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Why I will vote for Romney if Ron Paul does not get the RNC Nomination (I pray he does)

This article was reconstructed from a comment I made on another thread, and with encouragement from a friend, I have made it into a DP top post.

Many folks here say they will write-in Ron Paul, vote for GJ, or not vote at all in the upcomming General Election. I am one of those rare people here, who will admit to you, that I will vote for Mitt Romney rather than write-in RP, vote for GJ, or not vote. My heart goes out to all of you who are considering these other options, for I felt the exactly same way, about all the candidates I've ever seen on the (R) or (D) ballot the past 33 years. Please allow me to have you understand why I will vote for Mitt Romney if Ron Paul does not win the RNC nomination. I KNOW all about "Evil" Obama clone Romney, and to me, it's not about him, it's about us, the Ron Paul rEVOLution.

I only joined the GOP a little over a year ago. It was VERY HARD VERY VERY HARD. NEVER did I think that I, a LP member for 16 years, and a Decline To State Voter (now called No Party Preferance/ NPP)for 17 years, who worked with Ralph Nader on ballot access and open debates, and worked for the County of Los Angeles Registrar's office as an inspector, to make sure my prescint was accountable. I NEVER thought I'd be a Republican.

I have never voted for a Democrat or Republican. Not even in 08, I gave Ralph Nader a 4TH vote when Ron Paul dropped out.

In 07/08 I pleaded for RP to go Indy or Third Party. I KNEW I could help him with ballot access and debates, since I had three elections and several states' experience, having worked with Ralph Nader for ballot access and open debates. Nader, to this day, has more law suits against the U.S. government than anyone I know, and I met allot of people working for him, and many were LP members, like Justin Raimondo.

So when RP got into the 2012 election, I KNEW he was not going to go Indy or Third Party. I really didn't want to be a Republican. I feel like I can't ephasize that enough. I felt SICK about it.

When I joined the GOP, I got wind that my next step was to get a seat on a central committee. Central Committee? I NEVER heard such a thing. A Republican Central Committee??? Sure enough, we had one, representing ALL 5 county districts.

I was afraid to go. Seriously. I don't recall what my fears were, except all the things I had read in MSM. I imagined the worse, facing the most evil people in the world. How could I become part of that?

So, I found out where the meeting was, and I sucked up my FEAR and LOATHING, and went. I found two people, I knew both of them. I did not know they were Republican. The one who was Chair, I thought was a huge Liberal from his work. Instead of 21 people that were supposed to be there, there were only two. I introduced myself as a Ron Paul Republican and they almost puked their lo Mein.

I continued to go to the meetings, as I wanted to see who were members, to get the by-laws, and understanding. The first meeting had a Board of Supervisor come to vet a Library Tax.

I came to find out most seats were empty, but my district was full so I could not get a seat. I had to campaign for my seat, and they didn't help me at all. I won. I showed up to every meeting, and I held them accountable. When folks missed three consecutive meetings, I motioned they be removed and I replace them. At one point, the Chair threatened to resign. I accepted, but I had no vote.

It became FUN presuring them, being their gadfly, stopping them from doing whatever the hell they wanted. I kept hoping some other Ron Paul Republicans would show up. I knew, if they would show up, we would RULE my county. They didn't show.

As I continued to go to meetings, I learned that as members, we vet delegates, issues, candidates and are THE REPUBLICAN ESTABLISHMENT. They began to admire my kindness, genuine interest, RP perspective and fortitude. I was not a quitter, and could be depended on, allbeit, I was a Ron Paul "wacko".

I have learned more about politics in this past year, than all the petitions, protests, rally's, campaigns, and work for the registrar's office, combined.

NOW I know why we get stuck with the same two bad choices and "spoilers" every election. I know that, no one wants Romney as the man for president, but we need his office to empower our GOP committees. Ron Paul Republicans who are seated, hold offices, and are candidates, need a Republican president, beit Ron Paul (YES!) or Romney (sigh). Ron Paul is our absolute best choice, but Romney, is better than Obama for us, since no one in my committee wanted Romney, if Romney wins, we are all equals. Obama wins, and we are bottom feeders.

TPTB want Obama to remain in office, which you gotta know, writting in RP, voting for GJ, or not voting, will do exactly that, and why TPTB pressured Central Committees to vet Romney, knowing GOP won't go there. This makes it especially hard for Ron Paul Republicans, as we have everything to lose being freshmen.

Now, on the Democratic Central Committees, we have Hillary members, and THEY are who is making Obama into a liar, as they promote Hillary's agenda, not Obama's. If Romney wins, Ron Paul Republicans can do this to Romney, and that's why if Ron Paul does not get the nomination, a vote for Romney still helps Ron Paul Republicans.

I used to vote MY conscious, MY beliefs, MY agenda. My vote was all about ME and MY ego. Now, that is no longer the case. My vote for Romney, being Ron Paul does not win the nomination, will be for Ron Paul Republicans who are seated, campaigning, and holding offices to empower THEM so they can do to Romney, what Hillary's committees, and offices holders, do to Obama.

I hope you can see now, it's not a matter of accepting evil, but a different way to fight it, from the inside, which writing in a name doesn't work, as it may feel good, but it's actually putting Obama back in office and helping TPTB, just like voting for GJ, or not voting, and this is no accident, it's by design. That is how evil operates.

You got to meet it to beat it.

Romney wins, and Ron paul Republicans retain the spot light. This is why Rand Paul endorsed Romney, because he understands, to Ron Paul, it's not about Ron Paul, it's about us and our future, and a Republican as president empowers US, not Romney.

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Thank you fonta

Mike Lawson talked me into getting chickens.

Susan B. Anthony said, "I can tell a Granger woman from as far as I can see her, for the way she carries herself equal to a man". The Grange had women voting decades before the nation.

I turn 55 on Bastille Day.

I'm an old hippy chick/ deadhead/ surfer girl, who cut my hair, which I always kept trimmed so I would not sit on it, when I joined the GOP last year.

I LOVE people, LOVE life, LOVE God, LOVE America, LOVE the planet, and LOVE FREEDOM! I also LOVE Ron Paul!!

I have dyslexia and seek LOVE in the world, by LOVING the world, and think that's how I found the rEVOLution. ;))

Granger is a woman, fonta...

... and thank you for your kind words. I think it is regrettable the way Granger has been downvoted.

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand

Hi ((((Andrew)))))

The Gospel was PERFECT for me today! If you recall, it was about rejection, and how Christ was rejected by his own people. I sang an aria, "Ave Verum Corpus".

I Thank God for my Church, it heals me completely, and provides the strength to continue to LOVE with all my heart.

God Bless YOU!!!


...and you sing. Please look at my husband's website www.yvesvincent.com and if there is any music there that you would like I would love to send it to you in appreciation of what you are doing. The chickens might like it also!

AMEN is one of my favorites and I think my husband's guitar rendition of "how Great Thou Art" might resonate with you...right now. Just something that came to me ; )


Oh gosh! It's fantastic!! Beautiful

Touche-Moi reminds me of classic George Benson, much better arranged and recorded.

A Simple Groove, is very cosmopolitian.. if I owned a Restaurant/ Bar/ club, this would be one of the CDs in my player.. very sexy.

True Colors, Every Breath You Take, and Halleujah are great choices for cover songs with this style. I imagine any classy place in the world would LOVE this.

If I was going to Tampa and having my cocktail party (I need a female room mate, I'm not going alone and getting into trouble as It appears I'm already in trouble looking at these down marks) I would want THIS music.

Gosh, fonta, this is such romantic wondeful music. First Class Act. Oh gee... I'm sold. Gotta have it!

Thank you!!

So Glad You Like Yves' Music

....years ago he studied George Benson. (What jazz guitarist hasn't?!)

Email me your address on my contact page and I'll put Touche-Moi and a few others you might like in the mail to you.
Music is a big part of our lives. Takes the edge off of things sometime!


And Thank You

...trying to sort out who is who : ) ...so another thank you. I got that.

Please e-me on my contact page if you have any thoughts about how I could best support truth on this blog...or does it make it worse? Ignore? Confused.


For now, I say wait until after Tampa...

P.S.: I wrote a series of new posts of a religious nature:


I thought you might be interested, fonta. Thanks.

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand

Republicans have become just

Republicans have become just like Charlie Brown. Every time Lucy says she won't pull the football back but will hold it so he can kick it he's always stupid enough to believe her.

Foxnew: "Come on republican voters, Come kick the football. Lucy republican candidate won't pull it back like she has the last ten thousand times. This time it'll be different. Look how evil the liberals are, we are your only hope."

And so Charlie Brown Republican goes off to try and kick the football one more time. You know, because this time it will be different.

Seems MSM lies a lot

And people actually believe them.

Republican? You mean the two Democrats on my central committee keeping the seats warm that Ron Paul asked you to take.

When you've been on the inside, as Ron Paul suggest you do, then tell me about the Republicans. Pretty hard to find a Republican unless you watch MSM... foil foil to pin the trouble.

If Romney wins . . .

it will be the end of "Paul" anything and Libertarian influence at all in America. Thanks to folks like you who cant wait to lick the GOP's boots.

Jackson County Georgia

War is an instrument entirely inefficient toward redressing wrong; and multiplies, instead of indemnifying losses.
Thomas Jefferson


lick as in beat them at their own game from the inside.

beat them at their own game . .

Sun Tzu style by being delegates and working in the party but voting for Paul or true libertarians? agreed.
but voting romney? theres no need to. Vote someone else and tell them you voted romney. You think I'm worried about leading psychopaths and murderers(the REAL GOP) astray as to my true intentions?

Jackson County Georgia

War is an instrument entirely inefficient toward redressing wrong; and multiplies, instead of indemnifying losses.
Thomas Jefferson

You have to stay in the game to win

If Ron Paul is not the nominee, those who followed Ron Paul into the GOP, can talk RON PAUL 24/7, and get nowhere, which is not winning.

I believe for those of us who followed Ron Paul into the GOP and got REPUBLICAN seats and offices, will have to take ques from Rand, since Ron is retiring from politics.

I signed up for a two year committment for my seat. Pulling out doesn't do me or the rEVOLution much good.

The real SHAME, is Ron Paul gave the LP an opportunity to go MS in the GOP, and they didn't go there. I have 14 OPEN seats and no RP fans willing to take them. They claim to have principles and I don't see any principles just excuses, blaming, hating, and GJ.

Just because you make some

Just because you make some long winded post trying to justify and validate your support for Mitt Romney doesn't mean I'm going to buy your crap. This is the Daily Paul, and your post is a sorry hack for racist-war mongering, banking puppet Mitt Romney. Take it elsewhere.

OK, I will

As a Ron Paul Republican who is being groomed as a Liberty candidate, I won't expect your support.

BTW Ron Paul voted for Reagan, Bush Sr and Jr TWICE.

Seems us Liberty birds flock together on our central committess, making alliences with all and entanglements with none.


Lol c'mon man. Ask lew Rockwell about his tarnish on Ron Paul.


. . .

Mitt Clowney

I understand your position

I don't necessarily agree, but I understand.
Do what you think it right and don't worry about anyone else.

Thank you

I hope I have made YOU give consideration to checking into your central committee. It takes understanding of others who you don't exactly agree with, and keeping focus.

I think you would make a wonderful member to any committee.

SteveMT's picture

Your logic is the same as: borrowing money to get out of debt.

This logic will not work the same way that borrowing money does not get people out of debt.
You've been a member of the Daily Paul for over 5 years. Yet, during the past one plus years that you have been attending these GOP functions, you have decided to vote for Romney. You must have had some kind of revelation or epiphany while at these meetings. Could you have been brainwashed? I'm just asking if that is possible.
I'm still recovering from my association with the Montana GOP while at the State RNC Convention, a quite despicable organization. I've been permanently polarized against these people. They demonstrated to me that there is no way to ever work with them, they are that low.

Yes, I did

I saw that it's not about the candiate for president, it's about the power.

Hillary Clinton wanted very much to become president, but when she saw that the popular vote was turning out for Obama, shw looked to the Democratic Central Committees and saw all her husbands supporters rooting for her, and they came to the conclusion, he can be "president", BUT WE WILL RULE. And they do.

Dole, McCain,Romney,---Mondale, Dukakis, Kerry

Hey knucklehead don`t you see the pattern here? This is all put up by the puppetmasters. I`ll write in Dr. Ron Paul and fight for my liberties as the time comes.
You do what you wish but live with your decision and don`t blame anyone or anything else.

It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people that pay no price for being wrong.
Thomas Sowell

Who Did Ron Paul vote for?

Reagan, gave us war on drugs, Bush, gave us entry into the NWO, Bush W, TWICE.

See a pattern here?

Lew Rockwell Said On RT That Ron Paul Didn't Vote For Bush Jr.

either time.

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard

Ron Paul admitted he did

He said he agreed with Bush's statement that he is not "nation building". http://www.ronpaul2012.com/2011/12/13/ron-paul-supports-geor...

Well I agree with the

Well I agree with the statement against nation building also. That does not mean I voted for him.

It is another deceptive scope shift by Granger. Shifting agreement with his statement against foreign intervention as equalling voting support.

Dr. Paul voted for neither Bushes.

You do not help the cause by getting on committees only to vote for neocon candidates (becasue they aren't Obama). That is self defeating.

Let it not be said that we did nothing.-Ron Paul
Stand up for what you believe in, even if you stand alone.-Sophia Magdalena Scholl

Show us the precise spot were

Show us the precise spot where Dr. Paul says he voted for George Bush.

It is not in there, and it is false for you to claim so.

Let it not be said that we did nothing.-Ron Paul
Stand up for what you believe in, even if you stand alone.-Sophia Magdalena Scholl

Yep! I was WRONG

I admit, I was WRONG WRONG WRONG about that.
Here's what I learned, as a congressman, he is an unbound central committee member, meaning, he can show up to a meeting and have a say about things, be heard, participate.

As for me, I am bound by the by-laws of my committee, which under article C: REMOVAL

a. Registering to vote as other than a member of the Republican Party

b. Publically endorsing or supporting a candidate for any partisain office who is opposed by a candidate who is a Republican or who the committee endorses.

c. Publically advocating that voters should not vote for the nominee of the party for any office.

My understanding is this is very simular to ALL party committees.

My mistake was in thinking that because as a GOP congressmen, who is priveldged to be in the committee, RP was bound like I am.

Please forgive me for making an error. I apologise sincerely.