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Why I will vote for Romney if Ron Paul does not get the RNC Nomination (I pray he does)

This article was reconstructed from a comment I made on another thread, and with encouragement from a friend, I have made it into a DP top post.

Many folks here say they will write-in Ron Paul, vote for GJ, or not vote at all in the upcomming General Election. I am one of those rare people here, who will admit to you, that I will vote for Mitt Romney rather than write-in RP, vote for GJ, or not vote. My heart goes out to all of you who are considering these other options, for I felt the exactly same way, about all the candidates I've ever seen on the (R) or (D) ballot the past 33 years. Please allow me to have you understand why I will vote for Mitt Romney if Ron Paul does not win the RNC nomination. I KNOW all about "Evil" Obama clone Romney, and to me, it's not about him, it's about us, the Ron Paul rEVOLution.

I only joined the GOP a little over a year ago. It was VERY HARD VERY VERY HARD. NEVER did I think that I, a LP member for 16 years, and a Decline To State Voter (now called No Party Preferance/ NPP)for 17 years, who worked with Ralph Nader on ballot access and open debates, and worked for the County of Los Angeles Registrar's office as an inspector, to make sure my prescint was accountable. I NEVER thought I'd be a Republican.

I have never voted for a Democrat or Republican. Not even in 08, I gave Ralph Nader a 4TH vote when Ron Paul dropped out.

In 07/08 I pleaded for RP to go Indy or Third Party. I KNEW I could help him with ballot access and debates, since I had three elections and several states' experience, having worked with Ralph Nader for ballot access and open debates. Nader, to this day, has more law suits against the U.S. government than anyone I know, and I met allot of people working for him, and many were LP members, like Justin Raimondo.

So when RP got into the 2012 election, I KNEW he was not going to go Indy or Third Party. I really didn't want to be a Republican. I feel like I can't ephasize that enough. I felt SICK about it.

When I joined the GOP, I got wind that my next step was to get a seat on a central committee. Central Committee? I NEVER heard such a thing. A Republican Central Committee??? Sure enough, we had one, representing ALL 5 county districts.

I was afraid to go. Seriously. I don't recall what my fears were, except all the things I had read in MSM. I imagined the worse, facing the most evil people in the world. How could I become part of that?

So, I found out where the meeting was, and I sucked up my FEAR and LOATHING, and went. I found two people, I knew both of them. I did not know they were Republican. The one who was Chair, I thought was a huge Liberal from his work. Instead of 21 people that were supposed to be there, there were only two. I introduced myself as a Ron Paul Republican and they almost puked their lo Mein.

I continued to go to the meetings, as I wanted to see who were members, to get the by-laws, and understanding. The first meeting had a Board of Supervisor come to vet a Library Tax.

I came to find out most seats were empty, but my district was full so I could not get a seat. I had to campaign for my seat, and they didn't help me at all. I won. I showed up to every meeting, and I held them accountable. When folks missed three consecutive meetings, I motioned they be removed and I replace them. At one point, the Chair threatened to resign. I accepted, but I had no vote.

It became FUN presuring them, being their gadfly, stopping them from doing whatever the hell they wanted. I kept hoping some other Ron Paul Republicans would show up. I knew, if they would show up, we would RULE my county. They didn't show.

As I continued to go to meetings, I learned that as members, we vet delegates, issues, candidates and are THE REPUBLICAN ESTABLISHMENT. They began to admire my kindness, genuine interest, RP perspective and fortitude. I was not a quitter, and could be depended on, allbeit, I was a Ron Paul "wacko".

I have learned more about politics in this past year, than all the petitions, protests, rally's, campaigns, and work for the registrar's office, combined.

NOW I know why we get stuck with the same two bad choices and "spoilers" every election. I know that, no one wants Romney as the man for president, but we need his office to empower our GOP committees. Ron Paul Republicans who are seated, hold offices, and are candidates, need a Republican president, beit Ron Paul (YES!) or Romney (sigh). Ron Paul is our absolute best choice, but Romney, is better than Obama for us, since no one in my committee wanted Romney, if Romney wins, we are all equals. Obama wins, and we are bottom feeders.

TPTB want Obama to remain in office, which you gotta know, writting in RP, voting for GJ, or not voting, will do exactly that, and why TPTB pressured Central Committees to vet Romney, knowing GOP won't go there. This makes it especially hard for Ron Paul Republicans, as we have everything to lose being freshmen.

Now, on the Democratic Central Committees, we have Hillary members, and THEY are who is making Obama into a liar, as they promote Hillary's agenda, not Obama's. If Romney wins, Ron Paul Republicans can do this to Romney, and that's why if Ron Paul does not get the nomination, a vote for Romney still helps Ron Paul Republicans.

I used to vote MY conscious, MY beliefs, MY agenda. My vote was all about ME and MY ego. Now, that is no longer the case. My vote for Romney, being Ron Paul does not win the nomination, will be for Ron Paul Republicans who are seated, campaigning, and holding offices to empower THEM so they can do to Romney, what Hillary's committees, and offices holders, do to Obama.

I hope you can see now, it's not a matter of accepting evil, but a different way to fight it, from the inside, which writing in a name doesn't work, as it may feel good, but it's actually putting Obama back in office and helping TPTB, just like voting for GJ, or not voting, and this is no accident, it's by design. That is how evil operates.

You got to meet it to beat it.

Romney wins, and Ron paul Republicans retain the spot light. This is why Rand Paul endorsed Romney, because he understands, to Ron Paul, it's not about Ron Paul, it's about us and our future, and a Republican as president empowers US, not Romney.

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If I had 14 seats filled with RP GOP, it wouldn't matter

I got my seat campaigning as a RP GOP. They didn't help me, but I didn't need their help.

Hate hurts them not me.

Yes, they are aware their days are numbered. Matter of fact, had we taken those seats, their days would be over.

They don't need our support. They have gotten along just fine thanks to MSM BS.

You bring about a bigger issue...

First let me say thank you for taking initiative and actually getting involved and getting elected into the GOP. Replacing the Neocon cancer that are in power at the state and local level is the only way we take over the party and eventually the country.

While I understand your logic, I must respectfully disagree with you, that Voting for Romney would do anything but completely destroy our Movement. Romney is a malicious and horrible person who is the antithesis of everything we stand for in this movement.

The real issue that you point out is that you are alone in that committee. If this movement truly wants to achieve our goals and create any real change, we will have to follow your example and GET INVOLVED. The reality is that Neocons that are currently in power despise us and our movement. We will have to take what we want from them by removing them from power and positions of influence.

While Obama is just as bad as Romney from a policy perspective, I think Romney is inherently much more of a terrible and malicious person. I would rather take 4 more years of Obama than 8 potential years of Romney. Over those 4 years we need to continue to take over the party at every level and purge the GOP of the Neocon Scum.

You have a right to vote for whoever you like, but I think that your move will only empower the GOP and hasten their attempt to remove you from your position.

GOP 2.0 - We are the future...

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

Since I AM the GOP

It's true, a shame that so many did not take the LP and make it go MS with the GOP.

At this point, so many people here, who don't get it, are not going to join the GOP to save the Republic, as RP asked ALL of us to do, so I don't see the GOP surviving.

Romney was selected to keep people OUT of the GOP. It needed new blood, OUR new blood, and it didn't get that. It got "stealth delegates who then ran to a Federal Judge to DICTATE what the States must do (So much for folks being statesmen) and then want Federal Marshalls to occupy a GOP event (so much for resisting a police state).

Romney won't win, and either will Ron Paul. The NWO will win, because unlike the RP fan club, they have the brains, guts, money, convivtion and fortitude we hoped we did. We don't. We have a fan club. Really it's a shame to see what we've become.

Some say they have principles. RP had principles and voted for Bush TWICE, Reagan and a war on drugs, but they say: GO RP!! I am.

Now it's GO GJ. Like that's going to put off a federal takeover with a police state (exactly what they are advocating with L4RP).

I voted ya Back Up +1

So's the "real trolls" here wouldn't squelch your reply.
Even though we've fought like cats n dogs on some things...and agreed and supported each other on some other topics..I gotta say this.


Seems like everyone else here is trying to win the "popularity contest", well the DP isn't that...just like the delegate selection isn't the "beauty contest" during primaries.

We have "Neo-Libertarians" trying to squelch opinions that "they" don't "like" or "approve" of .Now I know why they targeted ya...cowards!

YOU GOT MY RESPECT...at least you are HONEST, and this place is getting to be full of you-know-what....and Libertarian-Wannabes.

It ain't a popularity contest...it's free speech, unencumbered discussion!

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

I agree and thank you

If they actually were Libertarians, and not just wannabes, they would respect my position, rather than labeling me, shaming me, attempting to force me to do anything, and insulting me. How libertarian is that? Libertarian = freedom to do drugs, and that's about as far as they go.

The thing is, I've got a seat, and I'm keeping my seat, and with that seat I will affect them far more than how they think they are effecting me here on a blog.

If they lived where I live, they would appreciate me, for I'm THE RON PAUL REPUBLICAN in this county. Too bad they didn't join me, but like the neocons, did what they can to hurt me.

THEY are who empowered the Neocons by not taking those seats.

Granger: Some People Talk, the Talk

...While others "walk the walk"...and since talk is cheap, and ACTION speaks louder than words, you have been a power of example to me and any who would consider putting to work "Ron Paul's Plan".

You have put more than "cheap talk" on the table.
You have put words into action, a rare feat in a world of talking heads.

I myself cannot envision voting for Romney...and certainly not Obama.
I'm praying for a miracle in Tampa, and I will be there....it will be a pilgrimage of sorts for me.
Kinda like a trip to Lourdes or Sarajevo (another Religious site) I am hoping to witness history in the making, and will be with some old friends.

If Ron Paul doesn't win I'll make no promises now...cross that bridge when I get there, and who knows maybe become a local rep...or go outlaw.

check this out:


"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

complete nonsense

The Powers that be don't give a shit if the president is Obama or Romney - there will be no difference - none. Just rhetoric.

To buy in to the two party system is to loose. Sure, a party can be a vehicle, but if it is not driving in your direction who cares. Voting for Romney is voting for more war, and bigger government - same as voting for Obama. It doesn't matter, and their game is to get you involved in the Duopoly. Taking over the GOP seems like a clever strategy, until it comes time to actually do something, and then your screwed, just like in so many states this election cycle. In the end you compromise away your beliefs, and they have beaten you.

To be on the outside

To be on the outside all you see is the outside, and you talk about what you know, MSM BS.


As much as I hate to

agree, because I despise Romney, but 4 more years of Obama will definitely be worse than 4 years with Romney. Our 2nd Amendment is being held onto by a thread, and once that is gone, America as we know it is gone. Romney is more gun friendly than Obama, and that 100% is the only thing that would get my vote.

So sad to have to pick between two extreme liberals, but at least Romney will have conservatives(us) constantly critiquing him and pushing him our direction. Even if he moves 1% in our direction, Obama is moving 100% away from us.

Obama is 100% a communist with an agenda. Possibly even an agenda that has something to do with the destruction of America. Can't believe I would even say that, but we have an enemy in the White House.

You get it

We have an enemy of Liberty, because he didn't have the people ne needed on the Democratic Central Committees backing HIS agenda, HIS campaign promises. Clinton committee members are very happy, for he is taking the heat, while they continue to push ther agenda with him meerly being their cover.


it is just gonna be a hard sale around here, and I totally understand why. Mitt Romney is a goon.

Hi Granger

I've been mulling over your post ever since you wrote it. I have NOT voted it down because your opinion is as valid as anyone else's and I respect your choice even though it isn't mine.
I truly appreciate all the work you've done to get yourself into the GOP to effect change. That takes courage and commitment.
But I made a commitment to myself, to vote my conscience, to vote for principle. I can ONLY vote for Ron Paul. The duopoly has destroyed America and I will no longer allow myself to be controlled by it.
If Ron Paul doesn't win the nomination, then I think this country needs another 4 years of Obama. The outright rejection of Dr Paul and the willingness of so many to be subjugated by the RNC, TSA, DHS and legislation that's been passed is indicative of a people that really need to be shaken up to wake up. Romney will make the people sleepy again. They'll feel 'safe' because he has an 'R' next to his name. And IMO that makes him worse for the country than Obama. America is still a right of center country, and with a 'right' guy, they'll be more prone to aquiesce. But really, Romney will never win. The GOP is setting itself up to fall. Now that you're in the GOP, I'm surprised you can't see that clearly. Romney wasn't their choice to win - he is their choice to lose. I honestly believe that. I believed the same thing about McNDAACain. I swore in 2008 I would never hold my nose again and I am true to my oaths.
You can, of course, vote for whoever you want, but for me, my vote belongs to Ron Paul, even if it has to be a post-it note left on the machine. No more compromise. Ron Paul 2012

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

theGranger says she can no longer vote her conscience

she is bound by her by-laws. Has is really come to that? If they can convince her of this than what happens to all of our work in the central committees if they convince her of other things? If it is true and she cannot vote because she "took an oath", who did she take the oath to? Satan? I mean come on really. I thought we still lived in a "free" country.

I am bound by my creator to not vote for those who are not in line with freedom. Tyrannical governments have forced people for centuries, that is exactly what we are attempting to stop.

With Freedom comes responsibility.
I have freedom and the responsibility to my creator, that is what helps my comittees, my fellow man, and my country.

Hi stm

Thank you for the kind words. I completely understand and respect your feelings, as that is exactly where I've been the past 33 years.

It didn't work.

So now, I'm going to try it Ron Paul's and Rand Paul's way, after all, I don't think they really liked Bush, but they voted for him because they knew it empowered the GOP committees, and I think they also knew, the GOP was under attack, and why RP chose to remain in the GOP, asked us to join the GOP, and invited us to get seats on central committees.

I think our biggest problem is too many who LOVE Ron Paul, don't study him enough, or take his advice.

Again, I thank you for the kind post.

Peace be with you.

SteveMT's picture

How about following his example of not compromising ever?

I have not got past that issue yet after studying his voting record and the many 434-1 votes that he was on the short side of over the years. Compromising about anything is not one of Ron Paul's strong suits.

Absolutlely agreed. The Granger is compromising.

Write-in Ron Paul 2012.

Cali. allows it.

I'm not compromising

I am doing what I have taken an oath to do so I can continue to fight for Ron Paul's message to be on my county and state ballots.

What are you doing?

Voting to lose and then planning on sitting at home complaining?

SteveMT's picture

Does your oath to the Constitution trump this oath or any other?

Every citizen of this country should be faithful to the Constitution and what that document represents, whether the words are administered as an official oath of office or unspoken as with the majority of people in the country.

How can you be true to the Constitution by voting for Romney?

Does it? Not all alone, like Ron Paul.

What I wonder, is why we are not occupying these committees and from a position of establishment, outting those who do NOT follow the constitution?

Like RP, no one can do it alone, not even if elected president.

I'm smiling

And even chuckling a bit. I've always been a Republican - for over 30 years. As we know, that didn't work too well, either.
But voting my conscience WILL work, because I will be true to myself. It may not do anything for the country as a whole as my vote may not be a determining factor, but it won't be thrown away, either, if I am following my heart.
And for the record, Ron Paul DID NOT vote for Bush, either in 2000 or 2004. That is where you veer off into the wrong direction. Ron Paul works in the party to bring back republicanism, but he does not vote for 'R' candidates just because they have an 'R' next to their name. Ron Paul is ALWAYS true to himself, not a party.
From a Meet the Press interview, Dec 2007:
Q: George Herbert Walker Bush, according to the Nov. 1996 Ron Paul Political Report: “Bush is a bum.” And asked about the current President Bush, whether you voted for him in 2004: “Paul says no: ‘He misled us in 2000.’” Asked if you voted for Bush in 2000: “No, I didn’t vote for him then, either. I wasn’t convinced he was a conservative.” And actually, in 1987, you submitted a letter of resignation to the Republican Party: If Reagan’s a failure, Bush 41 is a bum, you didn’t vote for Bush 43, and you resigned from the Republican Party, why you running as a Republican candidate for president?
A: Because I represent what Republicanism used to be--that part of the Republican Party that used to be non-interventionists overseas; when the Republicans defended individual liberty and the Constitution and decreased spending. So the reason the Republican Party is shrinking, why the base is so small, is because they don’t stand for these ideals any more. So I stand for the ideals of the Republican Party.

You have this idea that you are being principled by voting for Rmoney because he's who the party chose, but you are then lying to yourself. If you really REALLY want to emulate Ron Paul, then you MUST vote your conscience as he ALWAYS does. It's apparent that YOU don't STUDY HIM enough. Now if your conscience says the Republican Party is the great, all-knowing, all-powerful OZ and you have to do what it demands, then vote Rmoney. But if you soul search and find that Ron Paul is still your #1 candidate, then you have a duty to yourself to follow that and not Prince Rebus who is trying to get Obama re-elected.

Thanks for this friendly exchange. I have no desire to tell you who to vote for other then reminding you of your moral obligation to your Self.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

Oh that's right

About Ron Paul not voting for Bush.. I sw that today and I apologied and I apolgise to you. I was wrong about that. And that got me thinking... Soo, I know that elected, like Congressman Ron Paul, is a central committee member, but not seated, IOWs he can come to a committee and participate, but he is not bound, like we are.

So I leaned something, and that makes me happy.

As a committee member, I am bound by my by-laws. C. REMOVAL
1. a. Publically endorsing, or supporting a candidate for any partisain office who is opposed by a candidate who is a Republican or who the Committee endorses.

c. Publically advocating that voters should not vote for the nominee of the Party for any office.
Ron Paul is my guy. IF he does not get the nomination (and I pray he does) I see little choice, being my central committee is also poll staffers, and if I send my ballot in, I must sign the envelope, or if I bring it in, they open it to inspect. And it's all legal.

As long as the religious use the government to force their

idiotic beliefs on everyone, religions must be checked.

The good thing about Paul is that he generally doesn't use his government powers to force his religious beliefs (e.g., Creationism) on others.

But if he did, I'd kick him to the curb.

too short to bother to read

Please post a long enough post that actually explains your opinion.

Eloquently stated

however your position that it will be either Romney or Obama if Romney gets (steals) the nomination might be worth reconsidering. I'm soon to be 58 years old and I've never witnessed the disgust and outright revulsion of the current two party system that seems to be pervasive in this nation. The hypocrisy of our "illusion of choice" is leading to an incredible backlash that will manifest itself with a credible run by a third party candidate who will have support from both parties as well as the independents. Whether it is this election cycle or not remains to be seen but you can rest assured if not it will certainly occur in four years if there are still elections to be held (which I'm seriously concerned about under Romney or Obama).

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.

Thank you Chessienut

I appreciate you post and thank you for the compliment. I don't see a third party replacing wither tow, but I see a Party that will be like Communist China's if Obama is re-elected (w/ help from L4RP).

I hate Obamacare so much that

I hate Obamacare so much that one day last week while driving in my car, I very briefly considered voting for Romney. The second that thought forced its way into my brain I said to myself, somebody slap me. That's because I know that a Romneycare version will most likely replace Obamacare if Romney wins. Evil is still evil, no matter what the letter is beside it.

Back in 2007 I started attending my local rural GOP meetings. People were nice enough until they found out I was a Ron Paul supporter. Then a few people went out of their way to be rude to me. I quit attending most the monthly meetings but attended enough of them to become a delegate when needed over the past 5 years. There have been so many bright and hard working Ron Paul people in my state who have, through yeoman's work, taken over the state GOP. It would be a shame for us to lose the state after all this work. Would an Obama win hinder our progress?

This is a good post, Granger despite the down votes. At first glance I almost voted it down myself. There are so many heartfelt comments on both sides of the fence. Thank you for a post that has merit if only from the great comments that came as an unexpected bonus.

This week is our county fair. As for me, I intend to wear my Ron Paul tshirt while manning the GOP booth. That ought to raise some eyebrows.

I am surprised you didn't get in an accident ;0).

a friend of mine told me of a similar experience. He had decided to vote for Romney because of the hate he had for Obama, but one day he said he was driving down the road and a thought came to him, "What if Romney, not Obama, was the anti-christ and i voted for him?" This was pretty powerful for him to just say no.

with freedom comes responsibility and using theGrangers logic is what has gotten us in trouble with our unique Constitution in the first place. Stick to the Constitution, Ron Paul did.

Thank you realdeal

Thank you for being a realdeal and checking out your central committee. Mine didn't do me any favors and were rude to me also, but I kept going anyways, and then I took my own role call, and so when someone missed three consecutive meetings, I called to have them removed and for me to replace them. It paid off. After I "won" my seat in the past election (I won by default as no one ran against me), they magically appointed me/ 7 months before I'm actually supposed to get my seat. So now that I'm on board, I'm trying to get the 14 open seats filled with Ron paul Republicans. It's very difficult becasue like everything Ron paul, it takes a learning curve too many are not willing to take.

I enjoyed your post very much! THANK YOU for the post and your effort. BTW, I'm not a Romney fan, I'm fighting for LIBERTY, just from the inside. I don't think Rand Paul is a Romney fan either, actually, I've yet to meet a real Romney fan, it's the Obama fans that worry me most.

Realreal is really a silly

Realreal is really a silly name because I meant it for Ron Paul... not for me. When I opened my Daily Paul account I was fairly new to being online. Previous to learning about Ron Paul, I thought the internet was boring. Only Ron Paul was able to get me online. Now I can't seem to stay off.

I'll let you know how it goes at the fair.

Supreme Example of Earnestness

Read this OP...then go to the earliest and read in order. You will have, in Granger, a perfect example of earnestness. Granger has heard Ron Paul's message in Granger's way. It just so happen it is the way I have heard it as well. Many not on this blog see it that way as well. We are not the remnant ..we are the majority of the
Ron Paul Revolution. Right now the DP is not reflective of that.

Funny... I do not know if Granger is male or female...don't know age...know little more than he/she feeds the chickens in the morning.
However, Granger is the only one making any sense on this thread to me.