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An Open Letter to candidate Mitt Romney


Dear Mr. Romney~

Many of us have heard accounts of your generosity and integrity. Moving with bold strides, you have achieved financial objectives and have supported charity as well as entrepreneurship. You are an unqualified success in the business world. This Presidential election year, I have been guilty of writing condescending remarks about you, and sharing mean-spirited sentiments simply because you seemed the "anointed one" and "golden hero" right out of the gate. I have done these things simply out of frustration, a sense of powerlessness, and an urgent concern for our country. I see now that I have been confused: each of us have unlimited power, and we owe a higher standard of behavior to those in the public eye who consistently keep it positive. You are one of those people. And this is my attempt at what is owed you.

Beyond politics, something has been nagging at me, as well as others I have spoken with. When I hear your public speaking it is measured and kind, and generally you are quick to point out the virtues of your competitors. For these reasons (the leadership qualities that others see in you), I feel you may have been "drafted" to a post that is not necessarily in your heart to fill.

During the debate season, you and another candidate shared an affinity that was marked with respect and affability. During your campaign for President, you remarked on this candidate's vision (as he tirelessly worked against the grain), his integrity and his thorough knowledge of finance and history, and he would share his respect for you in kind, saying you are one of the few he has encountered who could be counted on to actually listen. In this day and age of disposable ethics and media talking-heads, this truly is a great acknowledgement.

2012 is a turning point for America, and for the world. I believe freedom and prosperity of the entire world hinges on what occurs during this election for President of the United States. I understand you to be a man of deep faith, therefore, I trust you can receive this in the humble way it is offered:

Would you please take time, starting right now, to reflect, pray over and finally act upon the following question every day? I believe it is the most important question of our lifetimes:

"Who is the best servant to occupy the role of President of the United States of America?"

I humbly hope this question will soar alongside you like our treasured bald eagle, and bring comfort and clear light over all that you do from this day forward.


on behalf of myself, our generation's children, and the world we will create for them to inherit,

~N. Morris


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