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I'm a Ron Paul National Delegate, and I'm asking for help with the hotel!


My name is Joe Kent, and I am the Maui National Delegate for Ron Paul. I am asking for a donation to help me pay for my hotel in Tampa.


Here are my costs:

One night at the hotel room costs $277 per day. (see update below)

I'm staying in Tampa for 8 days

= $2216 (see update below)

That's quite a lot of money for a hotel! I am already working two second jobs to try to raise enough funds, but with my car breaking down -- it's almost impossible for me to support Ron Paul without going into major debt!

Would you please consider contributing whatever you can to help me go to Tampa?

I am an adamant Ron Paul supporter all the way, with a unique gift in helping liberals and conservatives see things from Ron Paul's point of view.

Believe me, I do not enjoy asking people for money, and I would never ask unless this was a serious matter on my end.

Thank you so much for considering.

I really appreciate it!

Joe Kent

Edit: update!

Hi, thank you so much for considering, I apologize for not getting back in time but I'm on Maui time zone. We were told we shouldn't look for cheaper hotels because that would make it extremely difficult to get to the assigned hotel (the $277 hotel) in time for the official bus to the convention -- and if we missed that ride we would be blocked from entering. Also they were saying that schmoozing with the other delegations at the assigned hotel is part of the process of changing attitudes about issues, and hopefully getting them to vote on your side. But I just simply don't have that money, and my car broke down last night, and so I wrote this message in a panic!

But I woke up this morning with an e-mail from the Ron Paul campaign -- apparently they are trying to coordinate getting us to stay at the Motel 6 for $85 a day! Phew!

The RP campaign is saying they will give us a ride every morning from the Motel 6 to the assigned hotel in time to make the official bus.
This whole thing is a racket. I kept trying to find people who live in Florida that I could just stay with, but the delegation party STRONGLY RECOMMENDED just biting the bullet and paying the high fare, because they were afraid I would get lost in traffic and miss the morning ride.

Long story short, the Ron Paul campaign came through last night, and is allowing us to stay at a Motel 6 for $85.00 a night, and they'll bus us where we need to go. That comes out to about $680, which is much easier for me to handle.

The reason I'm staying eight days: that's the minimum recommended number of days. You have to be early in order to register, or you'll miss the window and be blocked. There are just so many hoops to jump through in order to be allowed into the convention that it just makes you want to bite the bullet and pay whatever they ask, because they keep threatening with "You may not be let in the convention if you don't do this!"

I hope I've answered all your questions. Again, I feel embarrassed that I even had to ask anyone to pay for my way. I believe in personal responsibility and I've never asked anyone for money. But when my car broke down last night, I realized that all the money I've been saving just flew out the window and I started to panic. If you still would like to donate, to be honest, I would really appreciate it, but I THINK I can manage this cheaper fare a little better. I've spent the past eight years donating to the campaign on every cycle, so I know what it's like -- nobody wants to waste their hard earned money.

TL;DR: Ron Paul Campaign came through last night and is helping delegates stay at the Motel 6 for $85 a night.

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"Hell is empty, and all the devils are here" (Shakespeare)
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Be sure to follow FEC rules in your fundraising

Hi Joe,

Thanks for your service and dedication. :)

I'm sure people get sick of me saying this, but I believe the DP is crawling with Rombama operatives who are looking for ways to entrap/disqualify/jail Ron Paul delegates. So be sure you don't accidentally take illegal campaign contributions to pay for your trip to Tampa. The following is from "FEC Rules for National Convention Delegates," available here: http://www.fec.gov/pages/brochures/delegate.shtml The brochure gives a detailed explanation of the issues surrounding fundraising by national delegates and delegate committees.

As a national delegate, you are bound by all the FEC regulations about prohibited donations:

Who is Prohibited From Contributing to a Delegate?
Individual delegates may not accept any contributions from sources prohibited from making contributions in connection with federal elections. These sources include:

• Corporations (including banks and nonprofit corporations);
• Labor organizations;
• Foreign nationals or businesses (except "green card" holders--those admitted to the United States for permanent residence); and
• Federal government contractors (such as partnerships and sole proprietors with federal contracts).

Give the brochure a read, make sure you know who (and where) your donors are, and keep really good records.

Best of luck to you!

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Public Relations Consulting

Do I Need Paypal?

Or is there another way for me to contribute?

Looks like you can

use credit/debit card on the link in the original post.
Nice of you to help out.

"Hell is empty, and all the devils are here" (Shakespeare)
RP 2012~ Intellectual Revolution.


I don't remember seeing this referenced on this site before. This is a method of traveling and avoiding the high costs of hotels.


I have nothing to do with this website. I don't know anything about them or how it works, but it might be helpful to some of you going to Tampa.

Joe Kent, delegate.

Check out Joe on his " Joe Kent Facebook ". One of his favorite persons is Ron Paul. He also has Ron Paul's book showing as one of his favorite books.

More Proof!

Yes I am really a true patriot through and through. I also made a local TV show where I interview liberty minded candidates. Here I am interviewing John Carroll who is running for U.S. Senate in Hawaii:


John is a huge Ron Paul supporter. I know the interview is long, but we talk often about Ron Paul, so it's worth watching, especially if you live in Hawaii.

I know Ron Paul supporters can be skeptical -- but that's a good thing. We should all be skeptical of the world around us.

A patriot indeed..

and a patriot in need!

"Hell is empty, and all the devils are here" (Shakespeare)
RP 2012~ Intellectual Revolution.

Can someone please explain to me

why it is that the campaign has 3.3 million and they can't foot the bill for the delegates in need? If they're "saving" for the future, there won't be a future without getting these delegates there!

contact Julie, Maui leader

to put you in touch with the Big Is. delegates to share rooms. A sleeping bag on the floor or on the couch is fine to cut down on costs.


Julie and I are good friends already, and we are working together to get this all figured out. Thanks again!

Thats expensive...

I've checked and the picken's are pretty slim. Maybe check Craigslist under Sublets/Temporary? That's what ive been looking at. Also, if you can break your stay into different hotels you might be able to do it cheaper.

Do you have any ability to make money on Ebay selling goods

if they could be sent to you?

Just asking...

But have you contacted Ron Paul's campaign staff. The campaign said they wanted all delegates to contact them, and if any delegates needed any help to contact them as well. I would be interested to hear what their response to you will be seeing how they have MILLIONS of our money sitting around doing nothing and all.


Yes, I sent a plea to them, and they said it was unlikely that they could provide the money, but they would see what they could do and get back to me. Please read the exciting updating above though, where they did come through!

Is there a requirement staying in that hotel at that rate?

If not, can you consider a hotel with a lower rate? When I need to travel I look for hotels around $100/night as my money is tight.


Please read the update above, we are getting lower rates now!

No one can help out here?

No one can help out here? seems like a genuine need.

"Hell is empty, and all the devils are here" (Shakespeare)
RP 2012~ Intellectual Revolution.

Great job in making the

Great job in making the effort to get to Tampa. Be Patient, keep bumping this, and allow some time for this to get rolling. people will have questions and want some vetting before forking out over two thousand bucks. Ill pitch some in also once im certain it will be used correctly.


Thanks so much for the encouragement!

I contributed a little, good

I contributed a little, good luck!

Thank you!

Thank you so much elcroato! I really appreciate even a little bit. Just that helps me feel a little more financially secure! Every bit counts. Thanks again!!!