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Man Sentenced to 60 days in Jail for Having Bible Study in Home

Watch video of Michael Salman and his wife talking about his jail sentence, here...


I wish I could say, "I'm shocked!". But, unfortunately, nothing really shocks me anymore.

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They need to be sued really, really bad!

It is the ONLY thing they will understand, because evidently having a conscience never happened to them.

OMG! This is just unbelievable. When will it end?

It would be nice if all the pastors and ministers became RP'ers! Maybe this will wake them up!


About a quarter of the population of Sweden

emigrated to the United States of America. One of the main reasons was that the people no longer could have Bible preaching s at home as they wanted. This is shown in Wilhelm Mobergs books about the poor Swedish family haunted by famine, bad earth and the church, made by film into the emigrants and the immigrants, with Max Von Sydow.

Sue The city for passing unconstitutional ordinances

1st amendment - freedom of religion.


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