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Dr. Paul Can Still Deny Romney the Nomination

In many states, the "official" results of voting done by the public mean next to nothing. The talking heads on television often tell us how many delegates are "projected" to go to a particular candidate, but as we have seen in Iowa and in so many other states, those "projections" are basically meaningless.

And remember, Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich also have significant numbers of delegates pledged to each of them. So Ron Paul does not need to accumulate 1,144 delegates himself to deny Mitt Romney the nomination on the first ballot. He just needs to keep Romney from getting to 1,144 (NO, Romney does NOT currently have 1,144 delegates)

The race for the Republican nomination is not over.


The "Real" Delegate Count

** In fact, no Republican delegate is "bound" (required by law or party rules) to support Romney or any other particular candidate at Tampa

*** AP seriously understates Non-Romney delegates; our count of "Unbound" Non-Romney delegates is more precise; and it is most precise to say, in accord with RNC Rules, that all 2,286 delegates are potential first-ballot Non-Romney delegates.


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Its about time people start waking UP!

Thank You for this post!

Old video but wanted to share!
We are NOT GIVING UP!!!!Here we come Tampa!

Ron Paul - The Time Has Come To Legalize Freedom


I did not make the video but who ever did they did a awesome job!

This is absolutely correct

In a Federal Election, no delegate is bound by law or party rules