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“Anonymous” Hacks Anti-Piracy Takedown Tool

This spring nearly all popular BitTorrent sites were blocked by Indian ISPs following a court order. The blockades were eventually lifted, but the many “Anonymous” groups who revolted are not done yet. The latest target is the anti-piracy group Copyright Labs, whose servers were painfully compromised this week. The hackers didn’t take the site down, but altered the message that is sent to website owners by their automated takedown tool.

Two months ago millions of Indians were shaken up by a mass anti-piracy action.

Internet providers all across the country blocked access to major BitTorrent sites such as The Pirate Bay and Torrentz.eu after a local court issued a so-called John Doe order.

The order wasn’t targeted at a specific site or ISP but gave the copyright holder carte blanche to demand broad blockades, which they did. In response, Internet providers, government websites and media companies were targeted in DDoS attack reprisals by “Anonymous” groups.

The blockades were eventually lifted with the Madras High Court ruling that Internet providers can no longer be asked to ban entire sites. With that, millions of Indians were able to access their favorite sites again. In future, copyright holders will have to specify the exact URLs where their content is being made available.

This is where the Indian anti-piracy group Copyright Labs comes in again. The group, who previously demanded site-wide blocks, switched to contacting owners of file-sharing sites with the request to remove specific URLs.

However, a certain “Anonymous” group took exception to this new strategy and let this be known in an unusual way.


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Jack Sparrow would be proud


i like this one... how interesting


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