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"The Money Masters," a documentary on the influence of International Bankers on US Monetary Policy

Just watched part one, and am fascinated, though surprised by its opposition to a gold standard. Anyone care to share their opinion of it?
It is unusual to find sources so critical of both the Federal Reserve and a Gold Standard.

I am surprised even more though at the paucity of new documentaries on the Fed and the role of central banks in the current economic quagmire. Anyone know of more recent documentaries?

And what do you recommend I watch or read to better understand how a monetary system could work without a central bank?

This documentary discusses the sucess of the old "Colonial Script" and the "Greenback," but I still don't understand how a goverment printed currency works. If the government returned to printing money without having to borrow from a central bank, how is the money doled out to the public? Would banks have to buy this money to then loan to the public? This is still very confusing for me. thanks

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Bill Still the producer does an excellent job in

summarizing the history of MONEY.

However, after all his examples, it becomes quite intuitive that a fiat currency will always get corrupted down the road. You can't give the authority to print money to ANYONE because they'll eventually use it for their own agenda. I don't know why Bill Still doesn't recognize that.

The gold std is not the best. The gold std we had was also flawed because it was a bi-metal system where gold was fixed to a certain wgt of silver. This was horrendous as we all know today, the GSR (gold to silver ratio) constantly fluctuates.

Ron Paul has always said that he'll never return to the gold std but rather allow free markets to decide what money should be. Ultimately, you want to use money that can't easily be created out of thin air. That's why gold worked so well for the past 5-10 thousand years! It represented a stored unit of work.

I respect Bill Still tremendously. He perfectly summarizes these historical events to which I was never taught the significance in grade school. In conclusion, I do disagree with Bill Still's solutions. I just don't understand why he believes a fiat currency will go uncorrupted.

Money Masters is a definite must see for everyone.

Also Bill Still put out a new version called the Secret of Oz. Same thing and also well done:

Often posted, it's mostly garbage.

The Federal Reserve is a fascistic system, a public-private partnership.
The system proposed is a socialist system, where the State owns it all.

Fascism or Communism, both are deadly to the people who have to live with it.

Free includes debt-free!

Pretty good history,

pretty bad conclusion, if you just happen to catch it at the very, very end. Hint: gold sucks, governments should print their own money, Lincoln rocks.

Check out Lacy Hunt's version of history. It begs the question: Who's distorting? Lacy is a fan of hard money.

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I haven't watched it all the

I haven't watched it all the way through, but is it perhaps it has something to do with it being able to control?