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All Nebraska Delegates Need to Follow Maine's Template + Challenge the Voting Machines + Call in the Sheriff

The meeting in Grand Island on July 14 is going to be a showdown. Below is a 3-step template, offered by jz4Maine (with an added suggestions from Tumbleweed Steve and Sunny), as the following strategy proved to be successful in Maine under similar circumstances:

1. Meet the night before so everyone will be on the same page and will be able to vote for the endorsed delegate including convention chair. (Sunny says: "We got every damn delegate we could elect to be a RP Delegate + the majority in the committees.")

2. Get there several hours before the convention. We had donuts and breakfast in the parking lot! there were people there up to 6 hours early! the reason is you want to have Paul supporters in the door and registered before ANYONE else so you can avoid being caught in line. We had the first 200-300 people in line.

3. First thing, you have to VOTE FOR THE CONVENTION CHAIR They must elect one and you must put forward someone to run for that position. They tried to put forward their own convention chair in Maine without a vote but they were thwarted with a point of order! Stay sharp and show up in force! (Sunny adds: "The key is to get as many RP delegates to the convention as humanly possible and get a RP Delegate as Chair. Once you got that you're golden.")

PS: Don't let 'em use voting machines to count delegate votes. Get expert advice on how to motion for a hand count or a paper ballot count with objective supervision. Specific guidelines on this issue are being collected at: http://www.dailypaul.com/243768/need-to-address-the-rented-v...

PSS: Maine also had 2 Parliamentarians on the stage to help Brent (the RP Chair), and Brent conferred with them often. Brent was fair all the way, and that sealed the deal. BTW: The Maine GOP paid for this:

Parliamentarian, Thomas J. "Burke" Balch
The man co-wrote the latest Roberts Rules of Order.

PPPS: Where Nebraska GOP Executive Director, Jordan McGrain has already announced that he has hired security to quash any disruptions, Tumbleweed Steve suggests hiring the County Sheriff.

Tumbleweed Steve says:

"WE all know that the county sheriff holds all of the constitutional power. I think that if I were a Ron Paul supporter in Nebraska I would be going to have a talk with the county sheriff where this convention is being held, and take him a copy of some sheriff Mack literature so he understands his job according to the Constitution...then offer to hire some of his off-duty fellers as security to counter whatever the power mongers of the state GOP have decided to put in place."

Hall County Sheriff (General Offices)
111 Public Safety Drive
Grand Island, NE 68801
(308) 385-5200

So, the key is to get as many RP delegates to the convention as possible. Maine won with just "4" votes -- "4" votes! -- in spite of all the establishments' shenanigans. Here is a video from Maine to watch and study. There is no such thing as being overly prepared:


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This is very serious

You have to have the numbers period. Do not slack up on this because it is a must. Get every warm body you can lay hands on to show up. Let them know how important this is. As a delegate from GA I wish you the best of luck and you will be in my prayers.

Delegates, it is your duty

to make sure this criminal element of the local GOP does not thwart the Ron Paul delegates as they plan.

You have the law and constitution behind you. This is a Federal Election and fall under Federal Laws NOT state or party rules.

Don't forget, if you are a delegate, you have the power to stop these criminals. Be direct and in their face. threaten them with Jail, threaten their future in the party. Make them fear you. When the people fear the government there is tyranny, when the government fears the people there is liberty. Live those words

Tumbleweed Steve has the right of it, enlist the Sheriff to uphold our rights.

A quick true story

At our local county caucus, I got involved as a "volunteer" We were told at an organizational meeting that we would have a big man with silver Massachusetts-like political hair walking the caucus floor. He became a Republican so he could be at the caucus in a black suit, and looking like a FBI agent (true visiual profile), very intimidating so that Ron Paul people couldn't cause any trouble. The caucus chair said they had been instructed to have 91- less another 1) dialed in and not to hesitate to dial the extra "1" and to dial for help at the least provocation.

Not only do we have to get all Sheriff's onboard and assert our rights, we need to make sure that all are friends, neighbors, be they R or D, about the corruption. Maybe they do not prefer Dr. Paul, but this has gone way beyond politics this is about our rights as citizens...all of us. I have a few friends quite uptight with me, but there are also those who are questioning and actually reading about the matter, not just being a "believer in the establishment."

Some others mentioned this

Some others mentioned this but I'm posting again.

Nebraska Oath Keepers


I emailed them. Will post a reply when I hear back.

Here's an Updated Dialog from the NE Oath Keepers FB Group

SP: "I am down in Kansas City, Missouri. You need RP supporters up there to surround the parameter of the building to help keep them honest inside? We need honesty at this event next weekend. If RP wins Nebraska, then he can force a vote in Tampa. Ron Paul has fought for our Constitution for decades - I think we should all feel obligated to let him know we have his back."

SH: "We have control of the situation in our own way."

SP: "People around the country are ready, willing, and able to come down and flex with ya. And as a veteran... I can't even impart to you how much I respect you Oath Keepers."

SH: "Thanks, but I believe we have the situation under control Steve. I will run it by the leadership though."

SP: "If you got it ya got it. We just want honesty, and we don't want to hear about RP reps getting tossed out because they are standing up for the Constitution."

SH: "That tossing can work both ways :-)"

SP: "I like the way you think, Steven :)"

SH: "There are plans under way that I will elaborate on at the appropriate time."

- - - - - - - -
Oath Keepers is a non-partisan association of currently serving military, reserves, National Guard, veterans, Peace Officers, and Fire Fighters who will fulfill the Oath we swore, with the support of like minded citizens who take an Oath to stand with us, to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, so help us God. Our Oath is to the Constitution.

Great! Sounds like you guys

Great! Sounds like you guys have things in order? There are lots of great suggestions here. The key is to be a step ahead. Communicate with local law enforcement. Have people on the sidelines. Be organized and stay focused. Are you guys receiving any help from the local campaign? Here in MN...our campaign was very organized. I was a precinct and county organizer for one of the toughest counties in my state. My county lost but I have many years of establishment to unravel. But I started something here and im not giving up! I still have lots of work to do for future elections.

Not Exactly "In Order" Yet

Further down the page at the Nebraska Oath Keepers group, SH, who says above, "We have control of the situation in our own way," posts this:

"I am an RLC delegate going to the state GOP convention. Here in Platte Co. our RLC folks swept all delegate positions AND all elected positions. Please be aware that the RLC is not just about Ron Paul. It is the LIBERTY caucus. If any of you need info please contact me."

Hummm. . . It makes you wonder what he means about having control of the situation. I've messaged him very discreetly for more info. We'll see what he has to say.

Well done, BTW, for your efforts in MN! And right on with your attitude for the future!

I think it sounds fine. Here

I think it sounds fine. Here in MN we have a group called Republican Bulldogs. They are not about Ron Paul although many Ron Paul supporters have become members. Wouldn't hurt to talk to the guy.

I'm Going to Feel Him Out

We want to make sure "We have control of the situation in our own way" means the same to him as it does to us: For Liberty!

Also, this isn't just about

Also, this isn't just about Ron Paul. It's about ensuring a fair election.

Every email link on the

Every email link on the website is bogus. Someone who is organizing the effort should call the number listed. Doesn't hurt to have someone on the sidelines. We in MN in my county had The Republican Bulldogs to aide us.

Michael Lemieux

Nebraska Oath Keepers
Pres: Michael Lemieux
Vice President: Greg Boyle
National Liasion: Steve Homan
Treasurer: John Mahan
Secretary: TBA
Chaplain: Jim Moudry
Event Coordinator: Steve Homan
Bellevue - Steven W. Nickerson Sr.
Columbus - Tomas Dunn
Grand Island - TBA
Lincoln - Jack Lonowski
North Platte - Chuck Matson

All Nebraska Delegates should have a copy of this!


KNOW YOUR Roberts Rules of ORDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go Nebraska!

Best of luck Patriots!

If you have the numbers you can run the show. No voting machines and no voice votes.

You are the R3VOLUTION

Best voting meathods

If I were the RP delegates, I would go with a hand vote or voice vote rather than paper ballot voting. Remember: Delegates in Arizona were accused of stuffing the ballot box, and Romney won that state by a landslide.

We can not afford this to happen again if we want Ron Paul to win his 5th state. Although winning the 5th state isn't necessary considering that all delegates are unbound and can vote for anyone, it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to the RNC!

Now, with that all being said, LET'S RACK UP THE DELEGATES IN NEBRASKA!

Like lastchanceforliberty says Above:

With an overpowering number of supporters, we can run the show. Show up in DROVES Nebraska! Oorah!

paper ballots

All the other comments are very important, but if you use electronic voting machines it will be all for naught!

When freedom is at stake, silence is not golden – it is yellow- Tom Anderson writer patriot. 1910-2001

"Any people that would give up liberty for a little temporary safety deserves neither liberty nor safety." Benjamin Franklin

Thanks gg --- The Need to Tackle the Voting Machines is Now a PS

NE has a history of allegations of vote fraud by ES&S machines. In the article below, Bev Harris discovered that Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel (R) has ties to the largest voting machine company, Election Systems & Software (ES&S) out of Omaha. Hagel was an owner, and ES&S was the ONLY company whose machines counted his votes when he ran for election in 1996 and 2002.


Hagel may still own up to $5 million in the ES&S parent company, McCarthy Group. Someone in Nebraska needs to do the homework, find out about these ties, track this closely and learn how to challenge the count and get a hand count. Perhaps counting all the Ron Paul supporters beforehand and then making sure the numbers add up will be be good place to start. We'll all be watching via live stream.

LIBERTY2ME's picture



If they use electonic voting, find out exactly how many poeple are there AND how many are RP. Then if they cheat, you will know for sure. However, you do need to know BOTH. (1)how many total people are there and (2) How many are for RP.
If you only know how many RP people there are, then they will just bump up the the other side, you will never know because you won't know how many people are there. This make sense?

Good luck, we will be watching praying and saying novenas for you guys.


Go Nebraska!!!

"Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms."
Ron Paul



"If you want something you've never had before, you have to do something you've never done before." Debra Medina

This is how we did it!


Just do it Nebraska!

Ron Paul is My President

What an Accomplishment, Sunny!

This is EXACTLY what the Nebraskan delegates need to do.
In it to win it! We urgently NEED Nebraska.

1. Elect a Ron Paul Convention Chair.
2. Elect a Ron Paul Convention Secretary.
3. Elect a Ron Paul State Committee Man and Woman.
4. Elect 2 Ron Paul National Electors.

Plus: Don't let 'em use voting machines to count delegate votes. Get expert advice on how to motion for a hand count or a paper ballot count with objective supervision.

Lady Hawke

I posted this after our Maine State GOP Convention on May 5 and 6.

I wanted EVERYONE to know that this is HOW we won. And I might add, we are the ONLY state that can make that claim. We got every damn delegate we could elect to be a RP Delegate + the majority in the committees.

The key is to get as many RP delegates to the convention as humanly possible and get a RP Delegate as Chair. Once you got that you're golden.

We also had 2 Parliamentarians on the stage to help Brent (our RP Chair) and he conferred with them often. And he was fair, all the way and that sealed the deal. The Maine GOP paid for this. And that to me was amazing.

Thomas J. "Burke" Balch

This is who Nevada needs. TJ Balch is THE Parliamentarian of Parliamentarians. He co-wrote the latest Roberts Rules of Order.

But, like I said the key was to get as many RP delegates to the convention as possible. We got it BUT with "4" votes - just "4" votes! And that is in spite of all the shenanigans they "tried" to pull to bring us down.

Here is one video. There are more.


Ron Paul is My President

Thank You Sunny! With Your Permission, I Am Adding This

Check the forum post above, and your will see where your comments have been incorporated. Great additional details! Thanks for the pointers!

You are most welcome Lady Hawk.

I know you incorporated comments from my thread. I just could not resist commenting - even if it was redundant. It helps to keep this VERY important thread alive. Nebraska will give us 5.

The status quo Nebraska GOP be damned. It can be done.

I just hope and pray that Nebraska will follow our lead.

Ron Paul is My President

Good thoughts...

Although trying to enlist the county sheriff (by way of sheriff Mack's logic) could be a dice roll, it can't hurt to ask him to be available if the activities of the convention require involvement of law enforcement.

I think that act alone should signal that WE are not the ones who are afraid of the strict observance of the rules AND the law.

The Virtual Conspiracy

Robert's Rules of Order

This is the only suggestion I can add. Be sure EVERYONE knows and understands Robert's Rules and how to use them.


Robert's Rules of Order

Good point! I am repeating this for emphasis here: Nebraskan delegates need to know and understand Robert's Rules and how to use them.