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Libertarianism goes way beyond GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul

Here's something I hope you all will feel good about .....

The Libertarian Party was founded in the Vietnam War-era, but the political viewpoint goes back to Colonial America ....

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/libertarianism-gop-...

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If you want to talk Libertarianism

I believe we almost had one as a vice presidential candidate. After Rand Paul endorsed Romney, Rand got a lot of back lash from Ron Paul supporters. After Romney saw that, he probably decided not to choose Rand Paul.

Just think of the influence a libertarian candidate would have as vice president. But nooooo, some of you guys had to start crying about it and we're back to square one.

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Just hit the save button on a post that links to this article

and it's fascinating to me that the New York Daily News is actually covering this. I mean, raw milk? AND they're referring to Ron Paul as "GOP Presidential candidate" -- not using the word "hopeful" or such other vocabulary. STELLAR & thanks for posting.

what a strange coincidence

I was just listening to this "Conservative Unity" Barry Hess speech and he started talking about the same subject at the exact time I read the title of your post. To eerily coincidental for this INFJ type not to share it here right away. lol

Conservative Unity