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Can Ron Paul win in November WITHOUT the GOP nomination? I think so - correct me if I'm wrong.

I keep reading from different people stating that they'll either

A; HAVE TO vote for Gary Johnson because a Ron Paul write-in won't count,

B; Write in Dr. Paul even though the write-in won't count,

or worse,

C; Vote for either Romney or Obama because neither Dr. Paul or Johnson "can win"

According to this back in 2008, ONLY 10 = TEN states allowed write-ins;

But according to this in 2012, 42 = FORTY TWO states ALLOW write-ins;

And this in 2012, 44 = FORTY FOUR states ALLOW write-ins;

So if this is accurate, wouldn't it be logical to say that if your state allows a write-in, to vote for Dr. Paul? And if your state doesn't allow write-ins, then to vote for Gary Johnson, thus giving either Obama and Romney the LEAST possible votes in those states? 44 states is A LOT and Dr. Paul can win this WITHOUT the GOP nomination. Correct? Am I missing something?

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3rd Party !

If Ron paul will run as a 3rd Party he can win the November election. That's the only right thing to do.

Go Ron Paul 2012 !

In terms of public perception, each vote counted for either

is a vote against the establishment.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.

he can still win

but only if the electors vote for him on Dec. 7th.

You can write him in, but without the electors that go along with it the write-in means nothing. In some states you have to declare a write-in candidate and choose electors for that write-in before they will count write-ins. So, people randomly writing him in does nothing towards actually getting him elected.

Vote for Gary Johnson. Maybe his electors could be convinced to do a shared ticket!


even if you had a vote between

[ ]death by firing squad
[ ]death by electrocution

but allowed write ins e.g.'walk free' 80% of the people would still just tick a box.

it's just easier and they don't want to make a fuss or get too 'political'

the idea of getting 50% of

the idea of getting 50% of the country to write in Ron Paul is ridiculous. get gary johnson to 15% and he can debate, that helps the cause of liberty much more than trying to pull of a miracle

most people who vote vote straight ticket

its the 10 or 20 percent that do not vote straight ticket that kinda picks the lesser of the two evils. So either change the minds of most people voting straight ticket, or change the minds of the people who refuse to vote.

It's not quite that simple

Just because a state allows write-ins, it doesn't mean write-ins for Ron Paul will be counted. Some of those states have sore loser laws, where they don't count write-ins for a candidate who ran in a party's primary race.

I'll still write him in anyway, and vote for the local candidates. It will contribute to the undervote for president, which is measurable.

I'll spare you the long list

of my political activities over the last year...
But I would be cheating myself not to vote for RP

Do not give up or in....

I like the way you are thinking, we need to inform the masses. How do we do this? Videos, emails, letters to the editors, etc...

Call your representatives and ask them to get on board with the Audit of the Federal Reserve.

As much as its nice to be

As much as its nice to be optimistic, its nigh impossible for any third party candidate to win let alone going up against an incumbant president.
Ron Paul still has a good shot at the nomination but if he doesnt get it, its over. The press will redouble their blackout efforts and most regular people will simply forget.
If the press wasnt so biased and they talked about the top, say 4-5, candidates running for presdent instead of only 2 from the donklephant, then I would say it might be possible.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

It's easy for people not to bother fighting before the war

has already begun. And I don't mean you personally, but people in general who state that they would vote for him if he had "a chance" and was electable. My point is that IT IS possible, is it not? Look how far he's come in this election alone with BIG money, blatant msm bias, and election fraud against him. Anyone else would have said, "why bother, you don't stand a chance". Yet history has proven otherwise.

Okay, say he doesn't win. At least the message would have been sent, reached, and continued to spread. I think it's fair to say that even though some may see Dr. Paul as a three time "failed" Presidential candidate, others like myself see him as someone that has changed not only this country, but the world. And that ONLY came through his perseverance over the last 40 years. This movement would not be where it is today if he would have quit at his 5th 10th or 20th year, much less quit and gave up the notion of "as its nice to be optimistic, its nigh impossible". And you're right, as things look right now (depending how you see it), it's highly unlikely. But not impossible. I believe this convention will be a game changer. People that doubt Ron Paul has a chance at winning this will think twice after seeing the TWO rallies, the Veterans march, and the possible surprise at how close the nomination might actually be.

We still have 7 weeks to the convention and Romney continues to fall out of grace with his supporters (dare I say some delegates). With Obamacare in the spotlight, and Romneycare being the blueprint for it, people are starting to see more and more similarities. The fact that he also profited from aborted fetuses is spreading to the Christians/Pro lifers, and his tax record will soon be an issue.

The msm may redouble their efforts in blacking Dr. Paul out, but you are forgetting that their ratings are very rapidly diminishing, and it may be in the best interest of those that wish to remain afloat to cover him.

Nothing will change if we continue to conform and accept. The sooner we start supporting third party candidates, the sooner people will start taking a second look and start questioning if there possibly is a chance. It's never not over yet, and I don't think it'll be over even AFTER the convention if he isn't nominated, barring he officially drops out.