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If You Really Want to Help Nebraska

We have been hesitant to ask for help. Indeed, some forms of help are probably not helpful in our state. But, if you're interested in helping us, the Republican Liberty Caucus-Nebraska has been bearing the brunt of the costs associated with the Convention--hospitality suites, printing costs, etc. We're pretty well tapped out, and we've got another week to go before the convention, and the establishment folks will probably throw some new things at us that will require us to spend MORE money.

If you want to help, we have a means for you to chip in, and it will go right into our account. https://secure.piryx.com/donate/u475pJ4h/RLCNE/conventions No PayPal, but credit/debit cards and eChecks are accepted.

Some of the actions we take in the next week will be dependent on having the means to finance them.

Laura Ebke, Chair
Republican Liberty Caucus-NE

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I can vouch, Laura is our

I can vouch, Laura is our ringleader.

So glad you posted this!

Many out here are looking for anything we can do to help. Will keep sharing around. Thanks so much for what you are doing! Rooting for you and for liberty all the way!

I want to help, Laura, thanks for the opportunity

Only wish it could have been a larger amount. Let us know if there is anything else we can do. Many of us can send emails. Maybe a mass to Nebraskan small and larger newspapers, even legislators. We can inform them how carefully all US citizens, in each and every state, will be scrutinizing the honesty of their state convention, this very important event could spotlight Nebraska and help secure our Republic. If a emailer were to state their name, "American," Republican registered and which state they reside in. And ask them to join our efforts to return this country and its voters, no matter who the candidate a voter prefers, to honest elections, you know, American, free elections where a delegate has the right to vote his/her conscience.

This could be a most important event for liberty, and we are here! Make them feel, peacefully, our presence and determination.

What is the name of the newspaper...

there are some of us wanting to take out an ad to inform the delegates about Mitt Romney's liberal past. Could you let me know, thank you.

"Fairy tales are more than true; not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten."
— G.K. Chesterton

The Grand Island Independent

is the newspaper in the town the convention will be held


Maybe Laura could up her $$ goal to permit such advertising and we could write with script as being from "all the other liberty lovers residing in other states." We'll have to up our donation amounts...not a whole lot of time left.

Don't want to add anymore onto anyone's plate..

just tweeted this idea out and getting a lot of responses. Will check out the cost of ads for the 3 newspapers listed so far. I think the Grand Island Independent is the best bet since the delegates will be in town.

Thank you all for the info! Ron Paul needs Nebraska and we NEED RON PAUL!

"Fairy tales are more than true; not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten."
— G.K. Chesterton

Except that

Probably no one will read the Grand Island Independent unless they're one of the 10 delegates from Hall County. It'll be cheaper than the other two, but won't make much of a splash.

Ok, then, if you could pick one of the newspapers listed..

which one is better in terms of high volume readership? Lincoln Journal Star or Omaha Herald?

"Fairy tales are more than true; not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten."
— G.K. Chesterton

I'd Pick the World Herald

It has statewide circulation, and is the traditionally "Republican paper" in the state. A lot of the "old" Republicans would be reading that.

Two Major Newspapers

The Lincoln Journal Star and the Omaha World Herald are the major papers in the state. Both have editions that go out to the rural areas, as well.

bump and donate


They tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds. -mexican proverb

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Nebraska Money Bomb

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Mods please front page this


needs to go FRONT PAGE! Come'on people, LETS UN-FUCK THIS COUNTRY!

Your donation has been successfully processed. You will receive an email receipt with your confirmation. Please note that this donation will appear on your bank account or credit card statement as "RALLY/PIRYX"

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

Calling All Patriots!

I challenge all Liberty Patriots to help surpass the goal listed! It's time to make our stand! Let's help the RLC and show The Establishment the Liberty Movement is here to stay!!

Laura, do you have the

Laura, do you have the ability to officially invite Ron to speak at the convention since you are a chair? As stated in a previous thread, It is believed that Dr. Paul's presence at the conventions he has been at has seemed to have helped quite a bit.

Has she replied yet? A lot more people

would donate if she would actively pursue having Dr. Paul come to Nebraska before the convention. We need to push this as it will do the most for the nomination.




"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

Unfortunately, no

I am chair of the Republican Liberty Caucus. We are not a part of the state Party, and in point of fact, I think the state party quite dislikes us right now. We would, of course, love to have Dr. Paul out for an event of our own--perhaps the night before. But I've gotten the impression from various people in the campaign that this wasn't likely. Grand Island is a smaller town, and while small jets could fly into it, finding an appropriate venue at this late date might be tough--the Hall county fair is going on in Grand Island at the same time...

Ron Paul needs to come to NE

Ron Paul needs to be in NE for your convention. Apparently Carol has said that the reason she and Ron have not been to some state conventions is because they were not "asked". I think that means (I could be wrong) that the grassroots was unable to manuever through the gauntlet of top down micromanaged system that is the Ron Paul Campaign. We need a way to contact Dr Paul directly. Its been shown time and again that when Dr Paul speaks to a state delegation they tend to vote for him! We need to start a massive email/phonedrive to get Ron to NE its too important! Laura id love to help anyway I can with this plus Id love to speak to you about helping NE this week and in Tampa. call me 505-453-9034 thanks!

Yeah, they don't like us in

Yeah, they don't like us in our state either...I'm starting to think this is a reoccurring theme.

It makes me so sad that the party of "small government" has such a political gag-reflex to the only candidate who would actually cut spending. They are none-to-fond of his policy of following the constitution when it comes to war approach either.

Good luck to all you NE freedom fighters.

That's unfortunate. do you

That's unfortunate. do you think if we started an electronic petition and got enough signatures that they would cave and invite him to your convention?
and as far as if that doesn't work, what about a college or even highschool football stadium/tennis court/etc?

I'm Sure If He came

We could find a place for him, although it might not be optimal. Remember, though, our convention is small--400 delegates total--in order to get a good crowd there, we'd have to start promoting fast--it's in the middle of the state, where there aren't all that many people (not in the Omaha-Lincoln area).

why rent voting machines

if there's only 400 delegates

...because this is how it is done

The SOS is part of the process in counting the votes. See the statutes: http://nebraskalegislature.gov/laws/statutes.php?statute=32-703. The RNC gave the rules to the NEGOP that we will use secret ballots. And with the Secretary of State's help, this will be a fair election using the same voting machines we've always used. (That is until the NEGOP jack with their own rules.)

Use you local talk shows to inform the public

emphasing how the important thing is for honest elections, not just talking about Ron Paul. Everyone always seems to end up not realy like whoever gets eleted. Is there any wonder? Fraud and illegalities. I would hasten to guess the powers that shouldn't be, already know who will be president and have actually placed the two major party candidates will give them and the banksters a win. It simply must not be allowed. Nebraska, be the states that truly makes the difference, show them now it must be done. What a sham.

That's a Very good question

I don't know the answer to that. In 2008, I believe it was set up much like a college testing system--just a basic scantron, where you filled in your ovals. Consider, of course, that there may only be 400 delegates, but they're voting for 32 delegates and 32 alternates, so there's a lot of room for human error, too--and it could take a LONG time.

insist on a hand count

immediately following the machine count. That way they can give the preliminary results right away. Then counting can go on for as long as it takes. If the two counts agree more or less then everyone will be happy.

I know you think your local elections have always been fair. But how do you really know? Any counting machine can be hacked....pre-programmed if you will. And they certainly have reason to at his point in time. Look at how the Romney folks are acting all over the place. The alternative delegates were so important to them in Oregon that they cheated to (try to)get them. They are running scared. And in this way they will make a mistake. You are in a position to catch them in the act.