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$40 million cable project points to Guantánamo’s permanence

A report that the Pentagon has budgeted $40 million to lay a fiber-optic cable from Florida to the US naval base at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba is an indication of Washington’s plans to maintain its infamous detention camp there indefinitely.

“It only makes sense to do if we’re going to be here for any period of time,” Navy Capt. Kirk Hibbert, the outgoing base commander, told the Miami Herald, whose reporter Carol Rosenberg broke the story on the planned cable.

According to the report, laying the cable and building infrastructure on both its Cuban and Florida ends will not begin for another year, while getting communications up and running on the cable would not take place until two years after that.

The Herald report continues: “But the American military has already notified the Cuban military to expect a surveyor ship, the USNS Zeus, off the base’s coastline this summer—a first step toward getting the program funded and then out to bid.”

The Cuban government has little choice in the matter. While it has opposed the presence of the base since shortly after the 1959 revolution, the United States has refused to relinquish the 45 square miles it occupies on the southeastern Cuban coast. It claims it has a right to the territory under a 1903 lease dictated to Cuba, then a semi-colonial protectorate of the US. Washington goes through the formality of issuing monthly checks for the lease amounting to $4,085. The Cuban government has refused to cash the checks for more than five decades.

Read the rest here: http://www.wsws.org/articles/2012/jul2012/guan-j07.shtml

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Yup, gonne occupy that for a

Yup, gonne occupy that for a looooong looong time comrade

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Investment in a new kind of resort community!

As of 2010, it costs you and me over $800,000.00 per prisoner at Gitmo to house and maintain each year!

I am sure with the rate of inflation, that number creeps even higher.

It is a sure bet to invest more of our $$$'s in a future retreat/resort community as another person suggested here.....


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wait. I thought the US and Cuba were supposed to be - you know

not cool with each other - but we are laying in 40 million in cable?

Guantanamo is American

Guantanamo is American territory, Cuba can't do anything about it. Not that the US govt. cares what anybody thinks anyway.

cuba CAN do something

they can cut the cable.

isn't the cable running through their territorial waters? In which case, SLICE IT UP!!

In 20 years or less it will

In 20 years or less it will be a beautiful hotel complex popular with rich Chinese tourists and a testimony to the once mighty and feared American empire.