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Why I Am Joining The Lawyers For Ron Paul Grassroots. I have never Posted Before!

I just read the post regarding supporting Mitt Romney from "the Granger"! WOW!! Have we forgotten why we have joined the Liberty movement and all that we have learned?

I became a Republican in 2004. I voted for Harry Brown, but prior to that my vote went to Clinton. I was like most Americans listening to the propaganda. I watched the day we were bombing in Iraq, I blamed the Iraqi's for having schools and churches so close to military bases. As the media did. Was I ever naive. I have learned so much.

So, now I have to respond to "theGrangers" Post and the dailypaul supporters and tell you why I have decided to post at this time and support this grassroots remedy:

1) The RNC is trying everything to STOP us, they are afraid

2) They are trying to unseat every Paul supporter ANYWAY

3) I was disenfranchised, segregated, bullied, threatened, intimidated, and coerced at my county convention

4) I was told this is "the way politics are these days," by someone we ALL respect and who has been covering these autrocities, works for the campaign, and agrees this is bad, very bad.

5) If we do no stand up for these injustices now, what gives us the idea it will change in 2016?

6) There is no other "Ron Paul" on the radar, so he is the one we have to fight for now. The Liberty movement is nothing without "US". We did this, not the campaign, but US. We donated, we called, we emailed. NOW, we need to continue to fight.

7) I heard that the Lawyers for Ron Paul grassroots was done for, "RIP", they quit, even another national delegate was sent a text stating this, NOT TRUE, if this was not a good idea, why would they want to squelch it so badly? Why would Romney people waste there time texting and blogging and posting these kind of UNTRUTHS?

8) After Rand and Benton, I thought, "Why start beleiving anything the media and the reporters, like Sean Hannity, have to say, NOW? Why start now?

9) Why is the media covering ALL the election fraud in other countries BUT not our own?

10) Why was aussycyn's post receiving bumps and in the top post regarding Hawaii and California and suddenly dropped by more than 13 bumps?

11) What have we got to lose? We have the momentum, the time is now. Otherwise, it gives them 4 years to combat our movement. We need to keep our momentum strong

12) They are afraid, we must seize the moment. We need to call them out.

13) Delegates have lead by fear and not gone through with this,but if we do not speak out, it will only get worse.

THE BIGGEST REASON: WHY did the Ron Paul campaign see ALL these election fraud happenings and NOT hire their own lawyers? NOW, it is too late in the game for them to start an official suit and combat this effectively. Are people that afraid of their political future? AND if so, do you think THIS kind of election process is what we are fighting for?

I am pledging to support the lawyers for Ron Paul grassroots movement. I am taking a leap of faith. Help stop the violence, threats, and blatant fraud in our voting system. Allow, WE THE PEOPLE to have a voice again.

Join the fight at http://electionfraudremedy.com.

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You May Be Right, Karen - Time for TROLLWATCH

Although I can not find any concrete evidence of it, these name callers sure seem like the "trolls" that you described.

Let me address the baseless comments from the alleged "troll".

"...Dangers". My comment: I do not see any dangers from the view point of the liberty movement however I do see a danger that the alleged "troll" will be discovered.

(Paraphrase) - The lawyers are "arrogant", "ignorant", and "condescending". - My comment - If I hired a lawyer for a case, I would hope that they would be enthsuaistic for my side of the issue - so what is wrong with this? Actually, it is a reason why Gilbert would be the right person for the job - a true zealous advocate, which is required by the ABA code of ethics.

"...will kill Ron Paul's chances" - My Comment - How? It appears to me that the "trolls" want to merely sit back and pray (Faith Without Action is Dead). Talking about killing RP's chances...

"...why are people not seeing that?" My comment - People are seeing the "trolls" lack of substance and rejecting it.

"I want RP to win" - My comment - It sure does not seem to be true, based on the "troller's" comments.

To EVERY naysayer here - contact me via email. I WANT to know the facts, not just hear liberal style name calling from "trolls". If you have something of substance, I will write an article about it, have it indexed in an article blog, and send the link around.

But no one has contacted me. Maybe there is nothing of substance from the name callers?

Gene Louis
Supporting a Needed Tool for Government Feedback:
A Citizen-Operated Legal System.

Who the Hell

Are you?

Baseless comments? So you are saying their is absolutely NO RISK whatsoever with this Case?

What will happen if the Courts side with the RNC? That, Yes the Binding stands????

. . . Wont the RNC now have MORE AMMO to disqualify Ron Paul delegates and simply shoehorn Romney into the nomination?????

Also, So to be Arrogant and Attack the people your supposedly helping, is a good thing in your mind? You obviosly did not read Richard's post's when he first came to the Daily Paul.

Its really pissing me off being labeled a troll by lazy ignorant morons who obviosly have not bothered to look through ANY of my history. If you did you would quite cleary see that I do not troll.

I Simply disgree with this case, BECAUSE I do not TRUST these LAWYERS because they have given me no reason too, and alot of reason's not too.

IF you bother to go through my History you will see that All I have every said Is to do YOUR OWN RESEARCH, and RESEARCH EVERYTHING. This movement is being attacked from all sides.

Thanks for your FAIL in trying to identify a Troll.

I couldnt be any less scared as being revealed as a Troll, as it cant be done, because Im not one.


THEN LET THE RNC AND ROMNEY CAMP TRY and sue you after the Convention, after Ron Paul has been nominated, and after the WORLD has been exposed to Ron Paul's Priniciples and Idea's!

Excuse me but I am neither lazy nor ignorant. I am speaking

from experience of being down-voted by you in a circumstance wherein I solely brought forth text for discussion not only in an opposing thread, but, apparently also, in this one, as well.

I think a lot of people here would appreciate it if you would stop with the foul mouth.


DZ - It would be Best to Contact Me Via Email

I do not see any danger to the freedom movement with this case and I see a greater danger by not pursuing it. If I am not seeing something, let me know exactly the danger. You do not appear to be a troll, based on your other posts - but your comments are based on emotion, not facts. That is why you "look" like a troll - I will know better in the future. Sorry - I always prefer to compliment rather than criticize.

The delegates who became Plaintiffs feel differently than you.

Many of the delegates already tried to limit their actions to the official rules. And they have been taken advantage of - it will not work without a suit. So, if it does not work with a suit, nothing will be lost - nothing changed - no danger that I can see. But, at least they tried rather than just hoped that the RNC would chance their mind and play fair.

If you contact me via email with a suggested time to talk - I will send you my SKYPE ID or I will just try to contact you via SKYPE.

I am all for peace - but only if it is based on understanding, not fear.

Gene Louis
Supporting a Needed Tool for Government Feedback:
A Citizen-Operated Legal System.


My morning is just starting, so Ive already spent too much time on here, always do.
But will Msg you later today hopefully.

Seems Safe, the Email thingy

Since Richard wouldn't be able to file a slander lawsuit against you after GeneLouis gives up your email address to him.
They keep using the term : "Fearful"
Can any wonder why when this relentless ambulance chasing madman has already threatened many here?
Australia too far for Richard to go to.
It's not California..he'd probably wind up being dumped in the wilderness there by some Community-Active-Liberty-Minded-Mates.LOL!

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

I agree with you, most of those I have talked to who

are not getting on board are doing it out of fear. I know that a lot have gotten on board since I talked to Richard. I am sending in about 5 more tomorrow.

Really Karen?

Really Karen? Got any proof?

Im a Die hard Ron Paul supporter, have been here and supporting since 2007, all the way from AUSTRALIA! Thats right, You know why, Because I understand how Ron Paul's Idea's and Priniciple's WILL change the world!, just the same way that each and everyone of us individuals here has changed due to Ron Paul's influence.

All I talk about is Ron Paul, and the Federal Reserve's ability to steal our wealth, I know how this economic system works, how we are all slaves to the system. Both Parties are Corrupted, The entire system has been corrupted.

I want to live in a FREE world!

It is YOU and your cohorts, causing the problems here, ive read your divisive posts, you Flip flop more than Romney, If anybody is going to be called a Troll it is you.

Seems like the people on this site intent on stirring up division and trying to splinter this END THE FED and FREEDOM FOR ALL movement, They simply dont get it. We will not be divided or defeated!

I want Ron Paul to Win more than anything in the World, But I simply do not trust these "lawyers" due to the way they have acted and interacted with people on this site. The evidence is all there to see. People just need to do their due diligence.

Plus it could massively backfire and all delegates will have to FOLLOW THE RULES, because the courts said so!

I so hope it works the way people want, I just believe it is a Trap!

There are ristks to every lawsuit. I have plenty of posts on

the DP and people can read them if they feel like it. But don't lie about my views and stop repeating what you have already said. Oh---and you are being sooooo emotional!



Because this is IMPORTANT stuff! And Idiots like you do not seem to care about what negative outcomes could occur.

You have flip flopped many times Karen, to the point where I no longer trust a single one of your posts. THATS MY OPINION and I will keep it.

Plus being labelled a troll is very anoying, when Its quite clear from my history that I am not.

The correct spelling is "annoying". See? I am not an

idiot, or a moron as you have suggested above.


You are simply a rude person. I am not an idiot and if I were

it would not be important to this thread and your complaining is not
helping the discussion using relevant facts such as case law, or USC or other code sections.


political operatives

there's plenty.

this is a totally astroturfed thread where the op pretends to be outraged by some other thread just so they can spam the same old thing again.

[should be good for a minus 3]

If You Are a "Die-Hard" RP Supporter

Then why not let the grassroots do what they believe is the only thing remaining to give RP a chance? The suit is simple - it asks the judge to decide whether to use State Rules or National Rules. If he says that State Rules should be used, then nothing has changed, no one is hurt, and we go back to the beginning. So what is the problem? What is the danger?

The people using other types of suits in various States have different ideas and there is nothing wrong with them pursuing their own methods. But to demand that volunteers use a technique that they may not want to spend their time and money on is wrong.

Gene Louis
Supporting a Needed Tool for Government Feedback:
A Citizen-Operated Legal System.

Gene Louis: Please Define Your Understanding of GRASSROOTS

I would be curious to know your definition as you have used that word quite frequently.
Thank You.

BTW: Yourstatement relating to people "DEMANDING" a course of action?
It's way off base fella.
Libertarians don't demand of others, they are tolerant, yet NOT FEARFUL of voicing an opinion.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

Crickets! Ah, the sound of .....Crickets!

And since KarenABCDE aka SchnauserMom aka SchnauserDefender does this "double-post-thingy" I guess it's "kosher" eh?

Karen can't be here right now...she's watching a movie.
A movie entitled:
"Sybyll", it's about multiple personalities.LOL!

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

Yes ... FREE the Delegates!

Lets act and get our country back! Thanks for the post ... A whole bunch of us feel the same way ...

Veteran -Dad -Artist

Who the hell is "the

Who the hell is "the Granger"? I want to kick his ass...

Better Be Careful Sonny,Granger Might Whup Ya

..Right on the side of your head! LOL!
I purposely called you sonny because the sophomoric content of your comment would not be that of a "lady".
And Granger has been a powerhouse of support for Liberty candidates, going back to Nader's Campaign, whereas you don't seem very in touch with surroundings here at the DP.
The Granger Is a LADY, with a Capital "L".
So grow up!

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

The Granger is in California and is on a GOP central

committee. I think in San Diego area.


Northern CA Coast

In a Sequoia Forest. The Picture on my account is taken at the base of one of my favorite trees. I named it Co-existance because it's a second old growth redwood, that had an acorn root about the same time it began it's climb to the heavens. The Redwood split just above where my head is, and the acorn became a tan oak that is actually braided between the two massive trunks. They co-exist. The other side of the tree has a massive burl that is developing a "leg" as it seeks ground to form another tree. My chickens AKA Poultry for Paul, love giving themselves their dust baths under the burl in the mornings. Behind me, in the picture, a huckleberry is growing between the oak and redwood entwinings. I keep an assortment of hucklenberries in the old growth stumps. Not only do the trees sustain huckleberrys but a variety of edible boletes and prince mushrooms.

I had a logger on the property (as I hire sustainable loggers to cut trees that need to come down, and he suggested I take that tree down, which is like taking down 6 normal trees, plus I would have to remove another of my two biggest sequoia to make room for the fall). I refuse. I have seven massive redwoods, that I have no intention of cutting, bull pines, white and tan oaks, fir, various fruit and trees that are decorative and smell good when in bloom.

I also plant trees to replace what I have felled. The 10 Aptos Redwoods are "lovin' it, growing nearly 2 feet per year.

We can all relate to "Sequoia for Ron Paul" on this property, though they are not the same kind of Sequioa where you live. Ours grow bigger.


In another thread on this site, until about 3 days ago,

zsh-ninja was putting people down for supporting Lawyers for Ron Paul. He appears to down-vote LFRP and chastize them.

At that time, I was reading up on the relevant code sections. I have been trying to decide whether to support or not. I have now decided to support.

Here's why: USC Title 42 1971, and 1983 are on our side. CFR 100.2 is also on our side. Case law is also on our side in Morse versus The Republican Party of Virginia, 1995. I referenced these to zsh-ninja 3 days ago and have not heard hide nor hair from him since.

Is Richard Gilbert a little outspoken? Probably. Hey---he appears to be originally from New York! wtf. Should he "act more sedate"? Maybe....but I've decided he is for real and he's got a lot of enthusiasm for the case and for Dr. Paul.

Should we have a giant, well-known law firm? NO! NOT NEEDED! Twenty years ago I was a plaintiff along with 300 others. We had a 2 person unheard of law firm up against numerous title companies and banks who had a firm with hundreds of attorneys with offices throughtout the country. Our humble lawyers won the case. Nuf said.

You can tell we are on the right track when the trolls get nasty and massively down-vote you. :)

I firmly believe that another law firm representing some of our people is an RNC firm. I wonder if they are going to help us or hurt us.

In the meantime, don't let the trolls get to you.


Well I'm From New York

And I say this:
A NYer can spot your Valley-Girl BS from a mile away.
That's right..You AND Richard!
You've pulled a number of deceptive "operations" here inclusive of:
1.Changing your SCREEN-NAME (3 times) within those 3 Days you boast of.
2.Conducting a "PUSH-PULL-TACTIC" to hide your real agenda.
You also boasted of your "legal expertise" which you claimed far exceeded any other poster's experience.
Sweetheart you got nothin'!
You were ONE of 300 in a "Class Action Suit".
Some experience! Come back when you've been a DEFENDANT and A PLAINTIFF, then you'll really have some experience.
And how about "PRO SE"?..That's where we weed-out the men from the boys....but you claimed to be "just a dog".
And speaking of dogs?
The "GEOGRAPHICAL-CURE" that Richard attempted by moving to California was probably due to his :
1.Getting his butt kicked everyday in NY.
2.The "supposed availability" of "weed" in California.
3.Not being able to "hack it" in the "BIG APPLE".
He'll run for the hills when all is said and done.
....And as far as TROLLS?
You make it a point to never answer directly, an obvious tactic for debate, an "answer a question w/a question or irrelevant fact tactic"

A NYer can spot that BS a mile away also...huh! WHADDYA KNOW!
.......KAREN'S A TROLL>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LOL!

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

Key adjective: humble


Thank you for your research....

I agree, it is like Sean Hannity or Bill O'Reilly saying something or someone is "the scum of the earth!" I immediately take a look at why i should maybe start supporting it.

I was on a blog/conference the other day and people were ALL over it saying this thing was done for, several Romney2012 supporters and ronpaulcannot win supporters saying the lawyers for Ron Paul thing was done, makes me really suspect.... I will pass on your research if it is okay!!

Please do!! As much as the code is on our side, there's

always the political climate to worry about. But as I have been a plaintiff 8 or so times, the court system has served me well. We can't assume that the court system will NOT work....or that it will. As one of my radio talk show guys says, "we do what we can."


nice post

i agree 100%

The sad thing is that history teaches us nothing.

Fact is 'they' will seize a movement.

It makes no difference, if we seize the moment again tomorrow.

However the Party machinery plays out, the debate should be about the role of government.

Some believe in bigger and more intrusive government. At least until the monster they created consumes them in its hunger.

Others believe that government is a wild animal that needs to be caged and watched then called for to provide for the common defense only as needed.

Some do not believe that history justifies the notion that governments can be safely caged and managed.

Free includes debt-free!

This is True

webster Tarpley, a universally recognized historian, author, lecturer, who has been on Adam Kokesh's video has described this.

...........THE ERA of POWERFUL MEN.................
Wherein a "movement" is "taken hostage" by those who infiltrate it and subvert it to attain their own selfish agenda.

Richard Gilbert has stated at one point:
We are taking over the grassroots!
Seems to fit the profile quite accurately wouldn't you say?

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

Top of his field! A master of his art!

An example of the true zenith of professionalism, the lawyer's lawyer. I could go on and on about Mr. Gilbert's … rare qualities, which distinguish him from all the rest. For example, did you see, on his Twitter feed the other day, when he quoted directly from the provocative ‘racist newsletters’, and attributed them directly to “– Ron Paul, 1993’? Brilliant!
All of you ‘anonymous trolls, with bags on their heads, who call him scum, asshat, and make death threats’ – I challenge any of you, to just read this Cease and Desist letter which Mr. Gilbert sent to Monica in Arkansas, where he bravely threatens her with “Federal Prison” and informs her that “all delegates who vote for Romney will be purged from the Republican Party”. Now, all you detractors, I dare you to tell me that this man wasn't “Named Best Lawyer(s) in America By Harvard Law School Graduates”, like it says right at the top of his website,