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All Nebraska Delegates Need to Follow Maine's Template + Challenge the Voting Machines + Call in the Sheriff

The meeting in Grand Island on July 14 is going to be a showdown. Below is a 3-step template, offered by jz4Maine (with an added suggestions from Tumbleweed Steve and Sunny), as the following strategy proved to be successful in Maine under similar circumstances:

1. Meet the night before so everyone will be on the same page and will be able to vote for the endorsed delegate including convention chair. (Sunny says: "We got every damn delegate we could elect to be a RP Delegate + the majority in the committees.")

2. Get there several hours before the convention. We had donuts and breakfast in the parking lot! there were people there up to 6 hours early! the reason is you want to have Paul supporters in the door and registered before ANYONE else so you can avoid being caught in line. We had the first 200-300 people in line.

3. First thing, you have to VOTE FOR THE CONVENTION CHAIR They must elect one and you must put forward someone to run for that position. They tried to put forward their own convention chair in Maine without a vote but they were thwarted with a point of order! Stay sharp and show up in force! (Sunny adds: "The key is to get as many RP delegates to the convention as humanly possible and get a RP Delegate as Chair. Once you got that you're golden.")

PS: Don't let 'em use voting machines to count delegate votes. Get expert advice on how to motion for a hand count or a paper ballot count with objective supervision. Specific guidelines on this issue are being collected at: http://www.dailypaul.com/243768/need-to-address-the-rented-v...

PSS: Maine also had 2 Parliamentarians on the stage to help Brent (the RP Chair), and Brent conferred with them often. Brent was fair all the way, and that sealed the deal. BTW: The Maine GOP paid for this:

Parliamentarian, Thomas J. "Burke" Balch
The man co-wrote the latest Roberts Rules of Order.

PPPS: Where Nebraska GOP Executive Director, Jordan McGrain has already announced that he has hired security to quash any disruptions, Tumbleweed Steve suggests hiring the County Sheriff.

Tumbleweed Steve says:

"WE all know that the county sheriff holds all of the constitutional power. I think that if I were a Ron Paul supporter in Nebraska I would be going to have a talk with the county sheriff where this convention is being held, and take him a copy of some sheriff Mack literature so he understands his job according to the Constitution...then offer to hire some of his off-duty fellers as security to counter whatever the power mongers of the state GOP have decided to put in place."

Hall County Sheriff (General Offices)
111 Public Safety Drive
Grand Island, NE 68801
(308) 385-5200

So, the key is to get as many RP delegates to the convention as possible. Maine won with just "4" votes -- "4" votes! -- in spite of all the establishments' shenanigans. Here is a video from Maine to watch and study. There is no such thing as being overly prepared:


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Watch the Vote Nebraska Conference Call: July 10 at 8 PM EDT

All Ron Paul delegates in Nebraska are invited to join us for a conference call on the evening of July 10 to discuss election fraud and ensure you are prepared for everything and anything. The entire nation is supporting your efforts, and we want to share with you what has worked/not worked across the nation so far, and what to be on the lookout for.

Bring any/all questions.
Conference Call Number:641-715-3200 / PIN: 1064662#

Blend in

Wear dark paints, white shirt w/ tie and ride a bike to the Convention, you will be above suspicion.



Go Nebraska Go, kick butt4us...

We send you all our energy for success for Ron Paul and the real American way!!!

I say: if you can't make it better, don't make it worst!

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vote chair 1st thing, use no force, talk officer on Robrt's Rule

3 things -
1)I'm thinking using force against officers is not such a good idea....all they will end up doing is shutting the entire convention down, which is exactly what they will want if RP does in fact have the #'s to win.
2)Please do everything in your power to make sure that the 1st vote is for the chair. If the temp chair wants to do something else, then make voting on whether you should vote on the chair your 1st vote. GET HIM OUT OF THERE RIGHT AWAY, otherwise it will be down hill from there.
3)Can anyone confirm that they have spoken to an officer in Grand Island, talked to them about Roberts Rules and how the 1st rule of business is to vote on the chair. That the guy at the podeum is intended to be temporary, not someone who calls all of the shots unless the "people" vote him to be the permanent chair.

I will help...

With some $ for Sheriffs fees...Hit me up...PLZ!!!

Bad food, worse weather, please rEVOLution the states so I can bring my family back home!
Rosa Koire for for President!

3 Men Muscle-- Bring it!

What I mean by this is, the day or two BEFORE the event, please ROLL PLAY a situation.

Your parlimentarian calls a point of order but security cops are sent to take him out of the building. What do you do?

Well I can tell you this: 3 - to - 1 = Back down, call for support.

That is what they are trained to do. When 3 or more citizens stand between the security officer and the person they are after, the out numbered security officer is told to call for back up.

Well do the math. As 5 additional security officers are brought in, the usual number, that means you will need 18 or more citizen s to simply stand up and BETWEEN who they wish to arrest. This will mean the 6 security officers will call for more back up and so on. As long as you keep the ration 3 to 1 in a confrontation, do not step asside, they will continue to call for back up.

Now some make try to pick on one of you to move you out or make you back down, simply put, indimidate you, BUT KEEP YOUR 3 to 1 Numbers or more 4 to 1 and you simply will win.

And a Win is a stall to a stand down. That is, you agree to stand down if and when they leave. Tell them this is Democracy and the Chair is OUT OF ORDER, go gaurd the front doors.

Get to know EACHOTHER days ahead of time.

Good luck.

Yes, please BUY this wonderful libertarian BOOK! We all must know the History of Freedom! Buy it today!

"The System of Liberty: Themes in the History of Classical Liberalism" ...by author George Smith --
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Don't forget to video, video, vd...

Riding on this comment: Designate those who will speakers, those who will vd tape, and others as blockers or defusers--like a chess board--hey, cause some commotion outside on the grounds that would require most, if not all of security's attention so when they call for security inside, there'll be no one around. Throw some fainters off to the side as distraction--if they don't play fair, we can play passive offense. We know it gonna be TOUGH!!!

Everyone send good energy to Nebraska for the win!!!

I say: if you can't make it better, don't make it worst!

This Is a Great Idea, and I Love it, But. . .

I wonder why something like this didn't work with Occupy Wall Street, say during the infamous Anthony Bologna/USC "Pepper Spray Incident":



NEGOP Headquarters

The Mike & Stephanie Johanns Republican Center

1610 N Street, Lincoln 68508

Phone: 402-475-2122
Fax: 402-475-3541


If anyone knows of any email address or othere means to contact the Neb GOP leadership. PLEASE POST!!!

PLEASE everyone who wants a NE win...

...go here and give what you can. They are hesitant to ask for help; we who live nowhere close to NE are dying to do anything we can. DO IT NOW! http://www.dailypaul.com/243758/if-you-really-want-to-help-n...

So the convention is July 14?

So the convention is July 14? What better way to honor the French for their help in our revolution than to resore liberty on their independence day?


hire cops

They are already priming the media for their crap. You need to hire some cops/off-duty cops/retired cops.

URGENT: Watch out for...

Watch out for an RNC operative named Stephanie Miller. I was the NV Elections Committee Chair, and this woman from the RNC tried to mess us up at every turn. In fact, she DID mess us up considerably, but thank God we managed to pull off a successful, fair election anyway.

Stephanie Miller took over our agenda, arrangements, and (most importantly) ballot printing here in NV, and managed to louse them ALL up. The Romney campaign backed her up all the way.

She was also sent to AZ and I don't know how many other states, so she might be in Nebraska already.

I'm posting this under all the Nebraska stories, in case anyone noticed =), because I really do think this is URGENT. Go get 'em, Nebraska!!!! See you in Tampa!!!

Disaster and an Embarrassment for Governor Heineman

Yikes! It sure smells from this article as if the Nebraska GOP is going to use rigged voting machines to fill in all the empty spaces they can't maneuver legitimately. Help! We need to educate the delegates on how to success in motioning for a hand count or paper ballots with objective oversight.




Mighty mountains in grandeur stand, but tiny raindrops turn them to sand! Noah, I think I just felt a raindrop!!


What do you think guys. Can we rent the same place of the convention for the hours after the convetion is supposed to have finished just in case we need more time and not let them shut down the meeting because the rent time has expired?

This is a great suggestion!

This is a great suggestion!

Right! Great Suggestion! If You're in Nebraska. . .

Do it!

Sadly I live far away from

Sadly I live far away from Nebraska but I'd like to see some of our nebraskan bothers do that.

Or choose a place nearby?

Or choose a place nearby?

To reconvene if needed. Why

To reconvene if needed. Why the down vote?

Sorry, meant to vote up

Sorry, meant to vote up originally. But i remembered they have rump conventions because you are not allowed to conduct business away from the grounds where the delegates are selected.

Has anyone contacted the

Has anyone contacted the Nebraska State Association of Parliamentarians? Maybe the can help.


Also, contact Joe Jordan from Nebraska Watch Dog? He is an investigative journalist for Nebraska.watchdog.org for political reporting. He needs to be there.



Drop off the convention rules to he sheriff department. Explain to them how the convention process works. Talk to the security ahead of the convention.

All eyes on you Nebraska! Organize, focus, and win! God Bless!

Wow! Brilliant Advice! Attention Nebraskans!

Someone in Nebraska please pick up this ball and let us know you have this covered:

1. Contact the Nebraska State Association of Parliamentarians at http://parliamentarians.org/ne/

2. Contact Joe Jordan, an investigative journalist for Nebraska.watchdog.org for political reporting, and be sure he is there.


3. Drop off the convention rules to the Hall County Sheriff's Department, and explain to them how the convention process works.

Now Ron Paul supporters are being called "Insurgents"

Security heightened at Nebraska GOP convention in anticipation of Ron Paul insurgency.




President Ron Paul!!!!!!!!!!

Heres how to get a guess of your strength before the convention.

I noticed this happened in Maine a week or two before the convention. State party leaders pushed back the deadline to become an eligible delegate. They must have taken a guess at our strength from adding up numbers from the town caucuses. I'm guessing they knew they were losing, so they invite anyone else to become a delegate. I don't thunk they've allowed that before. Simultaneously, they do a press release to the local neocon news station that ron Paul may win the state. This motivated old party folks to get out of theirs seats and come fight. As you know, this establishment effort made it very close.
So... you'll know if you have the numbers to win. Be aware of the state party inviting all late comers to become delegates. If they make nosuch move, then they must think they are positioned to win..
Nothing beats showing up with as many warm bodies as you can. Call in all favors. No excuses. All must attend. Stay hydrated, bring an energy bar, and be prepared to sit. GO GET EM

Educate yourself