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Is it ok for Walmart to build here?

So there is a new Walmart going up near a school in my city of Albuquerque. The school is ultra liberal (but a very expensive private school). The school and the neighborhood association are starting a petition to stop the Walmart, because it will increase traffic and will be bad for the environment. I was curious, is Walmart wrong to build there? I would think when jobs are in dire need it would be a good time to build more businesses. The middle class and upper class people who are making this petition will take away jobs from the lower class people...seems a little wrong to me : / Here is the petition they were going to put up.

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But cities are

usually falling all over each other to give the Walmart's, NBA
teams and such all kinds of subsidies and tax breaks so that
there *is* no boost to tax revenue - in the short run, anyway.

Needless to say, such subsidies are not usually available to
independent businesses, in fact they are taxed to subsidize
the Walmarts..

Vermont is an interesting case, they have shut out a lot of big
box development, although they recently approved what will
be the biggest Walmart in the state (after a twenty year fight over it).

They have a pretty unique (I think sensible) law called Act 250
that gives them authority to reject big developments if they
adversely affect any of ten or so criteria:


It surprises me that

It surprises me that Albuquerque, being one of those places that's got a huge influx of young educated professionals, would have money troubles, but then again, with the economy being less than perfect, and corporations making the mistake of being addicted to cheap overseas labor...


That is an extremely good idea I never thought of that! Damn man I am lost for words that is a really good idea.

Walmart will save consumers money.

If you want to make it less convenient for people to save money shopping in your area then join the petitioners and hold a sign that says Say no to Walmart so we can pay more.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Actually it doesn't in the

Actually it doesn't in the long run because most of what they sell is cheap junk that breaks easily and doesn't last long, so you wind up buying the same thing (or something similarly cheap) over and over again, and when it's all said and done, you could've spent a little more and had something decent in the first place.

My brother buys the cheapest new air conditioner from Walmart every year. I can't remember the last time I bought one.

no offense but dumbest thing ive ever heard

nothing is for free and you always pay for what you get!! why don't you start defending/promoting monsanto while you're at it! their seeds, chemicals, and food is the cheapest around too!

do you think McDonald's is cheap too? should people be clamoring for that too?

not everyone can afford

that gourmet cheese stuff bro. If it's not affordable and you can't eat, who cares what's in it?


I wasn't just talking about their food

BTW our health is directly related to the food we eat...so you can eat all the "cheap" food you want but don't be surprised down the road, if you get a cavity, have Diabetes or even get Cancer from poor food choices.

Also did you know that Wal-mart colludes with manufacturers and creates lower quality and odd sized versions of their products, to only be sold in Wal-mart stores...creating the allusion that Wal-mart is cheaper on certain products.

they are cheaper

overall, a lot of people live paycheck to paycheck. if there's a box of cereal that's 5 bucks and only available in 15 oz, and you only have 4 bux, you're S.O.L. If walmart makes a 10oz for 3.95, then that family gets their cereal for the pay period. It may not be as much, but it's a market solution, not the government putting in a price/size control.

"Cheap food" doesn't cause cavities either. You can destroy your teeth with lemons, nuts and other things, but that's secondary to the decay, which is caused by bacteria/lack of adequate oral hygiene.

Walmart has been going the organic route on several products. It isn't the 100% but there has to be food available to a lot of people, not just a few.

You can get into all the manufactured/factory farm arguments you want, but Wal Mart is doing pretty well for a lot of people.


btw why is someone poor spending $4-5 on cereal???

seems like a complete waste of money to me...

why shouldn't they make some oatmeal for a just few cents,

instead of EXPENSIVE, Processed food?

Because grain is a cheap way

Because grain is a cheap way to feed people who can't afford to eat a proper and nutritious diet.

Personally, I don't touch the stuff.

that was an example

i don't like oatmeal, a lot of people don't, lets start with some mandates so people are forced to eat oatmeal, okay?


dude it's simple math, no gov't mandate needed


"cheap" food doesn't cause cavities but a poor diet does!

Even in 1939 this was known...Check out

"Nutrition and Physical Degeneration"

The evidence regarding this is clear and irrefutable.

"In the book, Price claimed that various diseases endemic to Western cultures of the 1920s and 1930s – from dental caries to tuberculosis – were rarely present in non-Western cultures. He argued that as non-Western groups abandoned indigenous diets and adopted Western patterns of living, they showed increases in typical Western diseases. He concluded that Western methods of commercially preparing and storing foods stripped away vitamins and minerals necessary to prevent these diseases..[23 "

he claimed?

you can make claims all day....did the science support it? and what about oral hygiene? A lot of good science comes from studying people in other countries...people with cavities.


LOL!!! Did you do any research???

Do you know who Price was??

You might need a health primer...check out

"the Beautiful Truth" you can watch it free on youtube.

Plus, who rushed in supplies first after Katrina,

the feds or Walmart?

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

I'm guessing

Wal Mart



They were a big help with water and food, all free.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

nothing is free and the billionaire kids of Sam Walton

made their $$$ on the backs of the poor (around the world, *with the government's help* mind you)

so maybe, helping in a disaster is the very least it should do!

What you may not understand is

that absent the factory where they work twelve hours a day for $1.50 (or whatever "low" wages they earn) they would be stuck working in the fields 16 hours a day for less and the work would be far more demanding. You are used to earning much more for much less effort so naturally you would see the Walmart factories only as a negative, but the peasant who lands a job in a factory figures he's damned lucky. Give that worker a few years to get accustomed to his lighter load and you may see him begin to grumble about not getting a lighter load yet. Eventually capitalism will bring a rough global equilibrium in wages and work conditions.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

I personally don't...

...like Walmart, nor do I shop there. But hey, I don't have any issues with them putting up a store as long as they are made to hire Americans and not illegals. Also, I have heard that their customer service sucks because they treat their employees like garbage. IDK if that's true. If it is, I could careless if they get their store or not.

doesn't Albuquerque

already have enough walmarts? I would think 9 of 'em is more than enough for the size of that city.

No one can compete with

that sort of buying clout. It won't represent new jobs, but a transfer of jobs - from many people working for different smaller, family-owned businesses to many people working for one with a virtual monopoly. It will destroy the look of your downtown area (to have empty storefronts), if the look of your city is part of the draw of seasonal tourism; at the same time, a boxy elephant with so much solid paving around it for parking is not only unattractive but IS bad for the environment (too). And it would definitely change traffic patterns. I can't think of any reason why people would want a Wal-mart.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

empty downtown storefronts

can give way to new businesses, new opportunity for other markets.


Well, now, aren't you the optimist!

I believe in life after death, too. But I think there are negative spiritual ramifications to committing suicide. And I'm not sure what kind of other markets you're talking about, able to compete with Walmart. A clothing store? (No.) Shoe store? (No.) Auto accessory store? (No.) Toy store? (No.) Baby store w/cribs, strollers, etc.? (No.) Health & beauty aids shop? (No.) A bookstore! (No.) Electronics store? (No.) Furniture store? (No.) Bakery? (No.) Pharmacy? (No.) Vitamin shop? (No.) Household goods for bed, bath, and kitchen? (No.) Hardware/home improvement store? (No.) Garden supply store? (No.) Jewelry store? (No.) Movie store? (No.) Music store - not just CD's but instruments! (No.) Office supply store? (No.) Party supplies? (No.) Pet store? (No.) Camera/photo shop? (No.) Sporting goods? (No.) Video store/game center? (No.) I give up! Have anything in mind? But don't worry. Santa Fe will have a Walmart. Today, it's not about quality of life, but quantity. Aesthetics mean little. Or community - supporting one's neighbors (profits going to residents vs. a global corporation). Or even the environment impact (from all the additional paving plus traffic). People think short term. And they value cheap stuff.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

Walmart is the only company

Walmart is the only company that sells shoes but doesn't have a Brannock so you can actually figure out what the hell size your feet are. That's pretty frightening to think of all the strange toes that have been in your shoes before yours, especially when you look at the people of Walmart.

Needless to say, after careful examination of their shoddy products, there's no chance I'll be trading in my Justins for a pair of Brahmas any time soon.

I've seen nearly every one of those types of businesses

flock to build around Wal-Marts...b/c Wal-mart brings in a lot of traffic. But then again I live in Texas.

and seriously...you go to each and every one of those types of stores every weekend to get your supplies/groceries?

c'mon man, that sounds more optimistic than a Wal-Mart that has a lot of good stuff under one roof.


Texas? I am so

Texas? I am so sorry...

...but in fairness, I have to drive through there on my way home, so you're not alone!

It sounds as if you shop at

It sounds as if you shop at Walmart, because you evidently don't see the thousands of people shopping at other stores. I almost never shop there.