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Oregon: Response to Allen Alley letter of July 3, 2012.

This lawyer from California has spent hours and enormous amount of heart and energy into understanding our situation and how the RNC Rules, ORP By-laws, ORP Standing Rules, ORP Congressional District Convention Rules apply. I urge you to listen to his analysis of Allen Alley's letter of "explanation" for recent events...it's about an hour, but highly informative, and the more of us who understand this content, the harder it is for people to get away with acting like dictators...

Click the URL, and then click the play button, to listen to the recording.

two errors. One trivial one was that he said CD5 was the district which didn't continue, but that was actually CD1. The other one was that he apparently forgot that the time from 2:30PM to 5PM was not empty; we elected our district delegates during that period. The overall gist of this is on the mark, though: Allen Alley's explanation is not credible.

RNC Rules:
ORP By-laws:
ORP Standing Rules:
CD Rules:

doing what we can...while we can


Please disseminate freely....

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Hope he never has a spot in politics again