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If You Really Want to Help Nebraska

We have been hesitant to ask for help. Indeed, some forms of help are probably not helpful in our state. But, if you're interested in helping us, the Republican Liberty Caucus-Nebraska has been bearing the brunt of the costs associated with the Convention--hospitality suites, printing costs, etc. We're pretty well tapped out, and we've got another week to go before the convention, and the establishment folks will probably throw some new things at us that will require us to spend MORE money.

If you want to help, we have a means for you to chip in, and it will go right into our account. https://secure.piryx.com/donate/u475pJ4h/RLCNE/conventions No PayPal, but credit/debit cards and eChecks are accepted.

Some of the actions we take in the next week will be dependent on having the means to finance them.

Laura Ebke, Chair
Republican Liberty Caucus-NE

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Big Bump!


Would more money help?

or is 8,000 enough?

More > Less

I think more would be helpful. The reason I say that is because after expenses are taken care of we are going to use the $ to assist our delegates to get to National.

"Talent is a Gift; But Character is a Choice." -Matt Grotewold-


When you're tired... when you've been frustrated for hours upon end...

When you feel like it will never end. This is it. All eyes of those in the know are on you. We've been counted out. They've told us we won't get 5 states. There is talk of back door dealings.

You have enough facts at your disposal. You have willing boots on the ground. You have respect. You have honor. You are just in your cause and it is the most honorable one you could be investing your souls in this weekend.

I'm not trying to put any pressure on you... but I'm prayin for you. Please God go with these souls and grant them the power to bring home victory. This is it... your whole lives (some quite short ones so far) have prepared you for this.


Is there any desire to up the amount you would like to raise

I see we have met the goal. I contributed yesterday. And since then we have blown through the goal of $7500. Do you guys need more money? Raise the goal to $10K maybe.

In North Dakota they were able to raise over $25K even though we did not pull out a win. I would say pulling out a win here is even more important - as you guys are our last chance to get Dr Paul's name put into nomination and also to get him a prime time speaking slot.

I say we up the amount - if it will be helpful. More money doesn't always translate into better results. But if you can use it and you think it will help - RAISE THE BAR

I know the community is dying for a place to feel like they are making a difference. And donating here could be the at place. Just look at how much he was able to raise this cycle.

If his supporters see this as the last stand (which I think it is) the money might really come in buckets. Doesn't take much. He has 1 million FB likes. $2 from 10% of them is $200K.

I will text Laura

I don't know if she will up it or not, but I will encourage it. :)

"Talent is a Gift; But Character is a Choice." -Matt Grotewold-

Go Ron Paul


Laura, can we do more? The

Laura, can we do more? The biggest problem in VA was that folks didn't even know they were delegates. Also no one could get a list of all the RP supporters in the state. These two things made it impossible to call our delegates to remind them to come.

I hope this isn't the case here.

Are you calling everyone to get them to show up?

Don't take any excuses...make them drop everything :)

Can we call?

Calling would be an awesome idea!
id love to make some phone calls to ppl


c'mon Nebraska

Go Nebraska!

Rooting for you across the Pacific!

I believe in the freedom to be what we choose to be.



This needs to be at the top

This needs to be at the top of list of things that MUST be done!

Great Job

Slam Dunk guys: https://secure.piryx.com/donate/u475pJ4h/RLCNE/Conventions

"It's a Konspiracy!"
Konspiracy Entertainment LLC
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Slaughts31's picture

Happily indeed - go NE

50 more for the cause. Looking forward to watching the efforts from all sorts of good folks next weekend. Represent! RP2012

-Rootin' from La Jolla, CA

Watch the Vote Nebraska Conference Call: July 10 at 8 PM EDT

If you are a Ron Paul delegate in Nebraska, please join us for a conference call tomorrow night to discuss election fraud and to ensure you are prepared for anything. The entire nation is supporting your efforts, and we want to share with you what has worked/not worked across the nation so far, and what to be on the lookout for.

Bring any/all questions.
Conference Call Number:641-715-3200 / PIN: 1064662#

Take some lawyers armed with

Take some lawyers armed with the rule book with you to that convention. No joke. You know since everyone will be watching it the Romney crime syndicate will do what they can to thwart it.

Happily donated! :)

Happily donated! :)

Donated + Bump!

Good luck guys, hope this helps!

Do what Gandhi and MLK did

Do what Gandhi and MLK did and you - we will win even if we loose in NE. People are watching all over the country - this is mobilizing a young intelligent group of innovative People who will take back the Republican party any way you stack it = if not now then in the future. It's just a matter of time.

i gave $100.oo and i know

i gave $100.oo and i know from being at the County and state conventions in Tx what you are up against. Good luck - You have a chance to pull this off - we have just as much info as they do-we learn from our mistakes in other states.

Definitely hire your own security - big dudes with lots of kung fu training.

Have the delegate results

Have the delegate results ever been made public from Texas? Did we get a plurality?

From Arkansas

GOOD LUCK, GOOD WORK, and GOOD LOVE TO NEBRASKA! We are smiling at you with good vibes and prayer! YOU CAN SUCCEED!

"It's a Konspiracy!"
Konspiracy Entertainment LLC
Satirical uderboss who loves his country.

Law of Attraction can't stop a con-artist

but don't forget to donate

Rick, are you involved with


are you involved with our efforts in Arkansas? I like to try to get to know as many people in our movement as possible. I'm one of the delegates and if you helped get me elected thank you. If not, I'd like to invite you to get involved in our movement. You can send me a private message if you want.

You wouldn't happen to know

You wouldn't happen to know anyone running for office in Arkansas that residents should vote for on November 6th do you?


donation happily given


donated 20.00. Bump!!!

donated 20.00. Bump!!!

Hire a private security firm! The GOP already has!

And you can bet your asses they will be there JUST to arrest our people regardless of them following the rules. Look at the quote:

"Nebraska GOP Executive Director Jordan McGrain said he has, for the first time, hired security for the July 14 convention in Grand Island. McGrain hopes to quash any disruptions like those at other state conventions, where disputes between supporters of presidential candidate Mitt Romney and Paul resulted in shouting matches, brawling and — in Louisiana — delegates being carted off by police."

If our people newly elected chairman (lets call him "Ron Paul") had bodyguards and the security firm were coordinated with his voting block as well, he wouldn't have had to deal with the cops and be arrested. The cops would have first approached the professional bodyguard servicemen surrounding "Ron Paul" and have been more aware that they can't just arrest someone with trained bodyguards on site.

The bodyguards would have been between "Ron Paul" and the uninformed cops and explained the rules, bought "Ron Paul" time and have gotten him seated meanwhile the cops were dealing with a private security firm and dealing with more familiar members (they tend to be ex-cops and military members as well).

If we don't do this, then they will by instinct trust the corrupt sergeant in arms without knowing that the COPS themselves are breaking election code.