, so anyone coming to a Central Comittee probably won't be the first, or hopefully, the last (although I think Obama will end the Duopoly and we will be going into the NWO under gloabl government).

I dont think so.

If Romney wins it just proves a Bush style Republican can still win a general election.

We need Obama and Romney to come in below 50%.
Like Ross Perot did to Bush and Clinton.
Even better, what Jesse Ventura did in Minnesota.

Keeping a failed platform in power is useless.

We are trapped in a duopoly

The election, IF RON PAUL DOES NOT GET THE NOMINATION, is between Obama and Romney. No one else will win. That is a fact.

Writting in Ron Paul is not going to make RP win.
Voting for GJ is not going to get GJ to win
Not voting isn't going to stop either Obama or Romney

So the CHOICE, the REAL choice is Obama or Romney. If you do not vote for Romney, your vote is for Obama by DEFAULT.

Meanwhile, here you have all these fine Ron Paul Republicans working hard to RESTORE AMERICA. That is who I'm supporting with my vote.

Obama isn't going to help them at all. Romney, empowers them because WE ARE REPUBLICANS, like Ron and Rand Paul.

I'm open to good arguments / debates on the issue. If you gave me a down mark, I thank you for having the integrity to tell me why.

Here's my why. If Ron Paul

Here's my why.

If Ron Paul doesn't pull off the hail Mary in Tampa then my vote for dictator will be for GJ.

My rational is that by doing so I send a message to both D and R powerbrokers that their candidate is unacceptable, that in order to get my vote they will have to put forth a more liberty oriented candidate. If others do this as well, and if our numbers are sizable, we will have sent a very powerful message to the establishment politicians, most of whom, I believe, are less about principle than power. We will be telling them that, in order to acquire (or maintain) power, they are going to have to come our way.

I don't buy your argument, Granger, that by not voting for the lesser of two evils you're voting for the greater one. I also think it's debatable which of the two is the lesser evil.

I respect your choice to push the agenda from within the GOP. I hope you respect mine, to send my message through the ballot box.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

Do you actually believe GJ has a chance to WIN?

Be honest. You really really really believe, think, KNOW, that GJ will win?

I don't.

As for sending us a message, this is how we translate it: YOU DON'T GET IT.

Of course I RESPECT where you are. I was there for 33 years. Ron Paul gave us the keys to the GOP and I want to drive the evil out. Since I'm not a Democrat I can't move to impeach Obama, but all of us Ron Paul republicans on Central Committees can move to impeach Romney.

No, I have no illusions that

No, I have no illusions that GJ will win. But, just for the sake of argument, let's say he gets 10%. Doesn't that actually increase your cache with your GOP insiders?

You will be able to say to them "look at this large block of disaffected voters. They want many of the things that many of you say you want, a more constitutional govt, lower taxes, less regulation. Shouldn't we make a play for them?"

Granger, I'm not one of those who bashes those of you doing the GOP insider thing. More power to you and good luck. I've even participated to a degree, attending our local GOP convention and helping elect a slate of RP delegates and central committee members. I personally am skeptical of this strategy, but I'm certainly not going to get on anybody for trying.

But as for voting for Willard, like a guy I respect puts it, "no way!" Support the weasel all you want to maintain your place at the table, but when you enter the voting booth I hope you think about the logic of my argument.


I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

I'm not "supporting Romney"

I'm supporting Ron Paul Republicans REPUBLICANS, because they need the support that only a REPUBLICAN can give them.

Why did the bankers back Romney? Because they KNOW people won't, and that empowers them to have Obama to finish what they've started, destroying America to take down the GOP, render it to third party, disempower RP GOP, and take us into a NWO/ Global government with a ONE PARTY rule, like Communist China.

There are 36 registered third parties, and their job is to split votes. No body looks at a third parties message, and that is why RP stayed in the REPUBLICAN PARTY even with Bush winning a second term.

Thank you for your kindness and genuine concern for our country. It is good to be able to agree to dissagree and still respect each other.

Couldn't it be the case that

Couldn't it be the case that the banksters support Romney because they see him as least likely to take away their gravy train? They certainly wouldn't support RP, that's obvious. Gingrich was starting to make some noise about the Fed, so they wouldn't be completely comfortable with him. Santorum has his obvious flaws, and Obombya was starting to hear it from the left and the OWS crowd, and he brought the banksters the hated (but ineffective) Dodd Frank headache.

That leaves bailout supporting, big government, fiat friendly Willard.

Obombya isn't all that much worse than Mittens, Granger. I understand. My GOP friends are apoplectic about winning. Rush and Hannity must be doing a good job. But the truth is, there just isn't much difference, and mittens could actually turn out to be worse.

It'd be so much better if we voted as a block for GJ - flexed our (underdeveloped but growing) political muscle. It would give us a reality check on our numbers, and might give us some strength if our numbers are noticeable.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

Bankers support and attempt to control both parties

They support Romney because the GOP will not turn out for him, he does not attract the collective voting blocks: Religous, including Mormon, Liberals (nothing there that Obama/Clinton don't affer with fewer guilt), women, troops, unions, labor... He's like a litmas test, and the biggest losers are those who followed the banker's arch enemy, Ron Paul, into the GOP.

GJ isn't going to win. He's got many of the same problems as Romney, and more, as he represents ideas, that some Ron Paul REPUBLICANS agree with, no war, pro-cannabis, but he's just not going to attract the religious (who are encouraged to turn out to vote, women, who are enouraged by their clubs to turn out to vote, or troops who know he can't win and mark them as pro-drugs).

We really should accept Ron Paul's offer to join the GOP and take these committee seats. THAT is where the power of the people is, as you gain control over ballot access, and debate. Took me 33 years of hard work for nothing, and actually following Ron Paul to get it.

I'm trying to encourage folks, and many just don't want to go there, as it appears to me, they are seeking a "rock star" to cheer, and simply to vote and forget about it.

I hope I am wrong about that.

Please go to your GOP central committee meeting and check it out, hold these folks, your neighbors, accountable. As a committee member, I'd LOVE it!!

I don't know, Granger.

I think the powers that be may want Romney to win. He is friendlier to the big bankers. Obama started pissing them off and the donations from them have dwindled. Either one of them winning scares me. I can't even see the lesser of two evils. They both seem like the antichrist to me.

I think Obama wants OUT

He now knows he's been had. The thing is ralph hornsby, there is nothing like the rEVOLution in the Democratic Party. Occupy isn't occupying the (D) central committees.

Ron Paul gave us the keys to the GOP. I have 14 empty seats on my committee. Romney wins and they'll be a fight for those seats. Thing is, I am seated, like Ron Paul Republicans everywhere, and they got to get past me/us. Also, two months ago a Ron Paul supporter showed up after the speach Ron Paul gave in Davis, that will make two of us, and I believe I've got two more guys in my county who kinda sorta maybe want to, but it's SO HARD to get past the idea that one is going to sit at the table with the Devil.

That's why I don't get upset with folks. I feel them. I understand. It's just, I was afraid for NOTHING. MSM lies, Ron Paul told the truth. He gave us the keys, LET's GO!!