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Why I will vote for Romney if Ron Paul does not get the RNC Nomination (I pray he does)

This article was reconstructed from a comment I made on another thread, and with encouragement from a friend, I have made it into a DP top post.

Many folks here say they will write-in Ron Paul, vote for GJ, or not vote at all in the upcomming General Election. I am one of those rare people here, who will admit to you, that I will vote for Mitt Romney rather than write-in RP, vote for GJ, or not vote. My heart goes out to all of you who are considering these other options, for I felt the exactly same way, about all the candidates I've ever seen on the (R) or (D) ballot the past 33 years. Please allow me to have you understand why I will vote for Mitt Romney if Ron Paul does not win the RNC nomination. I KNOW all about "Evil" Obama clone Romney, and to me, it's not about him, it's about us, the Ron Paul rEVOLution.

I only joined the GOP a little over a year ago. It was VERY HARD VERY VERY HARD. NEVER did I think that I, a LP member for 16 years, and a Decline To State Voter (now called No Party Preferance/ NPP)for 17 years, who worked with Ralph Nader on ballot access and open debates, and worked for the County of Los Angeles Registrar's office as an inspector, to make sure my prescint was accountable. I NEVER thought I'd be a Republican.

I have never voted for a Democrat or Republican. Not even in 08, I gave Ralph Nader a 4TH vote when Ron Paul dropped out.

In 07/08 I pleaded for RP to go Indy or Third Party. I KNEW I could help him with ballot access and debates, since I had three elections and several states' experience, having worked with Ralph Nader for ballot access and open debates. Nader, to this day, has more law suits against the U.S. government than anyone I know, and I met allot of people working for him, and many were LP members, like Justin Raimondo.

So when RP got into the 2012 election, I KNEW he was not going to go Indy or Third Party. I really didn't want to be a Republican. I feel like I can't ephasize that enough. I felt SICK about it.

When I joined the GOP, I got wind that my next step was to get a seat on a central committee. Central Committee? I NEVER heard such a thing. A Republican Central Committee??? Sure enough, we had one, representing ALL 5 county districts.

I was afraid to go. Seriously. I don't recall what my fears were, except all the things I had read in MSM. I imagined the worse, facing the most evil people in the world. How could I become part of that?

So, I found out where the meeting was, and I sucked up my FEAR and LOATHING, and went. I found two people, I knew both of them. I did not know they were Republican. The one who was Chair, I thought was a huge Liberal from his work. Instead of 21 people that were supposed to be there, there were only two. I introduced myself as a Ron Paul Republican and they almost puked their lo Mein.

I continued to go to the meetings, as I wanted to see who were members, to get the by-laws, and understanding. The first meeting had a Board of Supervisor come to vet a Library Tax.

I came to find out most seats were empty, but my district was full so I could not get a seat. I had to campaign for my seat, and they didn't help me at all. I won. I showed up to every meeting, and I held them accountable. When folks missed three consecutive meetings, I motioned they be removed and I replace them. At one point, the Chair threatened to resign. I accepted, but I had no vote.

It became FUN presuring them, being their gadfly, stopping them from doing whatever the hell they wanted. I kept hoping some other Ron Paul Republicans would show up. I knew, if they would show up, we would RULE my county. They didn't show.

As I continued to go to meetings, I learned that as members, we vet delegates, issues, candidates and are THE REPUBLICAN ESTABLISHMENT. They began to admire my kindness, genuine interest, RP perspective and fortitude. I was not a quitter, and could be depended on, allbeit, I was a Ron Paul "wacko".

I have learned more about politics in this past year, than all the petitions, protests, rally's, campaigns, and work for the registrar's office, combined.

NOW I know why we get stuck with the same two bad choices and "spoilers" every election. I know that, no one wants Romney as the man for president, but we need his office to empower our GOP committees. Ron Paul Republicans who are seated, hold offices, and are candidates, need a Republican president, beit Ron Paul (YES!) or Romney (sigh). Ron Paul is our absolute best choice, but Romney, is better than Obama for us, since no one in my committee wanted Romney, if Romney wins, we are all equals. Obama wins, and we are bottom feeders.

TPTB want Obama to remain in office, which you gotta know, writting in RP, voting for GJ, or not voting, will do exactly that, and why TPTB pressured Central Committees to vet Romney, knowing GOP won't go there. This makes it especially hard for Ron Paul Republicans, as we have everything to lose being freshmen.

Now, on the Democratic Central Committees, we have Hillary members, and THEY are who is making Obama into a liar, as they promote Hillary's agenda, not Obama's. If Romney wins, Ron Paul Republicans can do this to Romney, and that's why if Ron Paul does not get the nomination, a vote for Romney still helps Ron Paul Republicans.

I used to vote MY conscious, MY beliefs, MY agenda. My vote was all about ME and MY ego. Now, that is no longer the case. My vote for Romney, being Ron Paul does not win the nomination, will be for Ron Paul Republicans who are seated, campaigning, and holding offices to empower THEM so they can do to Romney, what Hillary's committees, and offices holders, do to Obama.

I hope you can see now, it's not a matter of accepting evil, but a different way to fight it, from the inside, which writing in a name doesn't work, as it may feel good, but it's actually putting Obama back in office and helping TPTB, just like voting for GJ, or not voting, and this is no accident, it's by design. That is how evil operates.

You got to meet it to beat it.

Romney wins, and Ron paul Republicans retain the spot light. This is why Rand Paul endorsed Romney, because he understands, to Ron Paul, it's not about Ron Paul, it's about us and our future, and a Republican as president empowers US, not Romney.

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"Mitt Romney has already endorsed my bill"

Ron Paul said that Mitt Romney endorsed Audit the Fed on Bloomberg today, I may not have to hold my nose. http://youtu.be/Ol4G-vCM5vM


Its getting to the point to ignore this post

from now on!Only here to divide and take energy and useful time for the REAL movement!Here we come Tampa!!!!!!!!Ron Paul ONLY 2012!!!

Agreed, and this is exactly what this did at a time when we

needed to come together. She became a dlegate but did not show in Tampa. she calls voting form Romney not voting with ego, WOW. Edging God Out....don't think so.

What is the real movement?

defaulting for Obama?

I'm anti-war so I'm going to vote for a neo-con

because they'll start more wars and so I'll have more opportunities to vote against war.


That's not how it works

I can see what you are saying, and I would agree with you, had I not accepted my seat on a central committee, as we all should have tried, and then Ron Paul would have been nominated, becasue we would have the power, but instead, you will have your vote and your say, and I will have my vote and the opportunity to make anti-war an issue.

So while anti-war won't win with Romney or Obama, or GJ or Indy as they have no chance to win at all, my seat will afford opportunity to end war, where your vote will give us 4 more years of O.

Why I Will Vote For Lucifer Instead Of Satan

I have seen your post many times and THE HEADLINE ALONE IS SO IDIOTIC, I never read it (...and I usually read every post that catches my attention).

I don't have to read your post to know THIS IS A DESPERATE ATTEMPT FROM THE NAZI NEO-CONS to try - in vain - to get THE RON PAUL R[3]VOLUTION to cast at least ONE vote for Mitt Romney.



RON PAUL R[3]VOLUTION 2012 And Beyond.

Wisdom Strategies

You know what..

I don't know who you are but a lot of people here seem to be sticking up for you and this moronic post.

I will say this ..

When men first become associated with crime, they abhor it. After being associated with it for a while, they begin to tolerate it. After enough time of being associated with crime, they begin to embrace it and make it their cause.

You and Rand are on the above path.

Vote your conscience.

The slogan press on has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race. No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave.

- Calvin Coolidge

Well said, RicheyG.

Don't defend yourself on this point, Granger. It will only hurt you further. RicheyG is dead on accurate in what he wrote. We, your friends, know where your heart is and that you are working very hard to help in the way Dr. Paul told us to. But, keep in mind that even Dr. Paul, himself, will not be voting for Romney.

RicheyG, there are reasons a lot of people are "sticking up" for The Granger. She has been through hell and back, both politically and personally. She is pouring her whole heart and soul into the fight for Liberty. She is making inroads the best way she knows how. Tearing her down doesn't do a thing to help our cause. Thank you for not taking that route.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

Richey G reminded me of a chapter in my life

When my dad got transfered to Hawai'i, we relocated there.

I began intermediate school, 7TH grade. I don't know why, but my Mom always dressed me like I was going to a Catholic school. So of course, my first day at Aiea Intermediate was harsh. The kids all looked at me like, "Whoooa, talk about lost, who flew this coocoo into our nest?"

At lunchtime a girl marched up to me and said, "Hey Haole, I hear you been callin' me one whore, eh? B-----!"

This was the first girl to say anything to me, and I looked at her, like "Wha?" as the truth is, I didn't understand pidgeon language yet.

So I asked her to repeat the question, and she "Screamed it at me, ready to smack me."

So I said, "I don't know you. I'm new here. This is my first day at school."

By then, about six really tough looking girls came up and stood behind her. She says, "You ucking Houle piece of -hit, I'm going to beat your a$$ so hard, -itch!! You callin' my friends liars?"

They all looked at me like they were all going to beat me up on the spot.

So I said, "I don't know any of you. I never said anything to anyone. I don't know anyone, it's my first day at school. I don't want to fight."

So she said, "You lying -itch, now you are calling my frinds liars and we are going to beat your a$$ so you never come here again, -itch!. You bettah meet us in A batroom after school, or we'll catch your a$$ and beat you back to the mainland -itch!!"

So, they left, flipping me off, and I wondered, "Where's was A batroom?"

I found it. It was empty, and I looked around and put my books on the bookshelf under the mirror and then jumped up on the shelf and waited for them.

At first, two girls peeked inside and then I heard them run away. And then the girls piled in, must have been about 30 of them. They stood on the toilets, they crammed that bathroom so that when the girl who accused me of calling her one whore got there, didn't have much room to fight.

I tried to talk her, and all of them, out of beating me, but to no avail. They pulled me down off the bookshelf and they beat me, hit me with books, binders, stabbed at me with pencils, and were screaming at me calling me all kinds of names. They beat me from one end of the batroom to the other. My arms were limp. My hands were rubber. I couldn't get one punch back to defend myself. My body would not cooperate with my mind. I was bruised, bleeding, slapped, socked, punched and then as I was going down under the last sink, next to the trash can, the girl started kicking me and kicking me, and my brain clicked and said, "It's ok now if you kick her back".

So, I grabbed onto the rim of the sink as I was going down and I kicked her.

She fell. She groaned. She did not get up. The bathroom began emptying out. She couldn't talk. She began turning blue. The teachers began running in. Some ran out to call an ambulance, for her.

I had kicked her in her solar plexis, and since she had a weak heart, her heart failed. The teachers marched me up to the principles office, where there was a police man. The teachers accused me of starting the fight. My parents were called, only my Mother showed up, and she agreed that I should be suspended for three days. I was warned, put on a police list as a problem, and needed to be closely watched when I returned.

I was afraid to return. My parents wanted to believe me, but they also wanted to appease the establishment, so they grounded me for weeks.

When I did return, the nerds, runts, weirdos all introduced themselves to me as my new best friends, and then the girls who had beaten me, started calling me, "Killah!" That was my nickname in high school too.

I wound up being one of the most popular kids at school, and I hung out in the batrooms and talked these girls out of beating up every new haole that came to our school. Of course the toughest boy at school had a major crush on me, and that gave me even more moxy to protect those haole kids like me. For four years, our school didn't have one haole get the crap beat out of them. I was very active in school, ran track, on the swim team, surf team, and my one year book, has every page covered with signatures, hand made cartoons, love letters, and best wishes, and "You my friend", writtin dozens of times.

So, the moral to the story is, it doesn't matter if everybody beats you down. Be true to yourself, and listen to that inner voice, follow it with all your heart and soul. If you are wrong, cop up to it, and if you are right, help others who want help. In the end, you win.

I think those who upvote me know that about me, even if they didn't KNOW that, they are in tune, as their inner voice and mine are parrallel, united, and fearlessly seeking TRUTH and JUSTICE in a world that has other plans.

God Bless YOU Nonna and RichyG, and ALL my brothers and sisters on DP, the downvotes don't hurt. They help me see where I'm wrong or stick to my convictions.. I'm stickin with Ron Paul, Rand Paul, and not asking anyone for anything, but maybe, if they could just be kind, that would be nice, but not everyone is nice, so there we have it.

It's not about Romney, it's about being heirs to Ron Paul's message and what is the best way to empower it. Peace.

The ONLY people that may seem to agree with him are...

The ONLY people that may seem to agree with him are...


2- The NAZI Neo-Cons Infiltrated at The Daily Paul.

Simple as that.

Wisdom Strategies

The Granger has been an expert at being nasty.

rp4pres and Danton are all on board with her, seems about right.

I do my best to be honest

The interesting thing about honesty is that while being honest, I am open to being wrong, for I am open to learning. What are you teaching me? I'm nasty?

Many times, people who I am honest with take what I say as a compliment, and I have to tell them, "I'm sorry, I'm being honest with you and it so happens to please you", because many times being honest will not please others, such as you.

Honesty is not a business of pleasing or displeasing others, but sharing information openly.

What's nasty about that?

there is a difference in being nasty and acting as if you

created the liberty movement all on your own. Treating people as if they are stupid and ignorant is not being honest it is being nasty!


I JOINED the Ron Paul rEVOLution and am very happy there, so much so, I don't need a Liberty Movement.. I have never claimed to create any Liberty movement, I have made issue with the Liberty movement as being a detractor to give those under MSM unfluence that HATE the GOP an EXCUSE/ESCAPE to NOT do what Ron Paul asked ALL of us to do.

By all means do what you want, but don't blame Ron Paul RepubliCANs for your failed ventures. Ron Paul rEVOLution is in the GOP, Liberty Movement is against the GOP.

What did I do to you? What post did I make to you that made you feel stupid and ignorant?

I don't think most here are stupid or ignorant, I think too many here are under the influence of MSM and why the are too AFRAID to even go to one central committee meeting to see for themseves WTF it is. Have you gone? Don't you want to see the truth? And if you don't.. well, that is ignorant for it's chosing to NOT know the truth when you've been invited. Eh?

Insult when you have no intrelligent argument

Being nasty may FORCE some people to see things your way, but to me, you don't know what you are talking about, and why all you can do is insult and be nasty.

Enjoy yourself.


you are a Ron Paul delegate, and you will vote for Mitt?
Excuse me if your traitorous self confuses me.


My county placed third in the state for Ron Paul support and my district first, so I didn't do too bad as a volunteer campaign leader. Still Romney won.

Even though I was listed as a delegate by Ron Paul's campaign, because Romney won, fair and square, his delegates will be in Tampa.

Because I took an Oath to the GOP, I intend to uphold, I will be supporting Romney over Obama, if Ron Paul does not win the nomination, like Rand.

I don't believe any Ron Paul Republicans are "traitors", after all, this rEVOLution was never about Ron Paul, but about his message, and with my seat, I will be able to at least get that message on the table and vote as Ron Paul would.

Ron Paul Republicans are the future. We are the heirs to his message and his method, the rest, those who never joined the GOP, those who vote to Indy, and third party (losing positions), are not the heirs to Ron Paul's message, they left the good fight, or never actually got the message, just enjoyed the fray.

Enjoy yours.

You took an oath to the Constitution

and you also took an oath to the GOP.. It's apparent which one you hold in higher regard.


Yes, I took an oath to both

Now it is our job to do unto the GOP what the gop did to us. They held us to the oaths we took to the GOP, and we are holding them to the oaths they took to the constitution, and that is why you are going to be seeing BIG changes in the GOP.

CoIntelPro: What you should know

CoIntelPro: What you should know

Basic tips for spotting and side-stepping government web-goons.


Reminds me of

the folks here for Lawyers for RP

poof and they were gone.

Don't Forget , It was Only One

...Lawyer...and not a very good one at that.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

you mean

Frederick R. Ewing?

No Way

Your an Idiot and a Sell out, you are what's wrong with America, you probably watch alot of TV.

R U talking to me?? Who are you calling an idiot?

cause if you're calling The Granger an idiot, then YOU are an idiot!

Well, I came upon a Child of God, he was walking along the road and I asked him, "Tell me where you are going?", and this he told me . .

Ha Ha

spoken like a true arrogant pompous ass

I don't own a TV, never did.

No one is paying me, I would turn them in if they offered me money.

I'm sorry you think that by my following Ron Paul into the GOP and getting a seat on a central committee, as he asked ALL of us to do, I'm what is what is wrong with America.

What's your solution?

Never owned a TV?

I don't believe you, I think your a liar

Sorry about that

Just because I never owned a TV doesn't mean I haven't watched one.

What I find really weird is that no matter how long between views, seems to be the same stuff.