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Why I Am Joining The Lawyers For Ron Paul Grassroots. I have never Posted Before!

I just read the post regarding supporting Mitt Romney from "the Granger"! WOW!! Have we forgotten why we have joined the Liberty movement and all that we have learned?

I became a Republican in 2004. I voted for Harry Brown, but prior to that my vote went to Clinton. I was like most Americans listening to the propaganda. I watched the day we were bombing in Iraq, I blamed the Iraqi's for having schools and churches so close to military bases. As the media did. Was I ever naive. I have learned so much.

So, now I have to respond to "theGrangers" Post and the dailypaul supporters and tell you why I have decided to post at this time and support this grassroots remedy:

1) The RNC is trying everything to STOP us, they are afraid

2) They are trying to unseat every Paul supporter ANYWAY

3) I was disenfranchised, segregated, bullied, threatened, intimidated, and coerced at my county convention

4) I was told this is "the way politics are these days," by someone we ALL respect and who has been covering these autrocities, works for the campaign, and agrees this is bad, very bad.

5) If we do no stand up for these injustices now, what gives us the idea it will change in 2016?

6) There is no other "Ron Paul" on the radar, so he is the one we have to fight for now. The Liberty movement is nothing without "US". We did this, not the campaign, but US. We donated, we called, we emailed. NOW, we need to continue to fight.

7) I heard that the Lawyers for Ron Paul grassroots was done for, "RIP", they quit, even another national delegate was sent a text stating this, NOT TRUE, if this was not a good idea, why would they want to squelch it so badly? Why would Romney people waste there time texting and blogging and posting these kind of UNTRUTHS?

8) After Rand and Benton, I thought, "Why start beleiving anything the media and the reporters, like Sean Hannity, have to say, NOW? Why start now?

9) Why is the media covering ALL the election fraud in other countries BUT not our own?

10) Why was aussycyn's post receiving bumps and in the top post regarding Hawaii and California and suddenly dropped by more than 13 bumps?

11) What have we got to lose? We have the momentum, the time is now. Otherwise, it gives them 4 years to combat our movement. We need to keep our momentum strong

12) They are afraid, we must seize the moment. We need to call them out.

13) Delegates have lead by fear and not gone through with this,but if we do not speak out, it will only get worse.

THE BIGGEST REASON: WHY did the Ron Paul campaign see ALL these election fraud happenings and NOT hire their own lawyers? NOW, it is too late in the game for them to start an official suit and combat this effectively. Are people that afraid of their political future? AND if so, do you think THIS kind of election process is what we are fighting for?

I am pledging to support the lawyers for Ron Paul grassroots movement. I am taking a leap of faith. Help stop the violence, threats, and blatant fraud in our voting system. Allow, WE THE PEOPLE to have a voice again.

Join the fight at http://electionfraudremedy.com.

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When you attack this attorney, you are attacking our

delegates. They hired him. He works for them, troll.

They “hired him” did you say?

where's the money coming from?

He is not asking for money, but there are court costs.

He is spending his own time with no pay.

And He Promised a PRO BONO,No Cost Suit

His words, not mine or yours.
But he's got trolls like you to request "chip-ins" doesn't he?
Isn't Richard getting enough from AmericansElelect2012 ?

He's twittered in regards to them.
Do your own research, it's here in other posts, and it's tedious educating those who "pretend" not to have seen this.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

zsh-ninja would not feel so strongly and be trolliing this

topic all over the place if it was not the right thing to be doing!

Watch the down-votes begin now.


Like I pointed out above, this is someone falsely

claiming (as in lying) to have had his law firm, where he's currently the only attorney, ‘Named Best Lawyers in America By Harvard Law School Graduates’.

‘nuff said.

Why don't you look at his site via archive.org's ‘WayBack Machine’, and see where he used to even claim (lie), right on his website, that he graduated from Harvard Law School, instead of Western-middle-of-bumfuk-University in Fullerton, CA.

Got a wild-n-crazy idea!
Why don't you lawsuit bots pick-up the phone and ask Richard about that?
Let me guess, you would rather rationalize, instead of facing reality?

His Western State University Law School has a very high

"pass" rate. Higher than a lot of "better" schools.


Hahaha! Because it's easier.

and what about … “Named Best Liar in America by Harvard Law School Graduates”?

optimystic's picture

upvoted you

the trolls WERE taking you down. They are a virus on this site.

mountaincat's picture

Someone on Liberty Chat said

that Gilbert was no longer involved with the lawsuit but I have not been able to confirm this.His spew (assuming it really was him)on DP a few nights back seemed unprofessional to me.
Paul has been busy with the Audit the Fed and the internet manifesto so additional lawsuit from the grassroots could help.IMHO
With Rmoney fading I would like to see Ron Paul jump back in to active campaigning for a final push to Tampa.

I talked to Richard after seeing posts that say he is no

longer doing this and he told me he believes that the RNC or the Romney folks are spreading the lies. I also do not trust anyone posting under his name or saying they are him after speaking with him personally.




That would be “ASSUREDLY”, Karen.

only since I saw your comment above, where you demonstrate your non-idiocy, by correcting the OP's spelling error.

I saw that and forgot to come back and correct it.

Similiar to your using "layed", the other day..


Uh huh.

Ms. Abcde, they're not actually similar (^ similiar ^)

It is the difference between this:
“To the shame and eternal infamy of whomsoever shall turn back from the plow on which he hath laid his hand!”
and this:
“The fact that this lawyer was/is a liberal Democrat, with NO experience in election law, let alone having never layed eyes on the GOP Rule Book earlier than 5 weeks ago, should've been a tip-off.”

In the 2nd sentence, ‘eyes’ is not a direct object. –> so I chose the exotic variant of ‘layed’, as the past perfect participle, of an irregular redundant verb. You probably won't see it in your English 102 book.
Anyway, you want an actual, accidental misspelling of mine:
the other day, for some dumb reason, I spelt “flirting” => “flurting”
No excuses.
; )

Uh Huh.



I've not heard a single thing about Richard no longer

Being involved. His DP username is ‘Patriot Press_USA Free Press’. That was him here the other day, when his thread was deleted.

No, he's still involved (he's the only actual lawyer)

Yes, that was him here on the DP the other day, when his thread was deleted by the mods.

I could come on here and say I was him, so I am not confident

with your so-called evidence, could have been you who was deleted for all I know. I know for a fact I was blogged and told he was done. I called him directly and he said so many people are attempting to thwart this and he has not stopped going forward. People are getting texts that it is done, so, how do I know that you are not on board with stopping this thing. How do I know you are not running for a position with the Republican Party or like so many in 2008 that were offered positions with the McCain camp??

Links to Herr Gilbert's Comments

Seem to be deleted?,,,a 403 ACESS DENIED.
Guess the Mods had enough of him threatening supenoaes and lawsuits for slander on the DP.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

Hey D,

that's just because his last two threads were deleted.
You can copy the URL for the link

and change it to =>
now, since the thread was 403'd, you won't be able to read it all, but here's how we fix that:

using Google, search for:

or just tack the above URL onto the following:
like this:


Hey Z: Thanks for the Tip

And there's an "UN-Holy Trinity" that has joined our Valley-Girl.

Like OhMiGosh! These same three have been like, um makin' their irrelevant previous posts a coffee-clatch for conspirators!

I've checked them out, and DELEGATES:
He will have Richard THREATEN YOU after he turns your info over to him.
I'm still waiting for Lawyer-Boy's threatened subpeona, had my attorney (finally got a good one) ready to go if needed.
Although I'd probably send him packing personally.LOL!

Can't believe I missed most of the fireworks here.
I was riding the Harley and doing yardwork outside.
Hang in there Z...The Truth gotta be told!

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

I am unclear on your post.

I read the cease and desist letter to Monica, asking her to stop harassing delegates. I think that is great. BUT, we really have no proof that this is from him. I could easily copy the letter that you have posted and take the top letterhead. Is he an honest man of integrity? I think so, BUT again, I ask where has the campaign been in protecting its delegation.

I donated money and spent hours of time, for what? Them to wonder away with their tails between their legs. I was physically threatened and intimidated. Where is the campaign now after countless of hours of time?

If he is willing to fight for us, well, I am on board.

Call your representatives and ask them to get on board with the Audit of the Federal Reserve.

Please read the DP thread, Treachery in Arkansas


which explains the basis for the fighting spirit of this attorney on behalf of our delegates.

The chicanery that was being committed against them: they were being "coerced" into voting against their conscience.

That is the basis of the letter.

Our delegates have selected this action. They know the score.

So, as long as they are behind this action, let's have their backs: Let's support them and their attorney.

You Got NO Delegates

That's why you keep "Trolling" for some.
Yeah! Over-and-over-and-over-and-over-again.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

They really need

Californians & Hawaiians!!!!!!!!

Not to mention, Washington, Alaska, Oregon, Nevada,

ALL part of CD #9

Call your representatives and ask them to get on board with the Audit of the Federal Reserve.

Well done Cynthia...

As I have said, we must not, cannot, and simply will not do anything but help Dr. Paul become President, or give up our country. This is our time. Just to let you know, I began chemotherapy again this morning, but I'll try to do what I can.