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It's Starting To Look Like Romney Has A Dirty Tax Secret

The bottom line is that there is a lot of unsettling information in what investigators have so far been able to piece together about Romney's finances. The easiest way for Governor Romney to put to rest what his campaign described to Shaxson as "unfounded allegations and insinuations" would be to release his tax returns. Yet he has not done so and shows no sign of changing his mind. Josh Marshall calls the questions "kryptonite" and thinks Romney will come under a lot of pressure to release more tax returns. Let's hope so. The guy's running for President, for Pete's sake.


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it doesn't bother me a bit if

it doesn't bother me a bit if Romney didn't pay his taxes. There are plenty of things to not like about the guy but not paying taxes isn't one of them.

If anyone should pay taxes

it should be someone like mittens who became wealthly mostly by robbing the public purse!

I don't think anyone should

I don't think anyone should be paying taxes but you have a good point.

Me either that's for sure...

But, that's not where we are at YET. Just like President Paul says...we can't just end the fed overnight and we can't just abandon all the people who have become dependent on the State because the THOUGHT they were paying into a SS retirement account but were actually just funding an ever increasing government...things are so incredibly fucked up right now, it's going to take a little time and some creative thinking by some Austrian Economics minded people to get us back on track. It would be fine with me if we stopped taxing everyone right now as long as we started penalizing all the crooks who have been stealing from the American people for 100 years.

We are on the same team Austro...I can promise you that!