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Is it ok for Walmart to build here?

So there is a new Walmart going up near a school in my city of Albuquerque. The school is ultra liberal (but a very expensive private school). The school and the neighborhood association are starting a petition to stop the Walmart, because it will increase traffic and will be bad for the environment. I was curious, is Walmart wrong to build there? I would think when jobs are in dire need it would be a good time to build more businesses. The middle class and upper class people who are making this petition will take away jobs from the lower class people...seems a little wrong to me : / Here is the petition they were going to put up.

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Shopped there a few times 25 yrs ago

Thought you might be interested to see this article posted here last week, "Our Hidden History of Corporations in the United States."


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Nice article. I'm not

Nice article. I'm not disagreeing with you. I guess I'm just an optimist too, like the other guy you answered.

depends on the area

For example, walmart moved into Nowata, Okla. They drove all the mom and pop places out of business. Then, they decided they still didn't have enough sales and closed their own doors. Now there's no shops to speak of in that town, for starting a business takes quite a bit of money (between the shop itself, inventory, insurance, etc.).

There is a term for

There is a term for libertarian Wal Mart apologists: Vulgar Libertarians....coined by market anarchist Kevin Carson. Basically those who conflate the corporate-state market, sweatshops and so forth with a freed market and defend its existence to the last breath.

Wal Mart lobbyists are ridiculously powerful in Washington and are the reason for what eventually becomes international trade agreements. They empower the overseas sweatshops in the same way Mcdonald's(another subsidized chain) empowers every agricultural monopoly, including Monsanto on behalf of both. They have received huge subsidies from local governments and the feds...plus remember the whole Janet Napolitano/Wal Mart See-Something-Say-Something scheme? Come on. Stop defending Wal Mart....It's really getting old.

well said annica2!

and thank you for saying it!

and it looks like no one here has been able to make an argument beyond "wal-mart is cheap therefore good" lol

wal mart saves me alot of money

"supporting local business" often means paying higher prices. Some people welcome saving a buck or ten.


The Ultimate Pro-Walmart Article

"Walmart is one of the great shining examples of what a market economy can achieve."

Read More: http://mises.org/daily/2219/

This article might as well

This article might as well have been written by a neo-con. The amount of irrational "Wal Mart is big, so it must be good...hur dur!" is quite disgusting and intellectually lazy.

Lobby for a WINCO instead.

1. They are employee owned
2. open 24 hours
3. bulk foods
4. cheaper than Walmart
5 less crowded than Walmart
6 lots of check out people all the time. little waiting
7.They sell pizza by the slice
8. Their restroom faucets have enough water coming out of them to actually let you wash your hands as opposed to Walmart's (here anyway) where only a few drips of water come out.


My town has an ultra liberal mayor

and had a couple of like-minded city councilmen. Our Walmart wanted to expand, and the these town jokers said no. So, Walmart then wanted to buy land in another place in town to build a super walmart. The town jokers said no. So, Walmart pulled up stakes and built a super walmart in a neighboring county. The town jokers lost all that tax money to play with, and the two city councilmen were voted out. The new council told walmart that we wanted them back, so they expanded their original store into a scaled-down super walmart. We shoppers are glad to have them back.

The same town jokers denied a car dealership the ability to expand, and they also moved across the county line, only they aren't coming back. The reason the mayor didn't want them to expand is because a larger area of blacktop would create a "hot spot" which would destroy the whole wide world, don't you know.

Average stuff, low prices, high corruption

Walmart comes in and buys town counsels outright. The destroy local business. They are a hole in the bucket of a local economy: dollars spent in local businesses tend to cycle through at least 7 more transactions in that locale. With Walmart most of it's spent right out. This is true for any big chair but Walmart is absolutely predatory.

Their practices of helping their employees fill out forms for government assistance are well known: the use government entitlements and the careful pruning of hours to maintain a cheap work force at our expense. And what besides the food in there is made in the USA? A big % of the food on the shelves is imported as well.

Free enterprise or more big government favouring big business? I dunno. How much is the state department doing to help your local flower shop develop sources in China?

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.

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They drive out the small businesses

and make deals to pay little or no local taxes.

And what gets me

is that back in the late eighties or early nineties, I can't remember exactly, is when they started a big "Made in the U.S.A" commercial campaign to whip up patriotic fervor and bring in business. But it turned out that the crap they were selling was just packaged or assembled in the USA if even that. Yet they brought in the business and promptly began destroying their competition.

I can remember when there were no Walmarts around here. I didn't step foot into my first Walmart until the early eighties when I moved back to Houston. And because of the crap they sold we called it "Walmart fallapart". It's just another thing that is wierd to think that a whole generation is growing up thinking Walmart is ,uh, I don't know, Normal?.

Come to think of it, the rise of Walmart coincides with the accelerated downfall of this country. Whether it is cause and affect or just coincidence remains to be determined.

Good Question

I recall about 15 years ago, so-called urban public planners ie. bureaucrats said that Walmart would not be so strong because people would get sick and tired of trudging through tens of thousands of square feet in narrow and crowded ailes.

Boy were they completely off on that one. Then again they are the planners lol

The bottom line is obviously the price. Walmart is the best inflation fighter out there by the looks of it for obvious reasons.

Families have to eat and if Walmart supplies average edible products, then it is a good thing I guess.

On the other hand it is crummy seeing Walmarts replace other traditional industries and businesses and factories. ie. the loss of skill level will really become evident in the next several years because of this.

btw, I bought some paint at a Walmart and their auto mechanic had to mix and shake the paint because they had no one in the store at the time who could. lol


Walmart doesn't create jobs

It is just an illusion. And when they do come in it will cause several small businesses to fold so there will actually be a net gain of zero jobs.

I personally haven't shopped at Walmart in 2 years or more. As a matter of fact my poor ole Murray lawnmower is on it's last leg but I can't buy one because only Walmart carries them. So now I am looking at other brands. Any suggestions for a good 42" cut lawn tractor? Anyone?


Do you have a lowes or a home depot? I would look there :)
Hmm I dont know I remember watching the pen and tellers bull**** they have an interesting opinion about it:P

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if you're going to tag something "ask DP", ask your question

please don't title it "Walmart...".

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